10 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Get You High

10 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Get You High

10 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Get You High
10. FISH There is a species of fish, known as sarpa
salpa or salema [sall-ee-ma], whose flesh contains a myriad of psychoactive chemicals
that have been known to cause powerful hallucinations. The fish is a species of sea bream, which
is eaten by many people around the world. In 2006 two men from Spain were hospitalized
after eating the fish in a restaurant. Both experienced visions and heard voices
as a result of the toxins they consumed; the effects lasted for several days. Indeed, the potential effects of eating this
fish are so well documented that the creature is known in Arabic, quite poetically, as the
‘fish that makes dreams’. Sources: Practical Fishkeeping, Anglersnet,
FishBase. 09. POPPY SEED BAGELS The poppy has produced a number of highly
addictive and impactful drugs including heroin, opium, and morphine. It is not surprising, then, that it’s probably
best not to go too crazy with your poppy seed bagel intake. The poppy seeds used on these bagels do actually
contain a trace of morphine. In fact to consume the equivalent of a medically
prescribed dose of morphine, you would need to eat 40 grams of seeds, which is about 7
bagels. It should be noted that up to 48 hours after
eating just two poppy seed bagels, the chemicals present in your urine would still be enough
to make you fail a drugs test. Sources: Drug Free World, US Anti-Doping Agency,
Nutrition Facts, Journal of Forensic Science. 08. CHOCOLATE Chocolate is one of the most popular food
products in the whole world, with the chocolate industry worth a whopping $110 billion. But chocolate actually contains some chemicals
that can have powerful psychoactive effects. One example is the compound anandamide [an-an-dam-eyed],
which is similar in nature to the compounds released when someone ingests cannabis. It can cause the heart rate to more than double
from 60 to 140 beats per minute, which is more than the buzz from a passionate kiss. It also contains theobromine, which has a
stimulating effect and can even be poisonous in high amounts. Don’t let that put you off your favorite
snacks, though… you’d have to eat approximately 40 bars of milk chocolate for it to be lethal. Sources: IFL Science, BBC, National Post. 07. COFFEE With approximately 150 million Americans enjoying
a coffee every day, it is one of the most regularly consumed products on the planet. While many know first-hand how addictive caffeine
can be, its intoxicating nature is often overlooked. Caffeine intoxication usually kicks in after
two and a half cups of coffee and it will regularly result in a rapid heartbeat, tremors,
and headaches. If you were to drink five cups within a few
hours, coffee would have the potential to cause serious damage to your central nervous
system. In 2015 a man in Japan died of a caffeine
overdose, attributed to the overconsumption of energy drinks and coffee. Sources: Japan Times, Independent, Healthline,
Caffeine Informer. 06. MULBERRIES Despite offering numerous health benefits,
such as boosting your immune system and increasing cognitive functions, mulberries can actually
be pretty dangerous. Overconsumption of the berries can have dire
consequences. They have been known to cause hallucinations
and increased heart rate, comparable in effect to narcotics such as ecstasy or cocaine. But if you were thinking of turning to mulberries
for a legal high, think again. They are also powerful laxatives and eating
enough to get you high would also result in diarrhea and vomiting. Maybe not worth it, then. Source: Organic Facts, Authority Nutrition,
Global Healing Center. 05. MUSHROOMS The psychedelic properties of magic mushrooms
are well known. While overdoses from the consumption of these
are very rare, their side effects have been known to cause horrific accidents. In 2008 an 18-year-old boy jumped to his death
out of a window after he consumed a number of magic mushrooms and experienced paranoia
and distorted reality as a result. Fortunately, the 75 known species of hallucinogenic
mushrooms are outlawed in most countries. However, a small number of mushroom species
that are classified as ‘edible’ do still contain traces of the drugs psilocybin [sill-oh-sigh-bin]
and psilocin [sill-oh-sin], which can cause intoxication when consumed in large quantities. Sources: Economic Botany, Psychedelics Encyclopedia,
Times of India. 04. CHEESE A study by British scientists in 2005 revealed
that ingesting just 20 grams of Stilton cheese could cause an individual to experience nonsensical
visions and have notably bizarre dreams. 75% of the men and 85% of the women tested
said that this was the case. The reason for this is that Stilton contains
tryptophan [trip-toe-fan], which is a powerful relaxant that can make you feel contented
and sleepy. As cheese takes a long time to digest, the
tryptophan remains present in your body for much longer than other foods high in the substance,
such as eggs, which is why its effect is more noticeable. It is thought that the effect that Stilton
can have on your psyche could have resulted in the common association between cheese and
nightmares. Sources: British Cheese Board, Erowid, BBC. 03. CHILI PEPPERS Chili peppers attack on two fronts to get
you high. From a basic hormonal perspective, the pain
caused by eating extra hot chilies triggers an endorphin rush, which can influence mood. However, chilies also contain capsaicin [cap-say-sin],
which can numb you to pain by temporarily decreasing the amount of substance P in your
body, a compound that helps pass pain signals to the brain. Scientists believe that the presence of capsaicin
in peppers is a handy defense mechanism against fungal infections, as the substance can slow
the growth of microbes. Another evolutionary advantage of chilies
is seen in birds, which are immune to their spicy burn, meaning that they can eat them
and distribute their seeds, encouraging the species’ growth. Sources: Arthritis Research, The Guardian,
Live Science. 02. RYE BREAD When rye bread begins to turn moldy, the grain
fungus ergot grows on it. When consumed, ergot can bring about hallucinations,
convulsions, and even death. Ergotism, which is the effect of long-term
ergot poisoning, has been listed as a potential cause of numerous historic hysterias, as it
causes people to act in paranoid and manic ways. Some historians have suggested that it could
have been a contributing factor to the bizarre events that led to the Salem witch trials
of the 1690s, which resulted in the execution of twenty people accused of witchcraft. Also present in rye bread is ergotamine, a
chemical that is used to create lysergic acid, a component of the hallucinogen LSD. Sources: Lancet Neurology, Science, Forensic
Outreach. 01. NUTMEG Nutmeg is one of the most commonly used spices
in the world, with over 10 million kg of it produced every year. But did you know that 4 to 8 teaspoons of
ground nutmeg is enough to give you mild hallucinations? Nutmeg contains a substance called myristicin
[my-ris-tiss-sin], which has been reported to cause delirium and hysteria, as well as
painful flu-like symptoms, dehydration, and convulsions. There have even been a small number of fatalities
attributed to overdoses of the spice. In 1908 the shocking death of an 8-year-old
was due to the fact that he had consumed just 5 teaspoons of nutmeg. Sources: The Science Informant, Digital Journal,
Nature’s Poisons, Emergency Medical Journal.

