$1.40 SOUTH INDIAN vegetarian meal + South Indian street food | MADURAI, India street food

$1.40 SOUTH INDIAN vegetarian meal + South Indian street food | MADURAI, India street food

we’re in the south of India and we’re
here to eat we are in the city of Madurai the street food capital of the
south we’ve got a bunch of gems lined up to share with you
Madurai in the south of India is paradise for food lovers the food
culture is unique exciting and most of all delicious this is our second video
from Madurai and we’re delving into the heart of the local food culture we dive
into Madurai’s nighttime street food scene and eat a hard-to-find snack of
deep-fried bread food filled with sugary semolina and devour a Madurai favorite
the buttery crispy butter bun we tuck into a traditional vegetarian banana
leaf meal made up of 13 dishes at one of the city’s most popular local spots all
for just $1.40 and share with you Madurai’s most famous drink jigarthanda
a unique concoction made up of almond gum and ice cream in this India
series we’ll show you some of the country’s best food from street food in
India’s local markets to regional specialties you don’t want to miss this
series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat I’m so stoked to be in Madurai I have
wanted to visit this city for so long and the main reason for that is because
it is the street food capital of the state of Tamil Nadu which is the state
that we’e in we’re actually at our first stop already and we have come to this
particular stall to find a really unique treat it’s something that is sort of had to
find around town and it’s a a bread which is stuffed with a sweet filling
this is a really neat atmosphere look there’s this tiny little merry go around here
the kids are having a really good time people are just hanging out eating and
whatnot the stall is just up ahead it’s there’s a ton of people up there so
let’s go and join them this is the stand right here and I can see a bunch of
deep-fried goodies vanakkam how are you? oh this is you that’s right yes I saw your famous sojji appam in here so this is the snack that we’re after
it’s actually called sojji appam which is a deep-fried bread which is stuffed with a
sweet filling the owner of the stall was actually showing me this this
article that he was in and this was how I found him through this article and
found all his deep how he’s famous for all his deep-fried snacks so let’s order
a couple this stall is all go it’s really exciting to be a part of actually
because there are tons of people just crowded around the stall he is making
snacks at the rate of knots and there’s all sorts of things there’s battered chillies and
samosas and vada which are lentil donuts and then this sojji appam this is what
we came here particularly to eat so essentially what it is is this deep
fried bread which has got a stuffing in it and you can see it’s all puffed up it’s
golden in color and then these these little bubbles from hitting the oil and
I love how it’s just served on a piece of a newspaper so what I might do is
just rip in and see what’s on the inside okay that is the filling in there so you
can see that it’s like a slightly different color it’s actually a
type of porridge which is made from semolina sometimes it’s sweetened with
sugar or jaggery and then sometimes it has coconut I’m not sure if this one
does at all but let’s give it a taste who doesn’t love a bit of deep
fried bread that’s really good it’s actually not stodgy at all even though
it’s a deep-fried snack it’s relatively dry it’s beautiful and sweet but not
overly sweet that semolina filling is very light it’s just a thin paste on the
inside of the bread and the bread whoa that poori
it’s just beautiful oh yeah so good and I reckon we’re gonna have to get a few
more because I’m gonna demolish both of these there are definitely a few main reasons
we wanted to come to Madurai to film one of them is the street food there is just street food
everywhere like what we’ve just walked through but it’s also known as the
street food capital of the south of India absolute bonus and a big tick in
our book for something that we love when we’re traveling anywhere that’s
considered a street food capital bring it on
but also it’s known as the city that never sleeps and man does it live up to
that claim so it’s it’s about 10:30pm at night now and it is absolute chaos
it’s madness look at the amount of people out here on the streets it feels
almost at nighttime like there’s more people than during the day I love it and
what we’re going to get now is a very famous drink here in Madurai jigarthanda from this shop right here this really awesomely lit up shop it’s got a
really interesting ingredient it’s got the sap from the, almond resin so almond
sap in it vanakkam the stall is all action it’s a cool little
stall I can see them making the jigarthanda one jigarthanda special yeah
vanakkam vanakkam nandri oh yeah so this is the famous jigarthanda so the the
home of this drink is here and it’s a drink made up of pretty interesting
combination of things a lot of condensed milk some ice cream and the
ice cream has got a beautiful dark color to it so it’s not just a plain ice cream
and then the almond sap or the almond resin and so you can see the bit of ice cream
here oh look at that nice ball of ice cream sitting in the top whoa I’m just gonna get in with the spoon Oh Oh super good it’s very sweet very creamy very
refreshing it’s got quite um I’m just gonna knock some back get some more yeah it’s got quite an earthy taste so
very sweet but very earthy as well and look at the crowd like it’s absolutely
mad here just been chatting with these guys they’ve just knocked back their whole
drink it’s such a cool little spot and you’re full of this nighttime
madness I’ve been talking about it just never stops
and I love that here in Madurai it’s such an exciting city to be in and this is a
really neat drink a real specialty of Madurai now we couldn’t come to the south of
India and not eat a full-on banana leaf vegetarian meal so we’ve found a real locals favourite a place where all the locals say you know this is the best place to come
for a veg meal they do it really really well and it’s just here so let’s
pop in and grab a banana leaf meal we’re in the restaurant it smells really good now before you into the dining room are you pay for your meals first so a couple
of hundred rupee for the both of us and we get a couple of coupons, nandri nandri all right so when you sit
down at your table when you’re eating a banana leaf meal it is all go so all the
banana leaves are already on the table nandri nandri and the staff will urge you to
open up your banana leaf and to to wipe it clean so they pour water
you oooo they pour water the lady was trying to help me and inadvertently tipped
