Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies,Low Carb, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies,Low Carb, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hi. Welcome to “Homemade Healthy.” My name is Lisa. Today we’re going to be
making chocolate chip cookies with almond flour. And we’re also going
to add some walnuts. It’s going to be amazing. These cookies are easy. There’s not a whole lot
of different ingredients. The main ingredient
is almond flour. And in a previous
biscuit video, I did show you this Honeyville
blanched almond flour. You can get it on Amazon
or at So what we’re going
to do first is we’re going to mix all of
our dry ingredients together, and then we’re going to
mix our wet ingredients. Now, parchment
paper is your friend when you are doing any
kind of low-carb cooking. So make sure you
line your baking sheet with parchment
paper first. We preheated the oven to 350. The cookies are going to
cook about 10 to 12 minutes. Keep an eye on them. First of all, we’ve got two and
a half cups of almond flour. To that we’re going to
add a teaspoon of baking powder and a couple of
turns of the sea salt. And Stevia. Let me talk to you a
minute about Stevia. This is a great sweeter,
because it’s natural. Splendas and erythritols and all
those are not natural sugars. So this is going to
be the best choice. If you’re used to regular
sugar, you’re used to honey, you’re used to Splenda, this
isn’t going to taste as sweet, it’s going to be very different. So once your pallet’s
adjusted and you’re off all carbohydrates
and all sweeteners, this will be delicious. So I’m going to use a quarter
teaspoon of the Kal Stevia. And I use like a heaping
quarter teaspoon. And that’s just going to go
in here in our almond flour. And I can tell you, my
10-year-old loves sweets, and I made brownies with the
Stevia, and she loved them. So pallets can get adjusted. So what we’re going
to do is get a fork and just mix that well together. OK. I have a half a cup
of melted butter. And I use Kerrygold, because
it’s from grass-fed cows. It’s the best for you. You can get it at Trader
Joe’s, local grocery stores. We’re also going to do vanilla. We need a full
tablespoon of vanilla. And two eggs. We use cage-free eggs. And the cage-free eggs are
a little bit more expensive, but the benefit is worth
a little extra cost. OK. Now we’re just going to beat
all this together real quick. And then we’re going to
mix our wet ingredients with our dry ingredients. And once you get the dough
all mixed, you can taste it. If it’s not sweet
enough for you, add a little bit more Stevia
and get it to your liking. So we’re just going to
mix this all together. Once we get this
all incorporated, we’re going to add our walnuts,
which I’ve chopped half a cup, and our chocolate. I use anything between a 60%
and a 100% dark chocolate. This is actually the 60%
dark chocolate chips. And I only use like half a cup. You can add as
much as you’d like. And I chop them into smaller
pieces, because they’re so big. When you make the cookie,
it’s almost overwhelming. All right. Now we’re going to add our
walnuts and our chocolate. And it looks just like
real cookie dough. Yum. Now, you can put
this in the fridge and let it harden a little
bit to form your cookies, or you can cook
them just like this. So let’s take– there we go. And you can make them
whatever size you like. They’re going to hold
their shape pretty good. So whatever size and
shape you make them, that’s what they’ll
bake out to be. They don’t spread a
lot like your average, normal cookie does. But these are so fast to pull
together, and they’re great. The kids love them. You could use this in
your muffin top pan and spread them out into that. And then get some
whipping cream and whip it and take two of the cookies with
whipped cream in the middle. Oh, delicious. All right. A couple more, and we’ll
throw them in the oven. Like I said, it’s going
to be 10 to 12 minutes. Keep an eye on them. You want to take
them out– well, it depends on how you
like your cookies. I like mine chewy and
soft, so I take mine out when the perimeter
is just starting to get like light brown or tan. Oh, wonderful. If you cook them
a little longer, they end up a little bit
crumbly and not quite as good. So we’re going to put
them in the oven on 350. Set the timer. 10 minutes. I’ll probably
check on them at 8. And we’ll see you
when they come out. OK, the cookies are about
ready to come out of the oven. I ended up having to
put them in about 1 more minute, so 11 minutes. It all depends on your oven. And they’re ready. Oh, delicious. Ta-dah. Now it’s time to try
these delicious cookies. I’ve put them on a plate. They’re going to be so good. I will tell you they’re
the best when they first come out of the oven. You can store them in
an airtight container in the refrigerator and heat
them up in the toaster oven, and they get their crunch back. But they will soften
up as you store them. Here we go. Mm, so good. The chocolate’s nice and dark. They’re not overly sweet, but
they’re a little bit sweet. Delicious. You’re going to love these. And if you don’t like nuts,
don’t put the nuts in them. Walnuts are just
really good for you, so that’s why we choose
to do ours with nuts. Thanks again for watching. Keep your eye out for my next
episode of “Homemade Healthy.” Have a great night.

