A Full Week of 23/1 Intermittent Fasting!

A Full Week of 23/1 Intermittent Fasting!

A works… A work weeks…TBHLTHBP… A work week’s worth of 23/1 intermittent fasting, coming right up. ♫ Hey guys, Aaron here. Welcome to A.D.
Keto, your weekly dose of all things ketogenic diet. Today we’re talking about
intermittent fasting, But before I get to that, you might notice I’m not outside at
my picnic table anymore. I’m down in my basement, in sort of this makeshift
“studio”… space. The lighting’s really bad, the background has holes all over it, but you
know, it’s gonna do for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade it as time goes
on, get a little bit better lighting in here, get a little bit better backdrop
behind me, but for now, it’s nice and cozy. It’s kind of quiet. I like it. So that’s
the new space. This week, I am trying a little experiment. I’ve been having a
really good week, diet wise — although my weight loss is kind of stalled out.
I started off… when I started keto at about 272 pounds, and these days I’m down
to about 220. I’ve been doing a lot of exercising — I did a half-marathon last
Friday, just because! And while my weight did dip down the day of that run, it
jumped back up. Like, I thought — I knew that it was — I kind of lost a ton of water
weight while I was running. It sort of jumped back up on me. And I have
plateaued for the last couple weeks. I’ve been hovering around 220 — between 220 and
218 — just kind of hovering there. And one of the ways that I think a lot of people
deal with stalls when they happen is to try intermittent fasting, which works
really well. And intermittent fasting, if you’re not familiar with it, is basically
to give yourself a window during the day in which you eat, so the most common form
of intermittent fasting is 16 to 8 intermittent fasting, meaning basically,
of the 24 hours a day… in a day, 8 are spent eating, and 16 are spent not eating.
And you basically do that by skipping breakfast, having sort of…maybe a late
lunch at 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, and having a normal dinner. And I’ve
tried that in the past — it’s worked for me a couple times. Recently it has not, so I
decided that this week I would try to do a work week — five days, Monday through
Friday — of intermittent fasting: 23 hours fasting to one hour eating, also known as
23:1 intermittent fasting. So, the plan is to just do my vitamin and
supplement regimen in the morning, which is magnesium, a multivitamin, and some
fish oil. I’m gonna skip my coffee because that’s kind of a trigger for me,
and I’m just going to kind of coast through the day on my fat stores, and
come home, get dinner ready each day, and have a big meal for dinner, and probably
have some Jell-o for dessert, and/or some Halo Top, and then that’s gonna do it
until the next day. One meal a day. So I’m gonna do the same thing for all five
days of the week. I am planning on exercising every morning. I usually do a
three-mile jog, just around my neighborhood, weigh myself on Monday, and
then do the same through the week, and not weigh myself again until (SATURDAY),
and see how I do, see if I can break through this kind of mini-plateau that I’ve hit
recently. So right now it’s Sunday night, and I will kind of do a quasi-vlog
through the week, and should be fun! So I’ll give it a go. We’ll see you tomorrow
morning! (♫) Happy Monday. Hi, everybody. I just finished up my morning
run. I’m gonna head back to the house, saunter on back, and step on the scale.
We’ll see how I’m doing at the beginning of this 23/1 intermittent fasting week. (♫)
Whoa, not that much. All right, guys. So I’m headed off to work,
fasted, and I’m at 220.4. That’s a pretty good starting spot, that’s about where I
thought I’d be today. We’ll see how it goes today with fasting. I am going to
have water, but that’s gonna be it today, until I come home. Still trying to figure
out what to do for dinner. (♫) So I’m about halfway through the day. Haven’t really
felt super hungry today. I’ve had a couple cans of water. I went to the mall
and walked around like an old person on my lunch break. So far so good. I think I
will have no problem getting through until dinner this evening.
And I’ve already got a plan for what dinner is going to be. It’s going to be
breakfast for dinner tonight. All right, y’all — I made it through the day.
I’m actually gonna get my haircut now. I’m gonna get ALL of them cut. That’s one of my
favorite dad jokes ever. (♫) Hey everybody. Just finished eating about half an hour
ago. I’m very full. I had probably a 2300- 2400-calorie dinner just now. I made eggs
for everybody. One of my sons did not eat his, so I ended up eating a total
of I think eight eggs, (phwoo), I had six pork sausages, all of that was
made in about a tablespoon of coconut oil. Then I did an avocado, which had not
ripened– ripened enough yet — it was very hard. So I was able to slice out
