10,000 Steps For 30 Days – Our Weight Loss Results!

10,000 Steps For 30 Days – Our Weight Loss Results!

We walked 10,000 steps every day for 30 days. Find out what happened. Hi, I’m Zena and I’m doing the 10,000 steps a day challenge because I want to try and make my baseline activity for the day a little more active. My name is Fatima I decided to do the 10,000 steps challenge because I thought I wasn’t walking enough I’m Kim and I signed up to do the 10,000 steps a day for the accountability Hi, I’m Erica. I’m doing the 10,000 steps challenge because I know I definitely don’t walk enough I’m hoping after 30 days that I’ll see a little bit more definition, I think that’s always good and I think it’s really cool to be able to see those kind of results from just walking because I think people would think like walking, not really a form of exercise but there’s old ladies out there getting it with their steps in every day and they seem pretty limber and fit I’m hoping to lose a little weight because I feel that I don’t exercise enough and that’ll push me a little I feel like I’m skinny fat and I’d like to decrease my body fat percentage I would love to feel a little bit more mobile and less stiff and also reduce stress How many steps a day would you say you typically take? I think I take average 3,000 to 4,000 I usually take between 3,000 and 5,000 steps a day and that’s thanks to my dog You know what’s sad? I actually walk to work currently You do? I do! And I still only get like 5,000 steps a day because I live very close to work I usually take about probably 2,000 to 3,000 a day during the week on the weekends it’s different probably like 20,000 because I like to go on long hikes Do you know why you’re supposed to take 10,000 steps a day or have you heard that before? I’ve heard it but I don’t know why. Maybe it originates from the past because I know back in the day they used to walk like six miles a day I’ll link this article below but apparently the 10,000 steps myth came about in the 1960s when a Japanese company started selling pedometers which is a very good way of getting people to buy pedometers setting an arbitrary number that’s high and telling them that they need to step that much every day but studies later confirmed that people who take 10,000 steps a day have lower blood pressure, they have more stable glucose levels and better moods – which I’m all about You know, I get quite moody and I am looking forward to seeing if that is going to add a noticeable lift to my day Today marks Day 1 of 30 I am currently at 8,900 which is pretty good I walked to work today which was nice I’ve been telling myself to do this forever So, it is almost nine o’clock and I just brushed my teeth I have already put on pajamas I’m like fully ready to wind down and start getting ready for bed and realize I only have nine thousand steps so… gonna put pants on again and go out there for another thousand It is day seven how are we doing so far, Kim? I think I’m not doing so well… How many days did you successfully walk 10,000 steps? Confidently, three days I walked 10,000 steps three times I have successfully completed seven for seven walking 10,000 steps I walked 10,000 step for six days I’ve actually been in a really great mood the last few days I feel good I think knowing that I’m taking a lot of steps actually makes me feel great For me I think it’s a little bit too soon to tell if I feel any different I’m excited for the next three weeks I think it’s been good so far I’m getting a lot of audiobooks in Okay, guys. Seven days done stay tuned to see how the rest of it goes… will we make it? I’m getting ready to go do my walk it’s a little early but um it feels good the morning feels good I’m only 6,500 steps in so I’m taking a post-work walk with my dog she’s really enjoying this challenge It’s like now finally 9 o’clock and I still have 5,000 steps to go this is probably the hardest day so far for this challenge Steps challenge life hack you can get about 5000 steps in 30 minutes… on the jump rope! We have completed week two of the 10,000 steps a day challenge Kim, how’s it going? I’m struggling! How many days of the week of the past week have you completed 10,000 steps I would say five That’s really good! It’s good but it’s a struggle! This week I walked 10,000 steps for three days straight I have miraculously hit 7 for 7 I think now I’m just on a streak and I’m stubborn I’m like don’t want to break it but it does involve a lot of like “Okay, 10 o’clock at night and I still have 3000 to go.” Mmhmm. Gotta get up and walk around the living room I think I walk 10,000 steps maybe once or twice only This week wasn’t good So that is the end of Week 2 Let’s see how we do for the last two, Kim! It is a Saturday morning It’s been so lovely and lazy I’m just watching MasterChef and Queer Eye but lo and behold it’s almost 12 o’clock and I have 132 steps Ahh! Just getting home we have about four flights of stairs to climb that should get me maybe a hundred steps maybe two and… jackpot! Okay, so we are in Week 3 and I am still struggling! I’m really behind I think I’m the one who’s got the lowest score I feel like the step nazi This one over here has like 12,000 or 13,000 I’ve taken up a new hobby I now jump rope every morning for about five minutes Nice! This week to get my steps in I actually have just been like having a dance party at home By yourself? By myself! Really cool… You know, I tried this morning to step in my shower while I was showering Getting your steps in is not cool it’s like walking around your block by yourself without a dog or pacing around your friends or like dancing in your living room by yourself My biggest challenge is that I don’t find enough time during my day I think just the nature of working a desk job it is challenging by itself and also having travelled for work recently I don’t know… I don’t really know what the benefits I’m feeling are I don’t know that I feel more fit but I feel more mentally in a good place Mmhmm I agree with that I think I’m still snacking a lot more Me too! Yeah, yeah. Once I start walking I’m just feeling great Yeah and I think mentally it’s become almost like a measure of success for a good day like I made it 10,000 steps I can go to bed, I’m happy That’s week three! Stay tuned one more week left let’s do this I am about 3,000 steps in at 6:00 p.m. so I am about to go outside and go for a hike The most annoying thing has happened my headphones have gone on the fritz I realized how much I rely on listening to things to get through 10,000 steps a day and now that it’s not working I don’t want to walk anywhere I’m over it So we’ve reached the end of our 30 day challenge How’d you finish up here in the last week? Disastrous My last week was good I made almost 20,000 steps probably five days a week My average for the month was 11,000 a day Well I kind of stepped up 3,000 steps a day I think my average is about 7,000 I think my average was about 8,000 That’s probably twice as much as it was! Prior to this, yeah Yeah definitely I think I gained weight on this challenge Oh, I’m sure I did and that kind of upset me and was probably part of the reason I just blew it on the last day I still lost a pound I gained weight! last day I still left it bound I gained It must be from walking to get snacks or because I traded my workouts for long walks instead I gained half a pound okay but I did lose on my waist and I lost body fat so maybe I gained muscle I think my body fat was about the same and I did lose an inch What advice would you give to someone who wanted to attempt 10,00 steps a day? I think if you have the time to do it it’ll be much easier Get comfortable shoes and be prepared to give up some social time Also be mindful of your diet because you will be snacking often And get a good watch, something that can track your steps accurately so you want to check it every day and stay motivated I think I was looking for more physical changes throughout this challenge and that didn’t happen but I still really enjoyed it and I think I actually will continue to try and be mindful about how many steps I’m getting a day and try hit closer to 10,000 I think it’s a really interesting challenge to be more mindful of how much you walk and also what you put your time towards Okay that marks the end of our 10,000 steps a day challenge If you enjoyed, go ahead and like this video Comment below with anything else
we should try for 30 days and let us know if you have completed this challenge

