30 Day Keto Diet Results – NOT What I Expected

30 Day Keto Diet Results – NOT What I Expected

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  1. Who is still doing Keto? I will definitely keep a lower carb diet forever. However, I finally had that donut and felt fine after 😉

  2. Congratulations for being strong and finishing it! 👏🏼👏🏼

    I need to try this for seasonal allergies cause it sucks.

  3. as far as I know, the consumption of red meat contributes to higher red blood cell counts which increases the risk of heart attack. the other results on the higher side were inflammation markers (I think?) which would (with my extremely limited knowledge) seem to indicate a higher risk of heart attack. people whose dominant hormone is testosterone, or people with higher levels of testosterone, are generally at higher risk of having a heart attack because basically, the higher your testosterone is, the more red blood cells you produce (as far as I know). i haven't looked much into anyone else's results from the keto, but it was interesting to see that those three results were on the high side for you where as, if i remember correctly, Mikhaila's were normal. maybe it is to do with hormone levels? I don't know, it's super interesting though. (for anyone reading this, i am not a doctor, I've just read things so don't take my word for anything!)

  4. Would love to go on one of these types of diets. Not cause I need to lose weight, but cause I need more energy since I always feel so tired. Unfortunately, I have like defected taste buds or something and dislike nearly everything, especially vegetables. Whenever I try to eat something I don't like it feels like I'm gonna gag… :/

  5. I want follow you but, I don't understad inglish totally! I need traslate to spanish please. could you helpme? thankyou love you

  6. 💙Went off my anti depressant 10 years ago bc i got pregnant.. I just stopped, like they say not to do…I know.. Going thru that darkness was enough to never make me feel safe taking them ever again.. i just manage myself the best i can now.. loving u Scott. Thanks for sharing your experience, truly means alot that you look for others means of helping us thru these processes.💚

  7. Thanks for sharing Scott, you look amazing as always. I have been cutting down on carbs as well as continuing to cutting out dairy, its going quite good. <3

  8. Regeneration of platelets takes time . you should get the CBC tests done again and see if the inflammatory indicators have gone down. Plus I suggest you get a crp test done (c reactive protein) it is an indicator for inflammation and also early stages of cancer. You did not discuss your lipid profile. It not done please get it done before you start to really gorge on the carbs. Please consult with your doctor and do your own research before you follow my suggestions. I'm still on the keto diet and my allergies are gone too. Sleep has improved . energy levels keep fluctuating but better than before. I has helped massively massively with depression almost gone. Anxiety stills comes in waves periodically but its nothing that I cannot manage ….reduced by about 60%. Thanks for your videos man . I'm gonna keep up with the diet till the end of this year . last month was fun. Will keep coming back to your channel. Wish you well . take care.

  9. I have been slowly been adapting a keto diet for the last 6 months. I started off being plant based (also no sugar, grains, fruit & anything packaged). Now I am not 100% keto but I have experienced the following things.

    – Allergies cleared up. I could sleep and breathe through my nose and my pet allergies went away. At times I would have flares for about 1 hour when I come in contact with new pets but they go away quickly.
    – Increased energy in the mornings.
    – Decrease in my chronic pain symptoms in the morning.

    I started incorporating eggs and a lot of fruit because I was really craving them and after being lax with those over the last month my chronic pain is slowly coming back again. There really is a direct relationship between food and how you feel.

  10. I will not do keto due to the fact that without some sugar daily I get very very sick. I am not diabetic or even prediabetic, my medication just suck the sugar out of my system and salt is another thing I have to be careful of. My meds just zap them gone, so I can not due Keto, P-docs very firm orders.

  11. Give it a shot someday! Going off antidepressants and taking a nutritional approach with ketosis. Would make for a super impressive healing story! Just have to be mindful ahead of time that it might be uncomfortable sometimes. You can always go back to them if you need them. Nothing to lose 🙂 Best of luck!

  12. In the middle of your keto diet, I started it too but I gave up after 5 days cause I kinda kept relapsing and I thought if I kept making these mistakes I wouldn't get into ketosis anyway. Really feels shit that I'm so weak mentally but I'll try again in the next months.
    Thank you for showing this whole procress and the in-depth descriptions, really inspired me even tho I failed.

