? KETO Increased Your Cholesterol?? (Here’s why It’s OK) ?

? KETO Increased Your Cholesterol?? (Here’s why It’s OK) ?

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  1. I've always wondered why HDL is included in total cholesterol numbers and counted against you. Doesn't make sense. My HDL numbers have been terrible in the past and I'm looking forward to seeing improvement in them at my next health screening since starting HFLC diet even though my total cholestro numbers may show change or even increase. Thank you Dr. Berry. I feel so much better since making the change. My sinus problems have cleared up and I've lost 16 pounds.

  2. Lisa Haven. She is intelligent and her reports are always up to date and informative. Truly a gem on YouTube. As you are. I'm losing weight and feeling great. Thanks Doc.

  3. Hi dr Barry,, thankyou for all the great,,, outside the box truths on eating. Healthy… could you please do a video on artery clogging oils and fats….. so many people I know are having strokes… 80% blocked ,,, arteries,,, etc. including. My mom,,, Can years of build up be reversed..?? Or cleaned out?? Thanks for what you do…

  4. doc, you may collaborate with Dr. Nick Zyrowski or Dr. Sten Ekberg. Because you and them are rock 'n roll star doctors helping mankind improve their health.

  5. Thank you for this video. I just did my first lipid panel since starting keto and my LDL was high and my glucose was 100 which the lab flagged. My doctor sent me a message and told me not to worry because my overall risk for heart disease is low (triglycerides in range and HDL on the higher side). I was a little concerned about my glucose though because it's never been high and I have cut out all sugar so we are going to do the 3 month A1C test and just to further set my mind at ease we are going to do a calcium scoring test to check for plaque buildup. Anyway, I'm so happy that my doctor didn't try to throw more pills at me and looked at my overall risk instead of just one number.

  6. I would love to see you colaborate with the following: Dr. Eric Berg DC, Thomas DeLauer, Dr. John Bergman, and Dennis Pollock-Beat Diabetes!

  7. My triglicerides went from 211 to 166. My total chol. went from 172 to 206. Thank you Dr. Berry, I was worried. 2 months keto, 15 lbs. down

  8. great video Dr. Berry as usual – can I ask when you talk of levels being within a tenth of a point up for fasting Insulin levels, HbA1C, etc – what should they be so we know ? – my Doc's surgery tends to just say Normal or Not and have to ask for exact results. Thanks

  9. Collaborate with Dr. Jose Carlos Souto @jcsouto , he brought Keto/LowCarb to Brazil in 2011, and he is also the president of Brazilian Low Carb Association.

  10. ‼️Dave Feldman‼️ collaborate with the engineer who looked deeply into it and used his own body in an experiment to show that the lipid system is dynamic. He has a lot of data

  11. Thank u!! Ive always had high cholesterol since i was young even without eating a lot of meats and i always thought it was a problem since just recently when i started doing my own research. Thank u for your videos!!! Very insightful

  12. Please, please, please, remove your ear bugs before filming. I'm not sure why but it just seems rude. Like your talking to a teen that pretending to listen. P. S. Thank you for you videos. I've learned so much!

  13. I strongly recommend you get to know Ivor Cummins (TheFatEmperor.com), Dr. Jason Fung (IDM.com), the good folks at Virta Health @ Ohio State University (Drs. Phinney, Volek, & Hallberg). Professor Tim Noakes of South Africa & associated with Low Carb Down Under. A Dr. of very high importance and perhaps over looked was Dr. Joseph Kraft and his 5 hour glucose testing for pre-diabetes and hyperinsulinemia outlined in his book "Diabetes Epidemic and You" on Amazon. I'm thinking most folks are unaware of Dr. Catherine Crofts (of New Zealand I believe) who has taken up advancing his efforts. Dr. Kraft passed away and Dr. Crofts has obtained all of his records, data, etc. One very important last one…..look in the mirror, that guy is pretty good, too!! Enjoy your "stuff", see ya'

  14. My very own pal had been identified as having quite high cholesterol and was put on medical care. He does not like to eat seafoods so this was a straightforward choice for him. Having this cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is the best alternative for him. Immediately after a couple weeks his levels have lowered and the capsules are easy to take. This medicines does not leave you a bad taste. .

  15. My own Daddy has long been making use of this extraordinary cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). His own cholesterol readings are greater than compared to mine. The item is unquestionably recommendable. When compared with various other treatments, this one gave him far better readings on his cholesterol and also have no plans of replacing this therapy manual. .