what I could, and fry that in with the coconut oil. It actually turned out really
well, I liked it quite a bit. I had a protein shake, a cup of brie cheese, which was really
good, and then for dessert, I had half a pint of red velvet Halo Top. And I am
feeling full, so… but I didn’t really have any issues getting to dinner time
tonight. It felt… I felt fine. So we’ll do the whole thing again
tomorrow! Day one down, four more to go. (♫) Pigs. (♫) I feel gross. Oh, you guys. My week of intermittent
fasting at 23 hours fasting, 1 hour eating, is BOTCHED! The second day! My boss
was nice enough to take us out to lunch today. We had a cluster of people with
birthdays over the last three months, and today was sort of a celebratory lunch
for that. Luckily, we were able to go to a steak house, where I got steak and some
broccoli. The steak was…actually had like, blue cheese and bacon on it it. It was quite
nice. But my 23:1 intermittent fasting day is HOSED. But we didn’t eat until
about like 1:30 or 2 o’clock, so I’m still at like, an 18-6 window for
today.Which isn’t too bad, so I’m gonna pick it back up tomorrow, do 23:1
tomorrow as well. (purring) Thaw! Thaw, damn you! So, my plans were dashed yesterday to do
an entire week of 23:1. It was fine. I still managed to do like, a 17-7
split yesterday as far as my eating window went, and then last night I
just had you know, I nibbled on some pork rinds, because
I had that gigantic steak for lunch. But today I’m back at it, doing 23:1. Gonna
hit the road, get in my running, and then stop eating until dinnertime. So I will
see you later on! (♫) All right, here’s dinner. So — last night I did up that gigantic
sirloin, ate it all by myself, had an avocado, cheese stick, a couple of
protein shakes, and that was it. And gonna do another day here, it’s Thursday. I’m
planning on doing maybe a fathead pizza tonight. I’m jonesing for a coffee.
Really, really want one. But I’m not gonna do it! (not gonna do it). Hey hey — it’s lunchtime, and I have gone to the store
to pick up some cheese for my fathead pizza I’m planning on making tonight.
It’s the only ingredient I do not have. I might pick up some pepperoni, or some
other sort of topping-y thing to put on the pizza.
Pizza town! Good morning, it’s Friday. Yesterday’s dinner was intoxicatingly
good. It was the best fathead pizza I’ve ever made, for sure. I really overdid it. I
ate the entire thing. It was… that was the most I’ve over eaten, I think in like,
seven or eight months. So this morning — it’s Friday morning — I got up at about 4:00. I went to bed at 9:00 last night, I got up at 4:00, and I decided to go for
a long run, which is just just ending now. It’s about 20 minutes until 7:00. I ran
for ten miles, and then kind of walked slash shuffled for the last three miles,
but I’m feeling pretty good. Gonna go get some water, and then have dinner tonight,
get ready for vacation tomorrow morning. (♫) Saturday morning! Hey guys, it’s been four
and a half days of intermittent fasting, if you subtract the Tuesday snafu. I
think I started this week at 220.4, if I recall correctly, and
we’ll see how I did this week. Teddy. So, I’m back, I’m showered, I’m dressed, ready for
my vacation. So that’s the end of my week- long journey into 23:1 intermittent
fasting, and results… sort of inconclusive. I ended up at about 218.2 this
morning, which is well within the range I’ve been hovering for the last few
weeks or so. We’ll see where the trend goes, if I continue to lose a little bit,
or I bounce back up. That said, I didn’t have a terribly
difficult time with uh not eating breakfast or lunch this week, but I do
miss eating. I love eating so much. I like getting up
and having a coffee. I like getting up and having… you know, a little something
to eat before work, and then I like having a bar or something midday. I did
miss eating. I didn’t… and it… but I think it was all psychological — it wasn’t
actual physical hunger. I just kind of missed a shoving food in my face, because
that’s what I …you know… I like to do. But you know, well within… you know, my
comfort level. I wasn’t ever uncomfortable, but I did find that
when I got home, I tended to overeat dinner — just really kind of went hog-wild,
which may or may not have contributed to… you know, where I ended up on the scale
at the end of the week. So let me know what you guys think about intermittent
fasting. I would love to hear from you down in the comments. Have you done
23:1 before? How did it go for you? Did you have specific weight goals when
you started? Where did you start? Where did you end up? I’d love to hear from you,
so leave me a comment. That’s gonna do it for this video! If this is your first
time here, please consider subscribing. You’ll get a fresh fancy video like
this one every week. You can find me on instagram at a.d.keto
and on Twitter at AD_Keto. And I will see you next time. (♫)

