7 Must-Try Foods In St. Louis, Missouri

7 Must-Try Foods In St. Louis, Missouri

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  1. I'm sorry if this is rude but they were absolutely adorable during the tornado alert. So cute! I hope they weren't really all that scared, storms pop up and blow through pretty quickly here in the Midwest.

  2. St. Louis is one of the best kept secrets of the Midwest. It doesn't get the shine or recognition that other big cities get (actually a good thing) but it has just as much character and excitement- and it's MUCH cheaper to live and play there (most attractions are free or extremely affordable)! I hope it stays that way. GO ST. LOUIS!

  3. glad you had fun in our city….if you come again, know that that the St. Louis style BBQ that gained fame has been hijacked by what tourist (looking for what they heard about) actually get. If you want to try what ACTUALLY gained the fame, go to a black neighborhood and a black BBQ spot. All of the items you tried at Pappy's will be different PLUS there is a item that can be found in very few places other than St. Louis, and even in St. Louis, very, very few white BBQ places have. Its a Pork Steak. P.S. The ribs you gals had at Pappy's were baby back ribs, not St. Louis cut ribs (different part of the rib)

  4. ?. You didn't try a Pork Steak!
    The Pork Steak is Only know in the Midwest… Every Grocery Store has them but no restaurant servers them.

  5. I live in St. Louis Missouri & it always makes me happy to see people who arent from here come here to try our food. I've lived here my whole life, & I love our food here.

  6. I remember growing up having the realization that not everyone has gooeybutter cake and toasted ravs. I was so sad! I could eat toasted ravs every day and be happy. Next time get some fried rice! its so good here and i havent been able to find anything like it in other parts of the country.

  7. i grew up in st louis, MISS ALL THAT FOOD, and always remember if you go back, if you see weather that turns bad, just wait 20 minutes, the sun will be out after the storm..lol

  8. Tornado sirens go off
    People from La- WE ARE GOING TO DIE
    stl people- ohh kids get your lawn chairs look at the cool cloud!!

  9. Soo I’m from STL and live in STL and what I have to say is you all should have went to O Charlie’s there bread is TO DIE FOR

  10. Gerber sandwich is not a St. Louis thing…it may be a Ruma's deli thing…but…it's like saying an Amighetti's Special is a St. Louis thing…well it is…but it's really
    an Amighetti thing.

  11. I dunno, St. Louis born and raised, me and a lot of people I knew hated Imo's, it's kind of 50-50 even among St.Louis natives.

  12. I have had "St. Louis style" ribs in the highlands of Guatemala, & T-Ravs in a bar across from "A" stadium in Tempe, AZ. Nothing beats having St. Louis foods in St. Louis.

  13. I live in the Lou so I’m watching this for places I never heard of or been toooo before . Nice , ladies I hope ur visit was great and u guys where safe while here !!!!

  14. y’all really missed the mark on this by not calling this “Show me! St. Louis, Missouri “ instead of bring me… because we are called “ the Show Me State “ ???

  15. also we are now a Stanley Cup champion city thanks to our St. Louis Blues!!! Love our boys so much and happy for any good publicity for stl as it really is a good city ?

  16. ohh you know you always eat the whole thing…anyway i didnt see any pricing, just a suggestion for next time. people would like to know what ur paying.

  17. The Imos cheese is called provel…used to be spelled pro-vel, because its actually half and half Velvetta and Provolone. That's why it doesn't "string" and there's controversy around it because Velvetta isn't cheese. That aside, Provel is delicious!!! The Imos owner won't tell you that though…lol…you ladies should have tried a "St. Paul" sandwich at a Chinese takeout!! They are only in St. Louis and wonderful!!! Kind of like a crispy omlet on a sandwich. Your reactions to the tornado warning were hilarious!!!!

  18. I'm good friends with the owner of Pappys. Such a great guy! They have 5 or 6 locations now but they're all called something different.