the cup over so I’ve got a new banana leaf oh nandri so what we’ll do is open
it up again sprinkle some water on the top and then just wipe it clean and then
it’s all go this gentleman here mathiya vanakkam is already coming
along with all the different some of the different dishes that he is going to
pop on so it’s all go tonne of obviously vegetable dishes because
this is gonna be an all vegetarian meal so a big pile of rice in front of us
now so we’ve got two vegetable dishes a pickles some salt pile of rice and I
think what’s going to come next is some sambar? Dal, dal all right yes
please nandri so the dal is going over the rice is this the sambar oh wonderful yes please so sambar is very common here in the south of India it is a vegetable
stew which has got a tamarind base and it is wonderful poured over rice oh
nandri and some little chickpea fritters and I
think maybe some buttermilk or curd it’s quite thick so I think it’s curd oh yes ghee please and some ghee is going over the top so a type of clarified butter
nandri now this lady is bringing over a sweet
so we’ve got sweet we’ve got savory we’ve got things to cool our mouths down
in that curd this is looking really good that whole
situation can be quite overwhelming we’ve literally sat down for about two
minutes and we’ve had about five or six people come up to us load our banana plate up our banana leaf plate up with an array of food so we’re totally packed out
with food now and this is a really sort of casual restaurant it’s called a
mess so and a mess is a very popular eatery in the south of India really
casual no frills and very affordable this looks super good oh nandri
to cap off the meal the lady chucked a papad with a wee chilli on top of
it and this banana leaf is just loaded with things I think there’s something
like 13 items on this banana leaf and it’s all included in that one coupon
price so it was a hundred rupees each this is sensational so let me talk you
through what we’ve got we’ve got a pile of rice and it’s covered in dal and then
we’ve got three types of different curries so this one here has got tomatoes
and zucchini in it this one’s got I think some sort of bean and onions
this one here is a potato and tomato one and then over here we’ve got little
stainless steel pottles of bits and bobs this one’s a soup then we’ve got the thick curd sambar which I was explaining is a vegetable stew with a tamarind base this is the sweet here and then this here is rasam which is a soup that is good to mix in with your rice at the
end of the meal then we’ve got a little I think I said chickpea fritter I think
it’s actually a lentil fritter and I can see all sorts of spices in there and then we’ve
got pickle and some salt so when in India you eat with your hands so I’m
gonna chuck some of this sambar onto my rice I love sambar it is sensational
and just mix it all up so I’ve got some of the dal in there this is the sambar
and I’m just going to taste the rice and the sambar on its own it’s so hearty it’s got tamarind in it and it’s got dal so urad dal cooked in with it mustard
seeds and what not let’s try some of these curries so I want to try this potato
curry so it’s got some fennel seeds in there and also some tomato so I’ll mix it
up with my rice mm-hmm it’s great it’s quite spicy beautifully cooked that
potato it’s very soft now with the the temperature of the meal basically all of
these side dishes are room temperature it’s the only the rice that is steaming hot
and so you can really get in straightaway and start eating eat with
your hand when you’re in India which I really love because it’s really fun
and you are sort of connecting with your food as you’re doing it let’s get
into this zucchini and tomato one so I’m gonna add that to my dal and what I think is going to add texture to the meal is if I break up this papad and actually get it into a
bite mmm-hmm that curry is quite spicy too
spicier than the potato has a beautiful acidic um acidity from the
tomato and the the zucchini is super soft I love that papad it is so crunchy and crispy it’s perfect for adding crunch to the bite this lady’s topping me up with sambar because you’ve gotta have a lot of sambar to put on your rice and what’s
great about this is that if this is not gonna fill me up they can keep topping
me up so more rice more of the curries more sambar until you’re
absolutely stuffed this is such a great vegetarian feast Thomas and I always say
that if there was one place that we could turn that we would turn
vegetarian it’d be India the spices that they use and the flavour that they can a
extract from things is unreal so I just poured some curd onto my rice
because I really love it together it’s a great combo mmm so curd is yogurt
this is quite cold it takes the heat out of all of the spicy curries that you’re
eating and so it just cleanses the palate mmm so good it’s creamy it’s tangy and now that my mouth has stopped being on fire I can get
back into the heat again and then when I want a bit of respite have some more curd
rice next up we’re gonna have a real Madurai street food and I’m very excited about this one because it looks
incredibly good maalai vanakkam it looks so good we’ve ordered a butter bun from this this street stall so this is
a real specialty here in Madurai and this is the butter bun cooking up and it
is as simple as it sounds it’s butter and a bun oh so two epic ingredients and you should smell the butter coming off that smells
incredible oh it’s the most luscious smell so the butter bun is cooking
up right now I love when a street food is as simple as
this so butter bun and we went with the sugar version so really simple
street stall you can see all the buns lined up up the top here then he grabbed
it he coated it in a ton of butter and look at this so it was just fried up on
this little hot plate here and then he’s dumped a massive wad of butter on the
top when it’s come off the hot plate and some sugar so it looks like some palm
sugar on there so sprinkled sugar all over the top so you can go with sugar or
no sugar and we went with the sugar option oh man this is insanely hot that
butter is absolutely boiling it is drenched
in butter Wow oh very nice oh man butter and sugar explosion oh wow look at him he’s
doing another one look at the amount of butter that he’s shoving on there so
you can see it’s just swimming in butter bubbling away and then he just pushes
down flips it over that is an incredible snack wow so simple and so so
tasty stuff going for a slice I’m getting the whole thing hmm oh that is very decadent gosh that tastes
good that tastes so good my fingers are
covered in oil the banana leaf it is on is shimmering with oil or with butter sorry
with the oils from the butter oh the smells around the stand and the
taste of this mmm absolutely amazing that is a really
good snack

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