98 thoughts on “A Full Week of 23/1 Intermittent Fasting!

  1. I'm stalled. I never fasted before. My carbs are under 25 a day. I'm considered a grazer but now I wait until 12:00 or 1:00 pm to eat a brunch. I have my Bullet P.C. In morning though. When I eat at noon it's a mini pizza . 4 1/2. To 5" in size. I have to be careful because my grazing tendency hits me about 4:00 pm. I will eat cheese crisps 1 carb for 23 very small 1 1/2 " size crisp cheese crackers. .i drink another bullet proof ice coffee this time. After that it might be 7: pm. I get the desire to eat something again. I do stay under 20 carbs in a day. I can't exercise right now. I'm getting surgery in two weeks. I'm going to have trouble. Friends are going to bring me food.bthey probably will bring pastas, casseroles. Desserts which I never in my life eat. I don't like the taste of sweet. I'm doomed.

  2. Working out everyday is overdoing it and raises cortisol! If you do less strenuous exercise, more interval based and 2x per week you will see much more results. Keto with so much stress on the body will not create as much fat burning. Do more after you reach your goal!

  3. You are WAAAAAAY too much food brother. Additionally you had sugars in some of your food choices and were higher carbs. Had you stayed below 20g carbs and like 1-3g sugar in your veggies and kept your calories down to more like 1600-1800 you’d have lost a LOT more

  4. I started 23 1 keto 4 days ago and only problem I seem to have is I am hungry at meal time 2pm but I can only eat what I think is a small meal and I am full. but I am not hungry through out the day. And sense I am 400 lbs I am getting 3k less calories a day less than calculater said. I excersise every day now. But this is all new so maybe it will normalize. I have not even weighed myself it's so new. I do one meal a day because I am type 2 and think it's best way to limit sugar spikes I am very insulin resistant.

  5. This was cool to see and I'd love to see more videos of yourself trying this again 😀 I cam ehere from the keto savagae podcast and it's great to see someone else besides me who also youtubes and eats keto!

  6. Great video. I think the pizza hurt you more than that Tuesday. Everyone is different but I have lost about 13 lbs in 3 weeks. Saturday's are an off day. I eat giant meals for the "on" days but I count calories to keep it in the 2000-2100 calorie range. I'm a bit chunkier though. 5'9 and went from 230 to 216.5.

  7. I love 23:1 fasting + Keto because it's working great but your over eating way too much for your one meal per day. 8 eggs is way over the top with all that meat and protein bars and cheese. Sensible Dinner would get you so much better benefits.

  8. What do you mean coffee is a ''Trigger'' for you? 0 calories 0 carbs totally fine while fasting. Not too much tho, because of caffeine.