89 thoughts on “10,000 Steps For 30 Days – Our Weight Loss Results!

  1. I am hooked on my steps now! Started walking last June in the mornings (I work 2nd shift). Some days, I easily get more than 10,000 steps. I've lost weight and continue my steps every day to maintain my new weight loss.

  2. i walked 5km per day lost 1 inch waist line. but weight fluctuations like 5oo gms lost after some days 1 kg weight gain

  3. Maybe 10000 steps was too much for them if it caused them to eat more snacks. What's the magic sweet spot in steps to where you can get in a little more exercise, but just enough so that you don't ruin the results with additional hunger and eating?

  4. For the passed month i try to do 10k walks a day but i always ended up being like 8600 which is sooo annoying cuz I have health issues.It usually starts in 3000 steps and then i feels like i wanna faint which is ridiculous so i take a break and then go back but I can’t seems to reach 10k.I lost faith in myself

  5. I do 10,000+ steps at work 5 days a week, along with lifting, pushing & pulling thousands of pounds over the course of the shift.
    I've never noticed an improvement in mood, (though I'm not a moody person), or anything else really. I have noticed I'm exhausted & achy most of the time.

  6. Walking is the BEST exercise that is readily available to virtually everyone. It combines a very low risk of injury with very a high sustainability level.. Don't worry about gadgets to measure your steps. Keep it simple and just set an elapsed time goal. Start with a short time like 10 minutes and then add to it bit by bit. . Soon you will be shocked by how much distance you can cover. When the weather is not walking-friendly, go to a mall and walk there. If you can incorporate steps in your walk that will make it even better.  