  19. Lifelong St. Louisian here. Literally three of the five spots are within 15 minutes of my place on the south side. So cool to see my town get some respect. Just a tip though Federhoffers Bakery is the best gooey butter cake you’ll ever have. Oh and you have to fold those delicious party squares of Imo’s if you’re gonna do it right. SoCoMo is the place to be!

  20. You missed a couple big ones. Giola's Hot Salami Sandwich is absolutely a big one. Missouri Baking Company's Chocolate Drops. The St. Paul Sandwich (Rice House) is a Saint Louis original as well. A slinger from Tiffany's Diner, and hit up O'Connells for a salad with their house Mayfair and then a hot Roast Beef sandwich (and a Guinness.)

  21. The crunchy bits of gooey butter cake are all i need in life. Schnucks’ pumpkin gooey butter cake is a blessing from heaven

  22. In St. Louis, when you need to know if a tornado is near – look for a large grey thing in the sky sucking up stuff… otherwise ignore the siren. No visit is complete with out a "slinger" for breakfast at Courtesy Diner.

  23. You went to the right place for toasted ravioli!! And Imo's pizza is AWESOME, but only if it's hot. I always get double bacon, that's it, just bacon & more bacon & I can eat a large by myself!

  24. I’m new to st.louis and I live in the Florissant area the food here sucks… Can anyone give me any good suggestions of some very good places?

  25. Should have tried BEAST Butcher & Block in the Grove and ordered the pork steak….no words….amazing! I think Pappy's is hyped and is okay but there is better out there!

  26. Born and raised here! Good choice ?? of some of our many places to eat. We need another food list to add to this video. P. S. I’ve never heard of a Gerber sandwich ??

  27. If you come back…besides visiting Crown Candy Kitchen…you should visit the Hill and have a Hot Salami Sandwich from Gioia's Deli

  28. So I'm from St. Charles Missouri and the tornado part cracked me up also when I was living in California provel was legit not able to find and my roommate actually had her brother over night deliver imos oh and if you guys come back check out main street St. Charles you have to go to picassos coffee shop frankee toccos Italian restaurant and honestly it's just fabulous around the holidays

  29. Im born and raised here in St Louis, and compared to other cities, food that St Louis is supposedly famous for, is garbage.

  30. Wow, what a great tribute to St. Louis. So happy you enjoyed it. Many more you missed but time is a factor and you did a great job of hitting most of the top food draws.

  31. Pork steaks. Totally St. Louis, no one else ever heard of them. Oh, mostaciolli, also. Try them both, they are delicious.

  32. I'm from the St Louis metro love your video. If you come back to St Louis there are so many other historical restaurants in the area

  33. in the county and city the siren go off. it depends on the area. Also there are a lot of great restaurants out side of the city. just have to know where to go. there are a bunch of great ethnic foods to try. but toasted Rav's are the bomb, and imo's rocks.

  34. You should have tried a St. Paul sandwich, which you can only find in St. Louis. Its a veg egg foo young patty on white bread with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Odd, but delicious! Thanks for visiting; great video! Also, we treat tornadoes like you treat earthquakes. Just another day in the Midwest.

  35. So earthquakes don't bother you but a tornado will make you flip St.louis born and raised and I will t as ke a tornado over earthquake any day

  36. Imo's is good but if you are ever in St.louis again you have to try Angelo's pizzeria in Black Jack best pizza on earth.

  37. Tornado warning ⚠️
    Out of towners: ahhhh
    Saint louisans: ??? aye you in line
    Out of towner: everyone acting like this is normal like it going on about there day

  38. I’m from Missouri, 2 hours from St. Louis and I’ve got my whole family literally OBSESSED with pappys freaking amazing!!!

  39. I can't believe you didn't go to Crown Candy. St. Louis literally has the best Chinese food and you didnt go to one. A lot of these places I haven't even been to and I have lived in St. Louis my whole life.

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