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  1. Wow they don't even have their facts correct! Its been proven that the poppy seed drug test was a myth and it won't actually make you feel anything. Shit video.

  2. Poppies do not produce Heroin, they produce several other alkaloids but the main is Morphine, which is then used through various extractions to produce Diacetylmorphine which is Heroin.

  3. I doubt mushrooms from the store will get you high no matter how many you eat but they will make a great soup or stir fry.

  4. nutmeg r0fl i heard of that when i was 14 and tried it. i remember i ate like 4 seeds and nothing happened. disgusting too and deff not worth shit.

  5. At the age of 11 I had a Coca-Cola high when I was on the rail trail (or a nature walk) with friends. I began to talk about things that made no sense and just say stuff like with a painted over window that it was covered in glue, I walked through a freezing stream calling it the Percy Jackson river because we were reading that in school at the time. I can't remember anything else except being unable to walk because my legs were really wobbly from laughing so much. The sky was swirling and the earth was spinning. My friends had to carry me out for just a little bit. I only really drank like 1-2 cans but it might of had to do with the fact of not getting enough sleep? It was pretty fun though, even though I can't remember most of it or what I said.

  6. when I'm saying this I'm being serious, I drink a good 5 or 6 cups of coffee within like 4 hours, and nothing happens

  7. Magic mushrooms are not bad they haven't killed a human being the people just have to many and killed himself by accident why post a bad reputation of a natural grow compound

  8. I always feel High 😂 cuz imma kinda weird and insanly brave person…and with brave i mean that Im not like "brave" but…can do crazy things….

  9. Some 8 year old ate five tsp of nutmeg and adults can't even eat one of cinnamon. This kid would've been a YouTube star. They truly arrived before their time. Sad.

  10. The thing is people don't get addicted to something until they know it's that, that makes them feel good.

  11. I believe what you are saying but why dose the world let children eat chocolate hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Oh ya thats right they KNOW about it no more trick or treating kids

  12. lol chocolate and some of these foods helped me with my cravings. But nicotine imo is far more addictive than meth or heroine but not as addictive as injecting coke. HaHaha I used cuz it was fun and enlightening. Some people go crazy, I mentally toughed it out. But I wouldn't suggest using drugs, can ruin lives. Fuck that feeling is the best in the world, sex/food can't touch it. smh.

  13. Mushrooms are the safest drug, so I don't know why you'd leave out the fact that mushroom-induced suicides are extremely rare. And also there are no mushroom overdoses. You'd need to eat your own bodyweight in fresh mushrooms to overdose.

  14. Did 8 tablespoons of nutmeg once, played Minecraft for about 8 hours non stop, but it makes you feel a lil sick. Great time. Feel like you’re really high on weed.

  15. Until today I never had a chili pepper. inspiration to get high from seeing the video i guess.
    I'd love to eat 7 poppy seed bagels just to see how i feel.

  16. Mom: go to bed
    Me: im not tired
    My mind: oh i can eat 20 grams of cheese to feel sleepy
    after eating 20 grams of cheese
    Me: sleeps in a few mintues
    Mom: thats a good boy

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