  16. Total – 291
    Trig – 75
    cho/hdlc ratio – 5.5
    HDL – 53
    LDL – 220
    Non-HDL – 238
    Should I take the Atorvastatin the doctor prescribed?? Is it horribly high? Keto since April 2019.

  17. Dr. Berry: partner with Reverend Pollock at Beat Diabetes! channel occasionally. You would make a great team! I know you've seen his videos because I've seen your comments there.

  18. Our optometrist says that my husband has cholesterol rings in his eyes and needs to be seen by a doctor. Is this something to worry about?

  19. Dr Berry Im in the hospital now and it feels like my back is against the wall to quit keto because of my lipids being extremely high my weight has gone from 240 to 175 at 5 to 6% bodyfat but my choelesterol shot up to hyperresponder type numbers….. so frustrated that it feel like i am dealing with aliens telling me it may be favorable for me to get off keto to improve my chronic chest arm and leg pain

  20. Hi Doc, I would like you to collaborate with me lol. Really I am 55 years old and live in Canada. I am the result of a lot of bad advice from many doctors. I need help! My story is WAY to long to cover here but I am spending hours every day watching and reading. I did stop drinking 3 litres of Coca Cola per day about 3 months ago. I was pleasantly surprised that by changing to water only for just a week completely stopped my bladder leaks. ? Now I have just started my Keto changeover and I feel totally lost! Truthfully I don't know what to believe! Would really love to have you as my doctor, um how do you feel about moving? ?. Ok so I will keep watching and try to become smart like a doctor. Thank you for all the great information!

  21. From Linda…. thank you for the useful info. My husband was told the same thing by a Cardiologist to take a statin drug or die an early death. Well I told my husband NO to drugs and am trying to get him on a healthy program of eating better and avoiding sugar… not an easy task but I’m stubborn and will keep trying ?

  22. I'm not a MD, I'm an engineer but my cousin is a Medical Doctor. Here is the fact: This guy keeps talking about "science", sorry but "science" is not knowing something and then applying base on that knowledge. Application of science, and specifically medical science is based on STATISTICS and risks associated. Just because we know that most probably they will be no issues by consuming cholesterol and having a healthy lifestyle, with minimum inflammation and low sugar diet doesn't mean that a MD should be advising for this. Why? Because they risk is high that most people will not have a perfect diet and a lot of cholesterol in people with a very poor diet and high in sugar is a LOT of risk. AGAIN the MD recommendations if based on statistics and risk, congratulations educated people you are the minority, but science is for everyone.

    Moreover, Dr Berry should know that his advice is bad for people with poor genetics that actually are extremely susceptible to cholesterol and inflammation, even if they keep a low carb diet, if they decided to "sin" a day or two with poor diet and high sugar desserts, that's enough for them to be on risk if they have high cholesterol.

  23. I just checked my blood work after being over a year on keto, everything is perfect except my bad cholesterol was very elevated. The doctor put me on 10 mg of cholesterol medication.

  24. Hey doc, I've been watching your videos and I think they're awesome. I've been spreading the word. My grandfather had high cholesterol and controlled it all his life of cholesterol pills and unfortunately he died of just what you said…. Alzheimer's /dementia. I'm working on my mom and dad to try this to I've been on it for 2 weeks with good results. I do have one question, can you out fat the keto diet.? I'd love to hear your response. Thanks for doing what you do.

  25. The Surgeon General of USA! This way of life will help plummet the wasted money spent on RX and unneeded medical treatments.

  26. My own Dad has long been implementing this extraordinary cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). His cholesterol level readings are a lot better than compared to mine. The item is surely advisable. As compared to various other treatment plans, this provided him significantly better readings on his cholesterol and have no plans of replacing this treatment method guidebook. .

  27. I just came too late for this info. I've been taking a statin for years, and I finally stopped because I was having massive leg cramps. Now I've been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, having difficulty walking. So what should I do?

  28. Hello Dr. Berry, I love your videos! You did not mention what a good triglyceride or A1C levels are, so not sure what .1 too high is thatvwould be a problem for me. Could you please clarify what numbers we should not go above for each of these blood tests? Thankvyou so much and keep up the awesome work!

  29. My cardiologist still believes in this myth. He insisted that I take statin drugs. I cannot tolerate these drugs, and continue due to suffer the damage to my muscles from These drugs.

