7 Essential Foods For Creating Vegan Meals – Saturday Strategy

7 Essential Foods For Creating Vegan Meals – Saturday Strategy

Welcome Fitlifers! This is 7 essential foods
for creating vegan meals. I’m Justin and I’m Melissa, and Drew invited us here to take
over Saturday Strategy and invite you into our kitchen.First on our list is my personal
favorite, we have kale. It’s considered the most nutrient-dense food on this earth. It’s
amazing. You get a boost of chlorophyll. You can use it in your soups, [text], salads,
and of course, you’re green juices. Another great superfood, number 2 on our list,
is coconut oil. Coconut oil is super high in medium-chain triglycerides which are extremely
essential fatty acids. It’s great for your metabolism and increases your metabolic rate.Number
3 on our list is quinoa. It’s actually not a grain, but it is gluten free. Quinoa has
all 9 essential amino acids which is perfect for vegans.Number 4 is raw seeds and raw nuts.
Hemps seeds are actually wheat coz’ they have a great ratio of Omega 3s to Omega 6. It’s
extremely good for cardiovascular health.Next on our list is nutritional yeast. Something
that vegans have a hard time with getting into their diet is B12. So nutritional yeast
is very high in B12. You can just put it over soups or salads.None of this would be complete
without number 6, that’s almond butter. It’s high in vitamin E, and vitamin E is extremely
good for skin health. But be careful, watch out for almond butter added with sugar.Last
but not the least on our list is, one of my favorites, fava beans. Fava beans are kinda’
underrated vegetable for me. It has actually 10 grams of protein in just 4 cups of fava
beans.You don’t have to be a vegan to eat these superfoods. These are awesome by themselves.
So even if you are not following vegan diet, make sure you pack these in.Alright, that
is our list of 7 essential vegan foods to incorporate into your diet.If you have any
comments or questions about superfoods or any superfood that you found vegan, we’d love
to hear about it.And when I’m not spending my time talking about how much I love Organifi,
I’m working on my current project, it’s called Crystal Grid Project, where we spread consciousness,
love, and positivity. If you guys want to check it out, it’s www.thecrystalgrid.com.

37 thoughts on “7 Essential Foods For Creating Vegan Meals – Saturday Strategy

  1. Just got to know about your channel and totally loving all the information you give out. Pretty much watching almost all videos. I also see you are giving away juicers which is such a cool gesture. Do you ship international too??

  2. raw seeds and nuts need to be soaked and dehydrated otherwise they are super hard for the body to digest because they have naturally occurring enzyme inhibitors

  3. Hey Drew, are you finally transitioning the veganism? That is great! I am more of a microvorist vegan 🙂 All the best on your new path!

  4. Fuck sake
    Why coconut oil is over hyped?
    Olive oil is like hundred time better
    100g/ml of coconut oil has :
    75g of saturated fat
    25g of mono/poly unsaturated fats
    100g/ml of olive oil has :
    75g of mono/poly unsaturated fats
    And 15g of saturated fat

  5. Drew, I encourage you to link up with Paul Check's work, especially in the area of metabolic typing, and eating right for your body type. Veganism is NOT ideal for most people, although there are some who can do well on it, at first. But unless they are eating perfectly, people tend to develop problems after a couple of years on vegan/vegetarian diets if their metabolic type requires higher level of proteins and saturated fats than they're getting from quinoa, fava beans and coconut oil. Paul's book, "How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy" covers all of this nicely.

  6. I love your videos, I'm a mother of 2 my husband and I work full time 40 or more hrs a week. My oldest is 15 and she suffers from sever anxiety and has recently been diagnosed with depression and put on medication. it has been really hard for all of us and I have watched my husband become depressed as well. I decided we need to change things a few months ago so in December I started on a life changing path for myself in hopes that the rest of my family would follow. I started by quitting smoking. Since then I have been researching on healing depression the natural way when I came across your videos. I have bought a couple of your books and watch your videos all the time, thanks to you I have got my daughter wanting to try juicing. We don't have a juicer I borrowed a friends and we are using that for now but it's won't juice any leafy stuff so we are eating that in salads. I am hoping to have her off meds by summer. Thank you for the time you spend posting these videos.

  7. the reason I subscribed to this channel was to learn about different healthy options to hopefully make better eating decisions. I like the content that Drew puts out every week, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but what I don't like is people that comment just to start sh!t if you don't like the content the just move the f##k on. if you don't think this channel is legit then make your own. Good day!!

  8. Love your videos thx for all your info really a great help
    New at this just started all the info I can get
    I hit a plateau with Cortisol levels stress anxiety sore joints midsection swollen reflex problem I have bad arthritis and I'm trying to fix some of my health issues
    To making a change in life keep up all the great videos

  9. Very informative video, thanks! One bit of constructive advice; use lavalier mics, a closely placed shotgun mic, or simply a closely placed dedicated audio recorder. The audio in this video is distracting, the reflective, spacious sound in the room is hard to understand.

  10. She like doing crystal meth , no wonder she looks like that. Look at him he looks stone. I bet he like it in his pooper.

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