    I am retired so I have a lot of time to walk. Since I started my walking program about 2 months ago I have walked 343 miles. (I was relatively fit before starting this regimen because I had been swimming a couple of hours each day.). I walk for four miles, which takes about one hour. Then I rest for 30 minutes. Then I do another four-mile walk. My daily distances can vary from 8 miles to 20. On most days I walk 4 hours or 16 miles. 

    The results so far have been great I do not have any pains anywhere. I am eating less. I have more energy and I am losing weight. I also sleep better. YOU CAN DO IT IF I CAN. (I'm 69.) Do not worry if on a particular day you do not walk – your body needs to recover so just LISTEN to your body and rest when it's telling you to. And you DO NOT NEED A DOG to walk. Just don't do what Annie Lennox did. – no walking on broken glass!!

  7. Wow ladies I will be more inspired after listening to you all. I walked 6130 steps today but will surely increase it… I want to take this challenge of 10000 steps a day…

  8. Much easier to do if you live in a walking state, like New York. I live in CALI. When I visit New York, I complete 3-7 miles of walking per day. Getting 13,000 miles a day is nothing. I have been pushing myself to get these miles and steps in. I have an elliptical so it’s helps. I was able to get 3.5 miles in 40 mins.

  9. Oh i didnt knew someone else had done it. btw that's my video showing my results of walking 10,000 steps and i have been walking for past 50 days non stop https://youtu.be/Zavfsbu_-UE

  10. Use mini trampoline to pick up missing steps, very simple, takes 1 hour 7 minutes 33 seconds at normal pace to reach 10k. I do it on my trampoline ! Thanks for the inspiration !

  11. She said about 500 steps in 30 min of jump rope.. You can avg 2000 steps in 1 mile of walking and that's 20 min. Lol these chicks …

  12. I don’t know why anyone finds it so difficult to do I’ve been doing it every single day for this past year, I’ve continually done 10,000 or more steps a day. It’s not difficult.

  13. I do this everyday. Most of it just grocery shopping and cleaning after my family. Kinda sad they are this lazy.

  14. This was a funny challenge??? everything was wrong one person who hits her target gains weight one person says she gets 500 steps from 30min skipping??

  15. I’m a male labour worker and a sports man. I do 15-25 thousand steps a day for the past 2 months. I’m still fat :/

  16. I have a desk job and 4 small kids. I try and get 20,000 to 30,000 a day minus the weekends. I give my self a break

  17. I joined a 30 day challenge 3 days ago. My goal 60 min of walking in the am and pm. Two days in its a struggle but Ive logged over 120 mins both days and over 12k steps both days. I walked watching your video. I walk through watching tv I would have walked through Master Chef. I do dance parties as well, solo ones are the best you can be free! You were all successful in maintaining more steps in 30 days than before the challenge, celebrate that aspect. Maintaining walking after 30 days I believe is the hardest because if it hasn't been incorporated into your lifestyle you may drop it going back to old habits. I hope you all continued walking!

  18. i been doing the 10 thousand plus steps a day. it is a cure for depression and anxiety i think. I feel a lot more centered.

  19. I don’t walk 10k steps a day I walk 10km a day that’s around 14k steps and these chicks can’t even walk 10k steps for a month

  20. The interesting finding was that the person that moderately increased her activity actually lost weight. Whereas the others that pushed their limits immediately put on weight, and were hungrier. This does show that people that don't normally exercise, should not jump straight to 10K steps per day, BUT increase over time. Perhaps aim to do 2000 steps per day for week 1, then 3000 steps per day for week 2, and so on. This way you are more likely to make the lifestyle changes, and stick to them, and reduce the chance of injury as it takes time, and the right nutrition to build the muscles. Upvote if you agree.

  21. I do 10,000 or more everyday just walking around my office. I’m a lot more active than I thought compared to other “office workers”. Go me!

  22. That one girl at least tried. The other 3 sucked! I get so sick of people making excuses about why they can't walk. I also have a desk job and live no where near where l work. My home is in an area with narrow streets where cars zoom by so I don't even walk in my neighborhood because of that. Point being, l still get my steps in. I do a minimum of 10-12k a day but many times way over. There's lots of YouTube walking videos and l do walk at work. I also walk in place during commercials while watching tv and take the stairs and park further away when possible. Those 3 girls didn't treat it like a real challenge. In a challenge you're suppose to push yourself to do more than you would ordinarily. Boooooo on them!