  30. I just had my cholesterol checked on a intermittent fasting day, about 17 hours no food, and got the results today. Total cholesterol 251
    Triglycerides 76
    LDL 195
    HDL 41

  31. Wow! You waffled on repeating the same thing over and over: high cholestrol isn't dangerous. Ok but you offered no proof you just repeated ypurself ad nauseum. If I click I want information!! Not an opinion unrelated to objective medical studies.

  32. My medical doctor challenged me to have my cholesterol decreased to 200 by taking statin. But I went to a different medication to consider. For that reason I commenced utilizing this specific cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). To my surprise, it really is effective. It’s dropped to 200. I have warded off the taste of tablets which are unfavorable. .

  33. Two years ago, I was taking hundreds of units of insulin and my A1c was 7.7. Now after keto, I’ve lost 60 lbs. I just went to the doctor, my a1c is 5.2 not taking any meds but my ldl was 119. My doctor suggested a statin. I held my laughter and said “no thanks!.”

  34. 10 months clean Keto (-60lbs), and my MD's Nurse just called to put me on a Statin 20 minutes ago. I said hell no. Thanks for the video though it made me feel better about my HELL NO. My ratio was 0.50…Will check the other labs soon.

  35. Never had high Cholesterol until today. Been on Keto for a little over a year now, and had my Cholesterol checked just recently, and it was high. Now they want me to take pills. 🙁 But on the happy note, I no longer have hypothyroidism. I was told I could go off my meds for that! Yay!!

  36. Collaborate with Thomas Delauer on YouTube! He's the Keto and IF king. But he also hits on so many other health issues. Not sure about his credentials. I suspect a graduate degree of some sort. He's well read.

  37. Can you link some studies done? Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association etc all say high levels of bad cholesterol is bad. Creates plaque and other issues related with blood flow and clots. Thank you for the impending links

  38. A lot of people on here would love too see you collaborate with with YouTube chiropractors and fitness instructors. LoL, they need to collaborate with you Doc!

  39. I did start to use this extraordinary cholesterol solution “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). This primarily thanks to an advice given by my health care provider so I could get my cholesterol lowered. I had taken one caplet daily for two months before I had my labs. My cholesterol reduced 30 points. I will definitely keep on using this item and as well advise it to my friends and family. .

  40. I’d love to see you collaborate with Dr. Paul Mason. I’ve watched all of his seminars on his channel and I love seeing the charts he uses to debunk mainstream medicine and nutrition. You two would make an awesome discussion.

  41. I've been on keto for 5months along with IFasting. I'm 63yr old and at 6'4 I've lost 20lbs from 232 to 212lbs, my waist from 40 to 38, my A1C has come down from 6.2 to 5.5, my triglycerides from 229 to 112, my HDL from 49 to 72, and my bad cholesterol LdL went up from 70 – 118. Everything Dr. Berry talks about came to pass. I'm all in !

  42. Another problem with the system is the way the insurance companies hang on these numbers. My health insurance wants to charge a higher premium due to "high" cholesterol. Life insurance premiums are even worse.
    Despite the fact that I drastically reduced my inflammation markers, the higher cholesterol numbers are going to screw me over financially.

  43. Don’t collaborate keep doing what you do as best as possible!! Collaboration muddies the water and can create confusion!

  44. Statin recommendations along with blood pressure recommendations are based on the amount of profit big pharma wants to make. That’s why they lowered the numbers. Mo money. It’s based on zero studies. Just guys on a board being paid by the same companies who’s pills they are recommending.

  45. I started keto Jan 2019 and I had a check up in April. When I saw my Dr for a follow up in Sept he said my bloodwork done in April was excellent. I mean, eating fatty fatty foods like chicharrones con carne smeared with cream cheese, bacon and cheese on everything, fatty cuts of beef, dark chicken meat with skin, etc….

  46. Dr. ken will you collaborate with my life insurance company and explain to them why my cholesterol is so high due to OMAD carnivore and tell why they
    shouldn’t hammer my rates next year for being so heathy? 🙂
    Is there an insurance company that recognizes the heath benefits of this lifestyle and rewards with lower rates? If not there should be.

  47. Would love to see you collaborate with dr john mcdougall. He is starch based and has some interesting statements.

  48. Hi I love your advice. I lost 30 pounds on the Keto diet. But I'm still very obese. A 1 c is 5.7. Sed rate was 31 a year ago. I am almost 65. Waiting on results of complete blood tests. Do you have any advice?

  49. Question… What effect does MCT oil have on the triglycerides number in a lipid panel? You say in this video if the number is high, then there is an increased heart attack risk. I want to be armed with the best information possible when I consult with my doctor.

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