5 Crazy Waffle Iron Experiments #2 | People Vs. Food

5 Crazy Waffle Iron Experiments #2 | People Vs. Food

– I’m never making a cake
in an oven again. – It’s nifty, I’ll give it to ya.
– Waffle maker is not a waffle maker. It’s an everything maker. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Back by popular demand, we are gonna be showing you
five more foods that you might not have realized
that you can cook in a waffle iron. – Yes!
– Thank you, thank you guys. (laughs) – This is valuable information. – Oh!
– I’m excited! – Okay, this is very fun.
– I’m very excited! I’ve seen something similar to this,
where they make like grilled cheeses in waffle irons.
– That’s nice. – Donuts, yeah.
– That’s hot. – I’m a big fan of the waffle iron. It makes sense just to
squish it in heat and then it’s cooked! – I mean, I’ve been to college,
so I’ve cooked a lot of weird things
with a waffle iron, like waffles. (laughs) – (FBE) Are you guys excited?
Are you ready? – Yeah!
– Oh yeah! – (FBE) First up, you guys are going
to be making an omelet. – An omelet?
With a waffle iron? – Okay, I can kinda see
how that works. – My mind is blown! (kaboom!) – Yes!
– (laughs) I’m so excited. – Oh my God, I need to go
buy a waffle maker after this. – Ooh-tah! – Oh, you’re a table cracker?
Kenneth, is that what you… – Yeah, because I learned
that if you crack it on the side, the eggshells go into the egg. – Not if you crack it like a boss. – If you guys want creamier eggs,
you add milk. – Ooh, food fact!
– Yeah. – Perfect!
– Perfect. – Perfect crack!
Y’all see that! – Oh no.
– Whoa, this is really weird. – Ooh, baby.
– Okay, wow! – Waffled eggs.
– Yeah! Wow, yours looks good!
– Mine’s coming out the sides. – Oh, yours is dripping.
– Mine’s dripping! Oh no, oh God! – Oh my lord!
– Look at that! – Dude.
– Ah! – Oh my God!
– Is it ready? That is not an omelet.
– Yo! That’s not bad at all! – Oh!
– Whoa, yours is perfect! – Mine’s a waffle! – Whoa, yours is fluffy dude.
– Fluffy boy! – That’s not bad. – (Ted) Okay, we’ll just…
– Oh my God. And I put too much salt,
but you know, it’s okay. It’s so good! This is actually better than
the omelets I make on just a regular pan. (Jair mumbles) (both laugh) – Yo, it’s not bad.
– Yeah, it’s not bad. – I think it’s ’cause like
the texture of the eggs is a little different.
– Yeah, it’s… – It’s like…
– It’s a little overcooked. – Not bad.
– Disgusting! (both laugh) – I need to go get one of these things
for my house, ’cause that was so easy. – This might be the move.
– Mm-hmm. – That was way easier
than like sitting there and just being like
“okay, is it ready?” and you’re flipping it, like no,
literally just psst, bam, revolutionary.
I’m sold! – (FBE) Next up, we’re gonna continue
our breakfast theme with hash browns! – Oh, I thought that was
mozzarella cheese! (laughs) – (FBE) Alright guys, ready for
food number two? – (both) Cheese! – That was the best part
of the last one! – (FBE) No. – Aww.
– What, oh is it onions? – (FBE) Guys, those are hash browns. – (both) Oh! – Idiot! (gags) – (laughs) What the [bleep]
did you just do? – They are hash browns. (laughs) I thought it was cheese
and he was [bleep] with us. (both laugh) It looks so much like cheese! – That’d be such a mean joke! – You’re like “no, it’s hash browns.” And I was like alright,
these hash browns aren’t even cooked. I’m no idiot.
I knew it was cheese! (laughs) – Tom, you shouldn’t be allowed
to use a waffle iron. – This is gonna be fire.
– You think so? – It has to be fire. – Look at it, it’s wet!
– Ew! – Mmm.
– Mmm! – This is what I would love to do
when I’m at home cooking. Just chop up my potatoes
to reball them. (iron sizzles) – This is fun!
It’s like making a snowman! – Like that, and close this. I feel like this has to
be good, right? I don’t think this can be not good. – Australians do eat
uncooked hash browns. (laughs) – (laughs) I swear I thought
it was cheese. – How’s she cookin’?
Okay, okay, she’s brownin’. – Yeah, I’m looking for it
to be burned and then stop. – I’m afraid to look at it.
Oh God. – No, but I feel like
if you keep letting it cook for a while, it’s gonna be nice. – Yours look way better than mine. – Well, I don’t mean to brag. – Flip! – (Mikaela) See, that side
looks great. – Yeah, that’s why I flipped it over.