  13. One interesting thing about keto for me is it made me way more sensitive to foods I shouldn't really eat, for exemple I've been eating avocados for a while, and I thought it was fine, but after 2 weeks of keto, the same avocado would cause me headaches and stomach aches like 5 minutes after eating it. I stopped avocado and it's all gone ! I think it's more due to the "restriction" side of the diet than the actual "keto", but it's a great way to remove foods you might be intolerant to but don't realize because the effect is too diffuse

  14. You probably already know this, if so, so sorry, here it is: Sometimes with food allergies or food sensitivities can be added back rotating them every 4 days or eating them less often. Be aware that if one of those foods that you reintroduced starts seeming like it is causing problems when you have it everyday, or two or three times in a row then it is a food you can probably eat less often. Allergy reactions are built up over repeat exposures sometimes.

  15. Also, glucose on keto can be really low and be alright. Some of the doctors talk about this…Not a doctor, can't remember the numbers.

  16. My seasonal allergies were gone when i wasn't eating meats or chicken for years. This was probably because i was having more vegetables. Also real exercise helped a lot.

  17. I think you're right about dairy causing seasonal allergies. I've had seasonal allergies on and off since I was a teenager, and this past spring I got REALLY bad seasonal allergies again. I was also eating dairy at the time, which I'm allergic to and gives me mucus/sinus issues, so clearly consuming dairy was just burdening my immune system even more and causing it become hyper-active, which resulted in seasonal allergies as well. I eliminated dairy (and took herbal supplements as well), and resolved my allergies in two weeks despite pollen levels still being high. And I had a VERY bad case of seasonal allergies – I felt like I had the flu and was bed ridden. I've also read about how consuming foods you are intolerant to will cause seasonal allergies.

  18. I agree with you on the allergies! Not even from Keto but cutting out Gluten… I slowly started cutting out gluten before I transitioned to Keto 1 week ago.

    Without gluten, i've noticed a difference in my spring and summer allergies

  19. Hey Scotty! You made it through! Nice backdrop! Regarding the lab work, remember that these lab ranges are decided upon by choosing a "normal" from people eating a traditional garbage diet. Often they change these ranges under influence of pharma too… For example..i recently had an insurance physical. Everything was perfect except now my 120/80 BP I've had forever is now considered high. Way to get more BP lowering meds prescribed! $$$ If you decide to go off the antidepressants, from experience I'd wean waaaaay slower than doc recommends. This has been key for me in the past. Chop into pieces, I've even done water titration. If you go really very slowly you can see if things get bad and you'll me more sure it's not just withdrawal and can go back up. PS I'm not a doc. All the best!

  20. Regarding your blood results. The elevated markers are probably due to the bruising from the accident and the resulting inflammation which is the initial stage of the healing process. However, to be on the safe side, I would do a follow up within a month or so to make sure there’s nothing else going on.

    Other than that there’s nothing to worry about.

    Potassium generally tends bo be on the high end when doing keto because the body handles electrolytes and fluids differently from when eating more carbs. Also, blood glucose is usually on the low-end, and sometimes even below the normal range. For instance, I’ve had my blood glucose as low as 3.6-3.8 without any symptoms of hypoglycemia, so as long as you don’t feel dizzy or tired, this isn’t a problem.

  21. i believe alot of people can benefit from a change in diet for mental health. i was completely cured. and i think that alot of people being diagnosed as a chemical imbalance is not true. i think it is much rarer but since you found no changes. i believe you are that niche that needs meds.

  22. So you're gonna keep keto with fruits as a long-term diet? Aren't there any contradictions, threats?
    Can you recommend a good introductory guide to Keto? 🙂

  23. Duh!!! Why did you question me about blood work in the first place, when I questioned it?
    Couldn't help but comment when this video was in my feed, so glad I unsubscribed!
    All I did was ask if you had bloodwork done at the beginning, so you could compare it again at the end. The responsible thing to do, obviously. You and your subs questioned me like I was an idiot. By the way, tuned out as soon as you said bloodwork, not even interested in your results anymore. Would have been, if I wasn't ridiculed for asking you moron. 🙄

  24. If you're gonna do fruits, stick to berries – strawberries, blueberries etc. Bananas are a definite no no
    It you're hungry on this diet, you're doing it wrong. Need to add more fats (not protein) I'm the opposite in that I almost have to force myself to eat so it's great with fasting. Just add mayo, coconut oil, avocado etc to whatever you're eating

  25. Great video! Keep up the good work! You're communicating very well, with humility. I wish you good luck on your adventure!

  26. I wish I had seen this when you started. You could've avoided a lot of the "keto flu" symptoms and general crapiness by eating 7-8 cups of veggies a day. Highly recommend watching Dr. Berg on the correct way to do keto

  27. I totally recommend you to try a plant based diet (vegan) for your mental health, it could be as an experiment.😘
    It works super good on me🙌🙌🙌 I'm almost always happy and with full energy.

