6 Minute Ab Workout (THE ONLY ONE YOU’LL NEED!)

6 Minute Ab Workout (THE ONLY ONE YOU’LL NEED!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Athlean-X.com. Are you ready for the only ab workout you’ll
probably ever need? I have a good reason to call it that, but first I want to get you
right to the action. Don’t worry. Beginner, or advanced; I’ve
got you covered right here. Six minutes is all you need. So there you have it. Six minutes later. Beginner
or advanced, you just fried your abs. Guess what else you did? You hit every single
major core requirement in this one workout. I told you in the beginning you had good reason
here. I had good reason here to call this the only ab workout you’ll ever need. If you watch back and look at the exercises,
you hit all the responsibilities of the abs in one workout. You hit top down motion, you
hit bottom up motion, you hit rotation from the top and from the bottom, and you hit standing
ab work, anti-rotation, anti-extension, anti-lateral flexion; all the key responsibilities of the
abs and obliques you got here in this workout. Guess what? If you wanted to make this the
only workout you ever did, you could probably do just that. If you’re a beginner you’ll
work your way up to advanced. If you’re advanced you work your way to more circuits of this.
Why limit yourself? If you want to really tap into the true potential of your abs don’t
limit yourself to just a handful of exercises here. You could do thousands of exercises. As a
matter of fact, that’s one of my key specialties; figuring out ways to continue to make you
feel the burn, feel the pain every single time you train. We’ve got over a million ab
combinations. That’s right, a million because we have an
ab shuffle feature built right into our Athlean-X training systems that you can get at AthleanX.com
that allows you to shuffle up your workouts creating unlimited combinations of workouts. Fresh new ab workouts every single time you
do them, utilizing over 500 different ab exercises. You can get that over at AthleanX.com. In
the meantime, good luck with whatever level of ability you’re at right now. Use that as the benchmark to push yourself
further and further. I’ll be back here again, guys, in just a couple days. Make sure you
let me know what you want to see here for Washboard Wednesday. I’m happy to bring it
to you. See you soon.

99 thoughts on “6 Minute Ab Workout (THE ONLY ONE YOU’LL NEED!)

  1. NO!! no no not 6..i said 7! nobody's comin up with 6. who works out in 6 minutes? you won't even get your heart goin. not even a mouse on a wheel. 7's the key number here, think about it..7/11, 7 dwafs, 7 man, that's the number. 7 chipmunks twilin on a branch, eatin lots of sunflowers on my uncles ranch. you know that old childrens tale from the sea. it's like you're dreamin about gorgonzola cheese when it's clearly bri time baby. step into my office.(why?) cuz you're fuckin fired!

  2. Hi Jeff, do you know some good ab excersices for someone with sciatica from a bulging disc. I'm not sure if your ab workout videos will aggravate my symptoms or not . Thanks!

  3. Does the thread the needle drill cause any internal rotation of the rotator cuff? if so, do you have a good alternate for someone with minor impingement of the rotator cuff?

  4. Jeff, since you are such a great physiotherapist, could you please develop a workout video for women who developed a diastasis problem after pregnancy? There are so many of us and unfortunately the doctors say that normal ab workouts worsen the problem. Thank you so much for helping us moms, Jeff!

  5. Did three rounds of this today, doing the hardest version at least once for everything but the cyclone leg raises (don't have that kind of bar). I like it, but somehow it felt too easy, considering I didn't think my abs were that strong… Hope I'm doing these correctly lol. Will try to only do the hard versions next time, and maybe focus more on really contracting my abs.

  6. Knowing the music track would be much much appreciated jeff 1/10 comments about this video ask the same thing cheer great video

  7. I like it when you spend a video just showing us how to do the workouts and the muscles they focus with nice background music. Sometimes you just talk too much.

  8. I'd be really interested in the song in this workout, i don't care for copyrights, i just want it for personal use to my workout music list, is it available somewhere?

  9. Alternative for the side plank? I have shoulder impingement and I'm heavy, so that that move is not kind to my rotator cuffs

  10. Often in your videos we can't see your whole body and it makes it hard to follow your form perfectly. At 1:50 for example. What are your feet doing? at 1:26, what grip are you using? Also, your pants are so baggy! Also makes following your form harder sometimes. Like your videos a lot though.

  11. you posted alot of videos for sexpack abs but i dont know which should i do there are very alot of videos here in you channel please give me a decision say which one should i do and i must say i have a good abs but not much better that i want i have a four pack i want to have complete sex pack bro please give me your idea

  12. Damn good stuff…keep it coming…once I get these herniated disks squared away,me and my son are doing this program before he goes into the military….

  13. yes, thx for the modified version. just starting almost from scratch after a decade of injury/ailment. so there's a lot to aspire towards.

  14. Hey, Jeff… Great info. QUESTION: I keep hearing and feeling clicking in my hips when I do leg raises or knee-ins…Every other ab exercise..No problem. What should I do to fix this problem?

  15. Hey, Jeff. I have a question regarding the sledgehammer workout. If I don't have a band to strap to a pole, is it okay to use the cable machine that we normally use for our chest??

  16. I love his workouts! I am a beginner and having a difficult time doing sit ups . I can’t seems to be able to lift my torso more than just my shoulders and am getting discouraged. I will keep at it though.
    Any suggestions? ?

  17. Hey buddy you've shown so many ab exercises in these multitude of videos I don't know how I can go wrong thank you so much I mean really you just can't go wrong here thank you again

  18. Hey hey, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (just google it) Without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever tried.

  19. I dont have equipment for sledgehammer jump outs, are there any exercises that can substitute this ? Thanks !

  20. Great videos and I'm in awe and one day hope to be half as fit as you.
    If I don't have access to a band.. what alternative can I do for the sledgehammer step out? Beginner style please.

  21. Is it bad that my abs felt a pop when I was doing the sledgehammer excercise with cables? ?? Very scary and I stopped

  22. I can’t get a six pack, it’s been over one year for me practicing. I am 12 years old so can you please give me a clue

  23. After sharing such a great workout, wish you'd recap the exercises at the end for memory's and brevity's sake.

  24. Cliffhanger Knee Walkouts // 0:36
    21 Crunch // 0:56
    Sledgehammer Step-Outs // 1:16
    Reverse Corkscrews // 1:38
    Side Plank // 1:58
    Plank Knee Crossovers // 2:13

  25. Luv these 6 min routines, just wish i wernt so old, take bits n pieces of what i can do, grsteful for that!

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