  23. these ladies walk 2000 steps a day and i have 2000 steps by 8:00am getting ready for school looking for my jeans

  24. I would like to see people who are actually fat, overweight, especially obese try this challenge. I’m sure we would notice some changes in their weight and body

  25. I did a study abroad in Costa Ricalast summer for 2 months and I lost 15 pounds. I was walking about 5 to 6 miles a day. I also didn't eat fast food more than 4 times during the 2 months and the food consisted of rice and beans 3 times a day with a very small portion of meat once a day.

  26. To lose weight, you need to eat well and take WELL OVER 10,000 steps a day. To get fit, you need to push yourself until you can't breathe.

  27. This is where being a doctor helps – on my oncall days I can cover 20k a day. On non oncl days when I am covering the wards, I do 15k ????

  28. Four women who don't have a weight problem didn't lose any weight while walking 10,000 steps a day for 30 days. Surprise!!! Maybe you should invite the fat friend or sibling to see if walking helps someone that needs to lose some weight.

  29. I actually could not wait to try the fat loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I actually was seriously enthusiastic. I propose you to Google this strategy as well. My best mate has losed 10 pounds already due to this fat loss program. .

  30. As soon as she said "I feel mentally in a good place" I was like, "Alright, wheres my fitbit!"

  31. I have a PCOS, it's hormonal embalance and it is not easy for me to lose weight, I have more fats in my belly and walking is the best exercise to lessen this fats and keep me away from the possibility of having diabetis and cardio problem.. So I decided to do this challenge and It's my 3rd week of 10,000 steps for 5 days, brisk walking and I made it differently from my whole day walking, so this is an added walking exercise…and as for now, I did'nt lose any weight as I told you its not easy for me to lose weight, I am gaining weight instead but girls that is ok, that means you are building muscles, I've noticed that my skin became firmed and it lessen my belly size. Just continue to do it, not only by losing weight but it also regaining your self from being lazy, it changes your emotional state and you are be reunited with nature…1 month is not enough to see the result, 2 months will do,, I will upload my experience after 2 months and see what will happen.. PCOS is a serious problem by woman, dont neglect it if you have….

  32. Kim: “I’m doing the 10,000 steps a day for 30 day challenge.”

    Kim 10 days later: “I’ve done 10,000 steps for three days.”?

    Only 1 girl out of the four is actually doing the challenge. If you don’t do it everyday you already failed. Start over.

    Oh also, thanks for wasting literally everyone’s time.

  33. This video was fuzzy wuzzy crap absolutely a waste of time and just constantly full of dribbling mumble.. this however is a great representative of today's generation weak and stupid attitude… they acted like they are all about 9 yrs old… embarrassing

  34. 10.000 steps sounds way more dramatic than 3km or 2miles. I jog 4km everyday and now im on my challange of walking 10km a day for 2 weeks

  35. I… sat for 8 hours getting hair extensions put in and still did 4000 steps that day? When I had the flu a few months ago i averaged 5k steps. On a normal day without going for a walk I usually surpass 10k steps and my job is at home. In the summer I average 20k steps. I.. dont understand how they're struggling?! ESPECIALLY because they're doing a challenge aka supposed to be TRYING lol. Maybe I really don't give myself enough credit for the effort I put into the things I want to do. That's what I got from this video.

  36. I have been walkin 9 km 5 days a week. Now stepping up to 10 km. Walking between 5.4 km/Hr to slow jogging 9 km/Hr creates anabolism in Ivd discs of spine, makes them stronger and healthier, specially for people who walk more than 60 km per week.

  37. the jumping rope is a good tip I have a new rope and I can complete it better Thanks ladies i'm retired so I have the time now

  38. I am doing an experiment to myself that ill walk to lose weight but ill not diet and i can eat whatever i want.. but.. in control of portion.. I'll do an experiment within 60 days of walk and will upload a result at my channel, considering subscribe guys and pls support and join me.. #chengelvirtualrun?❤️

  39. Yall mad that they ain't complete the challenge at least they were honest n didnt put up a fake ass video lying …

  40. My record is 22000 + it was 9.5 miles if i remember right part of it was walking to the mosque for 3 prayers.

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