8 Sick Remedies That Actually Work – Scientifically!

8 Sick Remedies That Actually Work – Scientifically!

We all have sick remedies that we swear by.
I mean, nothing feels better than a hot bowl of chicken soup, right? Well, it turns out
that it may actually have an anti-inflammatory impact, as it prevents neutrophils, a type
of white blood cell, from moving. And by slowing down the movement of neutrophils, it prevents
the cells congregating in the lung area, relieving congestion. But you may have also heard the expression
‘feed a cold, starve a fever’ – so should you only eat soup…sometimes? It turns out
this is only half true. In both cases you should actually be eating nutrient rich food,
which gives your body the energy to heal itself, and increases something called gamma interferon
– which is essential for your immunity against both viral and bacterial infections. So why not eat an apple? Because an apple
a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well…to a degree! 100 grams of apple contain the same
antioxidant power as 1500 mg of vitamin C, which has been shown to inhibit the growth
of both liver and colon cancerous tumours. Their peels, which are rich in flavonoids
are also linked to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. So while it may be associated
with less visits to the doctor, and as a preventative medicine for your overall health, it’s impact
on the common cold is still debated. So what about just taking lots of Vitamin
C, whether in the form of lemons, other foods, or pills? It turns out, in a double blind
study, it didn’t reduce the incidence of the common cold. However, it did significantly
reduce the length of colds. This may be due to the increased growth in T Cells, which
are white blood cells involved in your immune response, as well as an increased production
of interferon, which causes virus-infected cells to ramp up their anti-viral defenses. If you’re in need of some immediate relief
for a cough or sleeping difficulty from a respiratory infection, honey has your back!
Known for its antibacterial activity, It increases the release of inflammatory cytokines, which
signal cells to repair themselves. And garlic? Not only can it ward off vampires,
but it’s been shown to decrease the length and severity of cold and flu symptoms. By
increasing the growth of Gamma-Delta-T-Cells and Natural-Killer cells, it’s able to pick
up on invading pathogens and remove them more effectively. Ever try Echinacea? It’s one of the most
popular herbal supplements, and for good reason. In a meta-analysis on 14 studies, Echinacea
decreased the odds of developing a cold by 58% and reduced the length of colds by approximately
one and a half days. It works as an anti-inflammatory and similar to other remedies, influences
cytokine production in the body. And while you’re at it, have a drink – with
a little alcohol. Seriously, some studies have found that moderate amounts of alcohol
can help boost your immune system. But before you crack a bottle open, consider that ‘heavy
drinkers’ were found to have the weakest immune systems. If all else fails, water, rest, and time are
surefire contributors to recovery. So which sick remedies are just plain old
false then? We break down the top sick myths you thought were true in our new AsapTHOUGHT video,
and use scientific research and evidence to debunk them. Click on the screen or the link
in the description to see that video. And hey – our book – which answers even more
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100 thoughts on “8 Sick Remedies That Actually Work – Scientifically!

  1. My grandmother had eukalipus leaf tea. And also a tea made of this pink flower I don't know the name but I know we're to find. They worked.

  2. When I had the flu I had a glass of lemon tea and made me barf because of all the citrus lol ? I felt like saying it

  3. I know why the apple keeps the doctor away.
    Chew enough of the seeds and you'll die of cyanide. Doctor ain't gonna be coming back any time soon

  4. I had a cold for 4 days, because I drank a glass of water with lemon everyday ? I accidentally gave the cold to my mum, and shes had it for 2 weeks ?‍♀️

  5. 2004: In the future there will be a cure for cancer

    2019: There isnt even a cure for a virus yet

  6. It's Saturday, and I have to perform on Thursday.. I have lines and a solo and I have a FRICKING COLD!! Once I got rid of a cold in three days (today is day 2) and I'm trying to replicate that again, but idk what I did, so now I'm here xD

  7. chinese people think that dont eat chicken when we have fever. it may stop the fever by drinking chicken soup but when there's another fever it gets worse

  8. my whole body feels weak, my head fills so heavy, my back hurts and I’m also fasting and I have a soar throat ?

  9. I found out somthing kinda surprising, it seem consumption of a probiotic drink (not kombucha) when sick really dampens the bacterial if you think about it the bacteria is trying to reproduce and or over take the body so drinking probiotics over runs the bad bacteria with probiotics as to not be effective… i wasnt taking and other remedies only probiotic drink i am only eating tubs of ice cream and frozen food xD

  10. I'M the valedictorian and i'ma be saying my speech in 4 days!! And I recently got sick today and my voice is really bad. Wish me luck ??

  11. Eat an apple a day? How do we eat an company?????? Ps: this is just an joke dont take it seriusly

  12. Does any of these work? I just wanna know because we’re going on a road trip tomorrow and I want to go swimming, and have fun but o can’t cause I’m sick so I really want to know, I just want to have fun while I can, and have fun with my family

  13. When they bowl of chicken soup came on the screen I threw up all over my bathroom floor
    Thanks YouTube ?

  14. i hv cold since one yr .. i hv taken medicine also but also cold never gone .. i alwys used to sneeze wt shall i do . will u plz advise me

  15. I have dengue, it's the epidemic here in our country, if you don't know what dengue is then search it up, what do I do?

  16. Im sick and have no strength in my limbs and I was looking forward to running a half marathon tomorrow so now I just feel like crying

  17. I wanna have a fever so I can miss school. It is making me go crazy,tired,sad,angry, and also gives me more anxiety.

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