– It’s like a perfect golden. – How does that happen
with the hash brown? – This is bomb. It’s not a bad hash brown,
I’ll be honest. Like, it’s not great,
but like, it’s… – What hash browns are you eating? – It’s really good.
– Really? – It’s okay!
– Really? – Yeah! – It’s alright!
– Not bad. – This is a more neat version
of a hash brown than I’ve seen. So good, I put the right
amount of salt. – Mm-hmm, same. – They’re okay.
– Yeah, they’re good. Wow.
– I’ll say they made it. I’ll approve it.
– Hash browns for sure, yeah. – No, no, I’m not going for this one.
– I’ll eat yours, dude. – Better than the omelet for sure. It’s still a potato dude.
– Mmm, delicious. – This is so easy!
Why not? You’re wrong if you don’t do this. – It’s not as good as the omelet.
– Yeah, but that’s good still. – The omelet’s number one
in my heart right now, but this, like, it passes, but I definitely think
efficiency-wise, there’s better ways. – (FBE) Alright, you guys ready
for your next food? – Yeah dude.
– I think so. – I’m having breakfast,
this is actually really nice. – (FBE) We’re making some pizza! – Woo, yes!
– Yes! – You know what?
I see where it’s going. – (gasps) This is cute, this
literally looks like a big Lunchable. – People usually slam it too. – Ugh, that’s some good dough! – Yeah, let’s grill ’em!
– Woo! Grill ’em and ‘rill ’em, drill ’em,
kill ’em. You know how chefs talk.
(Tom laughs) – Alright, I don’t know
how this is gonna go. – Me either, I’m a little concerned. (Izzy screams)
– Oh God. (iron sizzles) – Yeah, I feel like
that makes it harder to pick up. – (screams) I don’t wanna close it! – You gotta be creative!
– (FBE) Alright! – Go?
– (FBE) Yep, any time. – Aw yeah, that looks disgusting.
– Just what I want. (iron sizzles) (Jair laughs) – Um. (laughs) Uh…
– She’s deadly! – Yeah, that smells just like
grandma used to make ’em. (Izzy screams) – That dough is not done. – I am shocked, it looks good! – It’s burned!
– That’s burned! – It’s burned! – Happy burn day!
– Yeah, we did it! – Woo!
– (FBE) Okay. – I’ll check it out.
Wow, that looks cool! – Let’s uh oh. – How is it both burned
and undercooked? – (laughs) Do you guys see it?
– It looks like, yeah, cheese. – No that’s…
– It’s dough. – I’m worried it’s gonna…
That. – Nailed it.
– Ding. – It’s not bad!
– It’s not like a hash brown? I like this better
than the hash brown! – That is simple, really good,
like, you know? Can’t believe I haven’t
been doing this at all. – I kinda like it. (laughs) – Do you see mine? – Ooh, yeah, yours is squishier. – (laughs) Mine is not cooked. No. – It’s alright! I think all of my marinara sauce
just went on the sides. – Yo, I am not mad at this.
I am not mad. – Oh yeah, yours is cooked.
– Right? – Yours is cooked,
that’s actually not bad. – Listen.
– Wanna try a bite of mine? – No, I’m good. – Look at her.
– My baby! I made her.
– Yeah, the look like little personal pizzas,
it’s kinda perfect. – (FBE) So to wrap up
our dinner portion, here is a steak
for each of you to try. – Ooh, now this is something I know you’re not
supposed to eat raw. – This is a huge piece of steak.
For this tiny little waffle iron. – Slap! (laughs)
– I missed. – (FBE) I would pull it back
a little bit. You wanna throw yours
on there, Izzy? – (laughs) Yes I do! – (FBE) By throw, I mean
carefully place like a grown up? – Oh…
– (FBE) Great! – Oh wow, that’s cooking fast!
– Yeah it is. (iron sizzles) – (laughs) You put more,
a little more salt. – (laughs) A little more, baby.
– Yeah, just a touch. – Wow, this is crazy! This is like, don’t you
usually cook steak on a grill? – Okay.
– Oh, there’s one raw side for me. Yours looks perfect.
– Yeah, mine looks alright. – He really turned it
in an iron. – Ooh, that looks nice,
for what it is. (laughs) – (laughs) For what it is. – Ooh baby! – Ooh, that’s $30
at Outback Steakhouse. Honestly, it doesn’t look bad.
I feel like… – It looks like someone with a cleat
stepped on it. (laughs) – His looks so good.
– Bam! – It has a good amount,
just like the right amount of pink. I’m kind of impressed.
– Here we go! – Oh yeah!
That’s gray all the way through! No pink!