  9. What tIme did you eat your dinner? I don't believe you said. Since you excersized so much and took in SOO many calories after SOO many hours of no food you may have put your body in a state of confusion like is he starving me or feeding me. I thought 2200 calories for one meal was a lot. Do you normally take in 2200 calories in a full day of eating? I know men can take in more than women but I try to stay from 500 to 800 calories a day. When I stall that is actually when I increase diet to 800 by adding Carbs. Adding the Carbs gets me going again. I also did a 16 7 intermittent diet once for three days not eating past 4 and the also killed a stall. I've lost 53 lbs in 7 1/2 months 🙂 btw I haven't seen full shot of you but face and shoulder do not look like a man at 218. Are you tall? I just don't see fat.

  10. I'm curious to know I never see you eat any leafy greens do you take any supplements for that? I thought we needed 7 to 10 cups a day, according to Dr. Berg

  11. I think people are hung up with the exact timings and definitions. I don't think the exact time you eat is that critical. The most effective weight loss technique is NOMAD. I "fast" for as many days as I can. I drink coffee with heavy cream in the AM–doesn't mess me up. If I'm really hungry, I may have a hard boiled egg or small amount of cheese. Or I might have some miso soup or macha tea with shreaded nori–that's a very good pick-me-upper. There is no question that the fewer calories you eat, the more weight you will lose.

    Also, you may think the running is helping, but it is actually hindering you. Despite what doctors and "gurus" claim, we were not born to run. The running craze was fabricated to "fix" the bad dietary advice from 50 years ago. Nobody ran prior to that and people were far healthier. And contrary to common belief, not everyone was more active. Telephone operators, clerks, executives were more plentiful, all sedentary, and much thinner and healthier. And yes, people took the elevator and drove cars.

    When you run, your million-year-old programming tells the body that you are being chased by an animal–it doesn't know or care what society thinks. So cortisol is high (your body thinks fight or flight) and inhibits fat burning. But it makes you hungry and you end up eating too much at night. Stop the running–it is actually bad for you and you're killing yourself for nothing. Take a walk or hike instead–keep cortisol low–you'll be amazed at how much more effective it is. Especially good if you can walk in nature. If you want, do a 10 second sprint every once in a while–that simulates an aspect of hunting activity.

    Check out Butter Bob Briggs. He lost 145 lbs fairly quickly, most of it doing no activity. When his weight was lower he began walking, maybe 30 minutes in the park.

  12. If you look at yourself at the beginning of the video, vs the end, there is a clear difference, even if only seen in the face. The scale is deceptive. I check via cm loss, and dropping pants sizes is more important than actual weight.

  13. Made it to 19 hrs, but being diabetic, after that I blood levels crash so I need a few carbs to make it to dinner. But one of these days. I too started above 220, but with 19hr IF and exercise, I am down to 189. My goal at 5'-10" is 180lbs. I know I will get there and you will make it too. Its just day by day, meal by meal, mouthful by mouthful. But like you I miss eating, chewing bread and starches, but for me no longer. After more than 25 years as a type 2 diabetic I am no longer on any medication. I eat health and exercise. Keep up your videos.

  14. Dang….eat some vegetables. You're not getting close to enough essential vitamins and minerals. You're eating waaaay too much protein as well. There's nutritious keto eating and then there is this unhealthy way.

  15. I’m a 59yr old woman, keto for a few months, and doing good. And then……I broke my foot early this summer . I decided to fast, and only ate 1 meal a day, supper. I lost 6#!! Not bad for a old woman handicapped and slowest metabolism ever….😁. Love keto!!

  16. Your problem is the oxidative stress from that fucking marathon. Stick to Hiit training and calisthenics. 23:1 is most effective when you fast all day, and eat at night and you exercise everyday. YES. EVERYDAY! Don’t rub too much. Leave the supplements, and eat till your heart contends. Don’t listen to people that you need to cut calories. If you’re only reason for doing The 23:1 diet is to lose weight, I think overtime you will develop chronic nutritional stress.

  17. I don't think those Protein bars and drinks are helping you at all. I know if I scarf my food down to fast i feel like sh#t, done that a couple of times. But even if I go over a hour to eat my food i feel much better, and going to bed sooner has helped me recover better.

