Albaik | Saudia’s Famous Chicken Broast | Secret of Success | Fast Food of Saudia Arabia | Jeddah

Assalam o Alaikum, my name is Zia Tabarak and right now I am in the Jeddah City in Saudi Arabia And coming to Jeddah, one can’t leave without having Albaik Albaik is a very famous Fried Chicken chain here And anyone who comes to Jeddah Or Saudi Arabia in general, definitely checks out Albaik Jeddah is the place where Albaik started out So let’s go to Albaik and let’s see what is happening there #CHALAIN Jeddah has Student Biryani too! wow! Karachi’s very own Student Biryani in Jeddah, wow! Seeing Student Biryani here has made me very curious So let’s check out Student Biryani first ‘Student Biryani’ -Assalam Alaikum, -Walaikum Assalam How are you, what’s your name? My name is Rashid Rashid Bhai I was very happy to see Student Biryani here How long has it been open? About 5 years now Oh wow that’s great, so is the taste same as Karachi? It’s better than that even! Even better! Wow! So here we have Student Biryani in the making Assalam Alaikum brother, how are you? What’s going on brother? Where’s the Biryani? So here we have the Student Biryani! Very nice! amazing! Other than Biryani they have charghas here too Chicken Biryani, Do you guys have curries? Chicken Karahi Daal Maash Chicken Karahi, Daal Maash Chicken Quorma Oh amazing! Here we have tikkas as well Muhammad Asif Bhai said that since you have come here So having biryani is a must now! This is the Student Biryani!! from Karachi! Let’s try it with Asif Bhai and all our brothers Student Biryani in Jeddah I loved it!! This makes me miss Karachi even more! It makes very happy when you see the taste of your city in other countries Excellent!! Albaik is very famous in all of Saudi Arabia and it has a very long history, it started out in 1974 with the name ‘Broast’ and in 1976, the original owner died and then in 1986 it started out with the name ‘Albaik’ the brand was put together by the two sons of the owner After which it achieved great fame They have a story that when the father (i.e. original owner) died, it was found out that the business has suffered from some loss so it was found that the father would, donate 1 Riyal to charity, per each packet of broast sold So after that, the brothers also started donating, 2 riyals, per each packet sold and since, their business has had great success in Saudi Arabia mashaAllah Okay so this is Albaik, and we have placed our order and right beside Albaik We have this local food place This is a juice shop, and, They have fresh juices here Assalam Alaikum This? This is mango These are all for 5 Riyal each Okay so right beside albaik we have a nice fruit shop, where they have juices and fruit salads and we can see really fresh fruits here so I bought a fruit salad for 5 Riyal It looks really tempting!! This crowd that you’re seeing here in Albaik, on each of their outlets in Saudi Arabia, the crowd is always like this! So finally we got our Fried Chicken broast and they are not allowing me shoot here I tried to show the process but I wasn’t given the permission So we’re having other packets as takeaway for family But let’s try one packet here, for you all! So let’s check out the infamous Albaik Broast! So basically the thing is that these red spices that you can see, these spices are in their broasts and that is the speciality the spicy option has these spices non-spicy option won’t have as much and here we have like we have in Karachi Quarter broast has 2 chicken pieces but here We have 4 pieces if you get one packet of fried chicken They also give out this garlic sauce and ketchup so let’s try Albaik chicken! No other fried chicken matches the taste of Albaik! The chicken is extremely juicy And the spices are in the chicken red as you can see, it’s surprising how they inject the spices in there however, it’s extraordinarily delicious and the fries are very tasty as well Please have some! No, thank you! Where are you from? Egypt Oh Egypt! I’m from Pakistan Please have some chicken! No, thank you!! Very nice! So this was a small review of Albaik I tried to show everything in detail to you all, to talk to the people there, but we didn’t have the permission still, I hope that you guys liked the video And of you did, then please like, comment, share meet you all InshaAllah In another video Allah Hafiz!

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