– Love me some gray steak. – Mmm, charcoal. – I like it, yeah.
That like, I was afraid, like I don’t know if it’s
gonna cook all the way through, but it kinda cooked it perfectly. – This is like a rare
to medium rare. – Yeah, mine’s definitely rare
in the middle, and then medium rare
on the edges. – Cheers! That’s actually not bad.
– Not bad. – It kinda just tastes like steak. – It’s steak, and it’s good. – It’s not the best steak
I’ve ever had, but it is a steak. – It’s nifty, I’ll give it to you. – Waffle maker is not a waffle maker,
it’s an everything maker. – It’s a maker.
– It needs to change its name. – This is so juicy! – I would sear this a little more.
– Mm-hmm! – But this is fine.
– This is a win. – I need a waffle iron.
(Tom laughs) – You can cook so many
different things. Anything that provides heat
you could probably cook on. – Honestly, I was impressed
with how good it was. I thought it was gonna be kinda gross,
but not gonna lie, I’d probably finish the whole thing. – Aw cheese!
(both laugh) – I hate this.
– Yeah. – (FBE) You’re gonna be
making some cake! – (gasps) Oh!
This is gonna be a good day. – This makes sense, because a waffle is like
a sweet bread food. This is a sweet bread food. – I don’t know about this.
(laughs) I really don’t. – I’m gonna pour
from the middle, actually. Oh, I changed my mind
mid-way! (both laugh) – I’m gonna try to put this
on the right side, so there’s no uncooked egg
or pizza on it. – That’s smart. – Alright, let’s get it! – Alright.
– Alright! – Alright. Hopefully that doesn’t
taste like pizza. – Whoa, it’s rising, or raising. – Aw, why’s she falling over? – Oh, mine too!
– That’s okay. – I can see her oozing.
– That’s okay, she’s trying. – Well let’s see what happens. – (FBE) It’s gonna spill out
the sides, is what’s gonna happen. – That’s what you thought, Ethan, but as you look at
the waffle maker… (both laugh) – This smells delicious! This, I can maybe get behind.
It’s like an Easy Bake Oven, but advanced! – Peek-a-boo! (screams)
– Oh, look at that! – Oh my lord!
– Beautiful. – Mine’s ready!
– Mine smells like it’s… Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s
burning or not. – We just invented breakfast dessert. – (FBE) There you go!
– I don’t think we invented that. – No, we invented it! – Oh, she’s nice!
– Oh, that looks nice. – Yours is already done?
– (gasps) Oh my God! It’s a waffle! (laughs) – (Tom) Aw, yeah baby!
– (Eric) Ooh! – There’s only a little bit
of pizza sauce on it. Not even that much! – And that’s like just bonus flavor! – (both) Wow!
– (FBE) There you go! – Look at that!
– Look at these beautiful… – Mmm! – Quick frosting!
– Yeah! You can’t have a cake
without frosting, dude. – Cheers!
– Cheers, om! – It is so good.
– That is really good. – This is so good,
it just needs frickin’ ice cream. – Mmm.
– Om nom. – That is really good! What is this, cake?
– Mmm! – It’s so good!
Especially with the frosting! – It’s surprisingly moist
on the inside too. – Mmm!
– Thats ridiculous! – This, honestly, is one of
the best cakes I’ve ever had. – I think the waffle maker
is supposed to make sweet foods, because this is
(smacks lips) perfection. – It’s not bad.
– Whoa! – This might be…
– It’s not bad? – It really isn’t. – I’ve never making a cake
in an oven again. – I feel like I died and went to
waffle iron cake Heaven! – (laughs) That’s a very
specific subset. – Yeah. (laughs) – (FBE) So out of all the foods
that you cooked today, which was your favorite? – Cake.
I think the cake was the best, because, I don’t know, it was
just like a sweet bread, the way a waffle is,
so it kinda worked out perfectly. – My favorite’s the pizza,
because that’s the one I probably will be
cooking the most. – The cake.
The cake, for sure. – Yeah, cake, for sure. – I’m gonna still go
with the hash browns. – I’m gonna go with the pizza. – The cake, for sure.
– Steak and cake. Both were delicious.
– Steak and cake, baby! – Hey, the combo! – (woman) They ask you how you are,
and you just have to say that you’re fine,
and you’re not really fine. But you just can’t get into it,
because they would never understand. – Thanks for watching us
make waffle iron foods… – On the REACT Channel! – Subscribe! – We got new shows for ya
every week! – What other foods do you think
we could do fun things with? – Let us know in the comments. – (both) Bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here
from the REACT Channel. Hey, if you liked this episode,
then be sure to subscribe, because you’ll never know
what we cook up next. Bye guys!

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