  18. You ate way too much! You defeated the purpose of eating one meal a day in my opinion. That’s why you only dropped to 218…

  19. I tried it for a month and lost 15 lbs, but found it hard to stick and plateaued for 7 months, won't be doing that again. My son tried it for the first 3-4 months on keto, then switched to 2 meals a day, now he's plateaued. I guess once you start OMAD you can't switch back.

  20. A 4 hour window of eating is probably the best version of intermittent fasting. Eat 1 big meal then wait 2-3 hours then eat 1/2 a meal. It'll prevent feeling too full

  21. Did it ever occur to you that it's possible to overeat even when eating only one meal a day – regardless of when you eat, your meals were astonishingly high in calories and fat, not to mention the carbs.
    JUst because you are doing keto doesn't mean you are safe from overeating (even if intermittent fasting!) Consider journaling your food and track you grams of fat, carbs and calories. AND SET YOURSELF SOME LIMITS!

  22. I’ve heard in several places about endurance training causing weight gain. I guess one big issue is cortisol causing accumulation of fat. I heard in one podcast that a change up in workout to resistance training and short burst intermittent training no more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. I used to workout this way, push-ups every other day and 12 to 15 minutes running intervals. Gained strength and muscle mass and lost my belly. (While on a paleo type diet).

  23. I tried it one time for only a few days. I noticed I was over eating as well, even though I wasn’t that hungry during the day.

  24. I'm moving into the 24+ thing. start the clock after my last calorie intake, then allow myself to eat after 24hour is up. Not looking for weight loss. Just want to stop being so damn hungry all the time. Only way to stop being hungry is to get used to not eating.

  25. I've definitely plateau-ed doing OMAD (one meal a day) before. I felt amazing tho. And i'm more into a Paleo without fruit and sugar, than a Keto diet. (lost 55 pounds). I basically don't eat anything that's in a bag or that has more than a few ingredients on the label if i have to. Only local pasture raised meats and wild fish and only fresh produce. What really changed the game for me is water fasting. I've done a few 5 day water fasts and they've felt incredible and helped making my body more insulin sensitive. Plus i'm really curious about autophagy, and fasting seems the surest way to experiment with it.

  26. Hello! No disrespect Sir, but you are very attractive, anyways… I also have been intermittent fasting 23:1 for two months and lost a total of 19lbs.

    No breakfast, I eat a LARGE lunch, No dinner and exercise after work (5:30p).

    My results in my IG: aavfitness

  27. Not sure why people saying you are eating too much… I wish I could eat as much as you for my 23:1! Todays meal was a small bowl of cabbage salad, then 3 eggs and 2 sausage and 5 cups fried up organic spinach. I could not eat another bite! I was stuffed!

  28. You eat way too much on your 1 meal a day. Sure you are working out, but you may have done a lot better had you eaten healthier.

  29. I can only fast if I can drink coffee with cream and we all know that is not allowed. If it was allowed I could fast everyday no problem….

  30. I am on 22:2 for a while. 6'3" and 190 pounds. You need to avoid sugar like the plague. Coffee anytime is okay because it has only three calories. I've done 48 hours twice just to see and will start a five day tomorrow. I recon if you quit all breads and sugars you will go to 190.

  31. Been doing Omad (one meal a day and occasionally a beer or kombucha a bit later on (eat dinner at 530ish and maybe a drink (alcoholic or not) around 830- 9, for 1 year and 5 months. I love it. Totally simplified my life, lost 35 lbs (and kept it off),

  32. I been doing the same but only food and teas with no sugar lost 9Lbs in 8 days my meal time 12pm until the next day

  33. 23 and 1 doesn't work because it's not enough time to get the protein. The window of at least about three hours is the minimum for protein intake. Get the 2 g/kg protein to have a full head of hair and more muscle.