  28. I think you should consider easing off your depression medications! Check out the video on depression by a YouTuber called What I've Learned. Very informative stuff! 🙂
    Best of luck bud

    Oh! btw your platelet level might have changed due to the fact that you were injured. Blood count changes a bit depending on whether you have an injury or infection. So it would make sense since you bruised your ribs.

  29. I went off my antidepressants cold turkey. The first month was rough. Really rough but then I heard of Keto for mental health and tried it. I felt so much better. So much. I don't know if being off my meds for a month prior to trying it helped me see a more noticeable improvement in my depression but for me, it was very noticeable. And it helped other emotions too. I was going through some sort of anger disorder and I was getting no help from my doctor. So I started exploring there options. And I feel like leaving the carbs helped me tremendously. I hope you try it with the help of your doctor. Maybe you can wean yourself off. Good luck!

  30. I'm always frightened by fashion diets! Though I have heard so many good, if not great feedbacks over keto dieting that I feel like trying it… finely. Thanks for your work here!

  31. About the antidepressants… I was diagnosed with anxious depression at the end of law school. I took it (antidepressants) for 1 year along with psychological therapy, psychoanalysis more specifically. It saved my life. 1 year after I decided to stop the drugs myself, it's been 6 years since then, and I feel pretty good. You know we'll never be the always happy never sad or anxious person, and I truly believe no one is. But therapy had such an important part in it! Hope I have, somehow, helped. Sorry for the poor English, I'm Brazilian and not we'll acquainted with English-language.

  32. I definitely have a keto flu now. Really depressed and not enjoying the things I did it in the past, I have never felt this way before(or depressed at all) I hope this will get better because I don't see it coming anytime soon. Your video's does get my hopes up so thank you for that 🙂

  33. Hi last winter for three months a friend who was homeless stayed with me who had untreated (he refused) paranoid schizphrenia and multiple addictions resin, alchohol, sugar, caffeine, artificial sweetners. I said he could stay but none of the above in the house. I also made sure he had a good cooked breakfast every morning s bacon, 2 eggs, toms, mushrooms all cooked in fat and butter, lunch maybe a sandwich evening meal meat and loads of veg with loads of fat. His mood and abillity to relate improved substantially for the first couple of months. Rare manageable voices and ideas secondary symptoms his cognitive abbilities and understanding improved but still abstract thinking hard. I would say being with him he was 70% improved. Last month he returned to choc and coke and beer and his mood went down hill. He eventually agreed to start meds too.
    For me interesting showing diet affects our mental health. Not recommending stopping meds simply sharing.

  34. Im about to start a keto diet for my eczema. Did you have any skin issues before, or did you skin look and feel better after the 30 days?

  35. Man i watch 40m, but you didnt talk about mental performance, please share:) can you work longer? think clearer? Take care!

  36. Thanks a lot for sharing! As soon as I reintroduce something with higher carbs to my diet, I get out of ketosis and when I stop eating high carb, I get back into Keto Flu, which is the worst. So it didnt work for me.

  37. I cant believe you havent felt any benefits with your anxiety and depression. I havent found anything better for mine. I only do Keto for the mental health benefits.

  38. I cant believe this video. 30 days are not enough for see really results. Keto diet is a dangerous diet to do without a doctor controlling you. I had a terrible electrolyte imbalance and my heart now is working really bad. I follow all these doctor on you tube and they tell you take potassium, take this, take that. Wrong potassium can kill you. Please be mindful with this diet, it is not a joke.

  39. If I understand correctly, at least for the weight loss aspect, you can’t mix Keto with any carbs such as fruit, etc. because the insulin spikes will cause fat storage from all the non carb foods. I’m not positive on this, but the way I understand it is the body goes in to ketosis in the absence of sugar or carbs. Once reintroduced, it can take days to weeks to get back in to ketosis. Anyone wanting to correct me on this, please feel free. Thanks

  40. Well done. Can I encourage you to stick to the keto diet. Now about the antidepressants, maybe if you really feel like you can come off them they why not just wean yourself off over the period of a month. Keep them just in case. Then give it a month or two without them. If you feel any adverse effect then go straight back on them. DO NOT JUST GIVE THEM UP. Reduce till you are off them. God bless your efforts. Please if you are finding benefit of the keto diet then stick to it but increase the amount of food you are eating to maintain your weight. Well done again.

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