5 Low Fat Cooking Recipes : Broccoli Potato Recipe

Hi! I’m Linda Leon with Expert Village.com.
Today we are going to be making a quick dish called Broccoli Potato, real simple. Now this
is one of my favorite dishes. The broccoli potato. The ingredients are real simple. You
will need broccoli, red onions, tomato, bacon bits and ranch dressing. So we are going to
start off with our red onions
and then you are going to cut up a few tomatoes. I like to use Romana tomatoes because they
are easier to work with. They don’t produce a lot of juice which makes them a little bit
simpler to work with. You just add as many tomatoes as you would like or as many onions
as you would like. It is really your choice and you chop up your broccoli. Then you add
your Ranch Dressing and a liberal supply of bacon bits. You put that on a colorful plate
like the way I have it now. That is very appealing and people will enjoy this recipe.

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