  34. Just started the 23:1 this week and so far feel great. I haven't felt hungry but I've been doing the 20:4 fast for about half a year now so that definitely helps

  35. 23/1 maybe too difficult for me right now. I am finding that ADF (alternate day fasting) is helping me with a stall I found I was in. The alternate day is less than 500 total cal and stay within macronutrient levels for fats, carbs and protein. My regular days of Keto have shifted to a 20/4 with a max of 135 – fats, 5-8 carbs and 65-70 protein. I try and exercise each day, mostly walking and stationary bike average 350 cal/day.

  36. I do IF but never 23:1… I want to try that .. I have been doing ADF and find it works best if I don’t have the 500 cal meal.

  37. When I stalled on my weight loss I kept my total carbs at 15,and and I cut my protein to 49g instead of 73g ,and my fat was still the same 134g of fat,and I started back dropping weight, I eat once a day, and by cutting my protein back I thought I would be hungry the next day but no changes,still one meal a day and I'm losing weight again

  38. For every person fasting works differently….maybe longer regimen work better for you ,for example 3×36 or 3×42 but watching the video it seems that you don't want to do it ,so it will not work!
    For me 16:8 and 18:6 didn't work at all but 3×42 did and in between i'm eating 2 meals with a distance of 6 hours….i'm into keto carnivore ,i'm going really easy without eating and really enjoy seeing myself changes…but again i wanted to do this ,you don't ,not yet at least and that's not a bad thing 🙂
    Anyway your OMAD is fine but i guess you could do a little bit less for the reason that you shouldn't feel like you're gonna explode…try it next time….get your coffee in the morning (why you stopped it?) with no sweeteners in it ,you could try a little bit of salt (1/4 tsp) and it's better not to do things like bars and protein shakes etc…just eat your real food and you will be fine 🙂

  39. My thoughts. Think of it as OMAD and not 23 and 1. The day you went out to eat with the boss, you could have eaten then and skipped dinner and still been OMAD (that's what I do in those situations). Don't do fish oil during the fasting window. Also recommend magnesium at night, has sedative effect. Eat your 1 meal until satiated, it sounded like u were stuff and over ate. Do HIIT training, not only LISS, and add weight lifting to increase lean muscle mass. Go by measurements not the scale. Keep up the great work, loved the video.

  40. I think you over ate at your meal times. Eliminate the sausage and eat whole meats and rid the cheeses and I thinking you’ll see more of a difference. If you want to fill up add vegetables.Good luck!❤️

  41. I started doing one meal a day (OMAD) this week. It works with helping to lose weight on the ketogenic diet. I weigh 209 lbs. I want to lose 4 more lbs. I am 6'1". You look thin. The weight of 218-220 lbs depends on your height. I am assuming you are tall because you had big feet in this video. How tall are you? That weight might be proper for your height. Also, if you eat too much protein (those protein shakes) that might prevent you from losing weight because the protein is metabolized to glucose by gluconeogenesis.

  42. Interesting comment section 🙂 Love the bad dad jokes. If you feel like you ate too much, you did. I love OMAD! It’s getting easier to know how much food I really need. Depends on the meal and my activity level. I think the key is to eat slowly. Listen to your body. Sorry for the jerks who want to shame your food choices, but I agree with cutting out processed foods and take supplements with your meal to not break your fast. Halo Top is good, but Enlightened is GREAT!

  43. High intensity interval training has been shown to be many times more efficient than that low intensity endurance exercise.

  44. Intermittent fasting has numerous health benefits too, such as:
    – Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress
    – Lowers blood sugar and insulin
    – Stimulates Autophagy
    – Helps burn fat
    – Lowers blood pressure
    – Has anti-aging benefits

  45. I honestly do think you should re visit this experiment and try to go for two weeks.

    Echoing what most of what everyone else said:
    -Vitamins break your fast and need food to be absorbed
    -Coffee is fine black, drink away!
    -Try to eat a little cleaner with less processed foods
    -The amount of food you ate is completely fine especially if your running longer distances.

    The fasted cardio is great but are you only running or doing strength and metabolic conditioning too?

