10 “Healthy” Foods That Are BAD for you

10 “Healthy” Foods That Are BAD for you

Hello, beauties! Naomi here. Thanks so much
for hitting that play button. I’m gonna share with you in this video some of the
healthy foods that are actually totally unhealthy for you. I’m gonna start with
organic. Organic processed foods. It’s a really tricky subject, right? We think
that organic is so good for us, but when we learn a little bit more- if something
has been processed, let’s say an organic bar. Nutritional bar. And you turn it over
and you look at the facts and it says organic sugar, for example. An organic raw
sugar- that is not healthy. Secondly, how about that trail mix, right? You’re eating
some trail mix that you think is so good for you and, “Oh my it’s so tasty!” But it’s
got these yogurt covered raisins, it’s got the banana chips that have been
deep-fried. That is not good for us. Number 3: Peanut butter. Low-fat peanut
butter. How many people realize that peanut butter is actually good for you?
But then you cut the benefit by making it low-fat. Stop with the low fat. Which
brings me to number 4: Vegetable oil. If in your pantry, you’ve got anything
like rapeseed oil, or any of the vegetable oils, other than like, olive or
avocado, take it out and throw it in the garbage. It is destroying your health and
that of your families. Number 5: When you go to a restaurant, it could be a
healthy restaurant, ask them how they make their food. Which oils do they use
in their food? This is an area that I fall and pray to many, many times. I think
I’m going to this great, natural restaurant, but they take the oil that
they cook with, and they cut it half with rapeseed, canola, and half with olive. It’s
just not fair. Number 6: Margarine. I grew up eating butter and I
thank my mother for never bringing margarine into my house. But most people
eat a lot of margarine and they think it’s good for their health. It’s not. it’s
one of the worst things that you can put into your body.
And studies show it actually contributes to all sorts of different diseases and
illnesses. So get that margarine out. Gluten-free. A third of our country is
gluten-free, and yet so many of the gluten-free foods are filled with
processed junk. And for that reason, we have to be so very, very, very careful,
right? The next one is the electrolyte sports drinks. Do you give your kids
those when they’re playing their sports? Have you ever taken a look at the amount
of sugar or artificial sweeteners that are in them? Throw them in the garbage!
Which makes me think about fruit juices, right? How many kids guzzle
away on the apple juice? Drink the even fresh pressed fruit
juices? They’re filled with sugar you got to wipe them out with all these healthy
foods that are actually unhealthy, it becomes even more complicated in today’s
climate, where so many of us have allergies or sensitivities. Two of my
children have case insensitivity. So they don’t incorporate dairy into their diets.
So what are the alternatives? Well, rice milk is not healthy, so many of
us have thought it was for all those years. But you’re just getting all of
those carbs, which turn into glucose. And think about soy milk. Do you really want
to be putting that soy into your body? So those are two others that I just
wanted to share with you. Thank you so much for watching! I want you to keep an
eye on those labels. You’re smarter than the big food companies that are trying
to fool us. And I’ll see you next time.

40 thoughts on “10 “Healthy” Foods That Are BAD for you

  1. Really great information on the so-called healthy foods you mentioned. That's not science, that's marketing. You are helping SO many. Loved the "real skinny on fat". Keep on Keppin' on, Miss Naomi.

  2. You forgot to mention how good coconut oil is. The only oil you can use for frying without releasing toxins, all other oil used for frying at high temperatures releases toxins! And soy milk is not for people with thyroid issues and there are actually studies that say soy products can create thyroid issues?? Please research for yourself!

  3. I wonder about why soy is so bad, according to all research that I read it’s actually great… Do you have serious research supporting the statement for “soy is actually bad for you”? I really wonder, not as a criticism but as someone who really wants to know… Thank you!

  4. Jeesus, not 1 single hair is moving while you walk…
    How about that good organic hairspray in your hair?
    I bet your hair and scalp LOVE it!

  5. Totally agree, process foods are not good for you, they already added all this sugars ect. The bad thing is the government approves everything along with commercials, all they want is to confused you, so you keep buying junk food. It's great business to sell junk to the poor. The best thing to do is to grow your own fruits and veggies at your backyard. For sure you'll know that is organic.

  6. Thanku vry much for video but please if you can tell me about organic coconut sugar I use at home for my teas …as u said its processed in chocolate…

  7. Thanks for a tour of your luxurious house. You are very beautiful and youthful looking. I always use rice bran oil, is that healthy or neutral?

  8. For one rule of thumb, never patronize a Chinese Restaurant because they will always use vegetable oil and under high burning frying point.

  9. To make it simple
    Eat living foods
    E.g vegetables grown in the soil
    Seeds that can be sowd
    Dead foods
    E.g anything is package that comes from factory

    Eat only living food which are free from gmo, pesticides,etc

    Basically grow your own food..

  10. Soy milk is far more healthy for the body than cow's milk. Also if people would reset the taste buds to WATER, they wouldn't have all these fluid consumption issues.

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