  46. I noticed that u didn’t eat enough vegetables…& that was your problem you need vitamin k so u must eat 7cups of salad to get it ….which is highly important in Ketosis process it will help u burn fat

  47. مرحبا،

    ٥٣ كيلو نزلتها من غير رياضة او جوع او حتى تعب تبي تعرف كيف ادخل على قناة باليوتيوب اسمها "سعودي كيتو" انقل فيها تجربتي لكم لتعم الفائدة. تخلصت من كثير من المشاكل الصحية. اتمنى مشاهدة جميع المقاطع بالقناة للإستفادة.


  48. I don’t take supplements because they aren’t necessary if you are eating the proper nutrient dense food. I get my blood checked twice per year. Also, counting calories isn’t necessary and could have contributed to you not listening to your body’s signals to stop when you are actually full. Quest bars are horrible and very unhealthy. The ingredients tell the story. It is always best to choose real foods instead of the factory made crap.

  49. I think incorporating more hiit and heavy lifting would’ve been a huge difference but also doing it for more than a week. Too fast too judge

  50. I was told intermittent fasting can put me in starvation mode and I wouldn't lose weight, is that true??

  51. Just subscribed, your thumbnails are really great. I like your narrative style also, thank you!
    EDIT: and I really like your editing!!!! Ignore, ignore, ignore 🙂

  52. I have a one hour eating window around usually in the afternoon around 2:00 or 4:00pm. I eat maybe around 2 cups of rice with sweet potato and beer juice

  53. Question: Why wouldn't you just stop eating at 7pm …then stop fasting at 10am? You are sleeping at night …fasting anyways, right?

  54. Wow – i guess the running helped you lose the 2 pounds – waaaay too much food for dinner (breaking fast by having vitamins in the morning)

  55. What you're eating is not good though imagine if you packed that hour with vegetables instead of meat and animal products. You can still have pork but maybe half instead of 6 and the protein bars are no good unless its plant based… hope you find the right key to your health

  56. I'm doing 23:1 at the moment which is why I found the video. I am trying to have a regular to small sized meal at dinnertime so maybe consuming less then 1000 calories in a day. Once I reach my goal I will go off the diet but for now I am looking forward to trying this more extreme version of the diet and see how fast I can lose the weight

  57. You can drink coffee its not gonna break a fast. As long as it’s straight black with no creams or sugars.

  58. I have been on 23 1 for a month and I love it. I can do exercise now that I haven't been able to for a long time

  59. Just found your channel and you are rocking it. So many other channels talk for hours about nothing and I get bored and check out…Lol But you are definitely on point!! I enjoy your enthusiasm that you bring to the channel and lots of awesome information, tips and info. Thanks so much!!

  60. Great video, thank you. I’ve been doing OMAD for a week but when dinner time comes I eat healthy: max 60 carbs and about 1200 calories (lots of veggies to feel full). I lost one pound per day from 174 to 167. I do crave a little and a couple of times I had two small very plain “Maria” cookies at night which I ate with minuscule bites. Each cookie lasted for about 10 minutes of joy.

  61. Monday dinner: Shit you ate so much fucking food. I couldn't even eat that much myself. for real I'm lucky if I can eat 3 scrambled eggs!

  62. Currently on a 23:1 intermittent diet. Not to be crass, but, you make me feel much better about my food choices.

    I haven't set any real guidelines on what I can eat (yet) but I've surprised myself by making sure my 1 meal is balanced and sustainable.

    I feel surprisingly energetic and healthy. If after my 2 weeks I feel i can make a lifestyle out of it, I plan on cutting out carbs and dairy to take more of a paleolithic approach.

    I enjoyed your video though, thank you!

  63. Quit the protein drinks and Quest bars. I do this full time. 22 – 2. I eat till I'm happy but not stuffed. No snacking, I train on a completely empty stomach. I do this because I made my mind up to do it and it is effortless. The keto pizza is fine but you should eat less if it and take in more fat from grass fed meat and some green vegetables.

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