100 thoughts on “Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies,Low Carb, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

  1. 40 cookies is an over estimation. By that math there are 80 carbs per batch, thats nearly 7 carbs per cookie at 12 cookies. Too many for low carb eaters! But they look good!

  2. Saw this and thought to try them since I had all the ingredients, but they were tasteless and very boring. My parents and siblings couldn’t even finish one due to their blah taste. My 6 year old niece spit it out and said, “it tastes like cardboard. Can I have a real chocolate chip cookie?”. Very disappointing. Can you please tweak the recipe for better taste?

  3. Yeah just baked a batch of this recipe but my suggestion is just add a little bit more Stevia if you want it sweet but other than that turned out really good. It is satisfy my sweet tooth that I’ve been trying to fight for the past couple days now and I have started low-carb high-fat diet almost 2 weeks now

  4. Will definitly try these. I don't like things overly sweet. And I love sweets. Specially chocolate. 🙂 These look so good and easy to make.

  5. Cage free eggs. Oh my God. That is awesome. Where do you get the time to do all these specific organic, cage free things. I just cannot find the time.

  6. Made these today! Only 33 cookies and didn't have vanilla extract so I added what I had which was Almond extract. They turned out pretty good and sweet. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  7. Stevia is an extract. Erythritol is an extract. Xylitol is also an extract (from North American hardwood trees). Erythritol is no more an "artificial" sweetener than stevia is. In order to get an "all natural" stevia you would have to grind up the stevia leaves. Yeah, not so yum.

  8. I just made the cookies and they didn't taste good at all, the only good thing about them was the chocolate chips ;).

  9. love that youre only using stevia, erythritol tore my guts up, im done trying to make sugar alcohols work, i just want edible cookies, and i use kerrygold too, ahhh heaven lemme get baking!!

  10. When you take cookies out of the oven, it is better to put them on a rack to cool. Lets the heat escape so they stay crunchier. A plate holds the heat in and makes them soggy.

  11. We need a waaaay smaller recipe idk anyone whose looking to make 80 cookies I mean 20 max but even a 12 batch these look good but I can't even find 1 with a smaller recipe quantity

  12. This looks like a good recipe but I can't stand stevia. I don't think I can adjust…. I can't get past any of the sweeteners. I am a white sugar addict! If

  13. Yummy delicious cookies … and what a pretty face pleasant face! Great video … now I'm off to drool at the Blueberry muffin video you made lol … I'm terrible. New Subbie … LONDON UK

  14. I will try your recipe, it sounds delicious. I use stevia in baking sometimes, but not in tee or coffee. Usually I use "Erythritol" as a sweetener, tastes just like sugar and is a healthy substitute.

  15. Can you just store the dough in the fridge (like"normal" cookie dough) and bake when you want to? They look jummy btw! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I don't know what kind of stevia you used, but I added 2 teaspoons of sugar and they just tasted greasy and not sweet at all. I always use half the sugar content in the recipes, but these were just not edible. Maybe you could have specified you used stevia extract or something. A spoon of normal stevia equals a spoon of sugar. What a waste of good almond flour, had to throw everything in the trash.

  17. How much sugar (just plain-o regular sugar) would i use to replace the stevia? I assume more than a teaspoon. I am anxious to try this recipe!

  18. I love this recipe for my keto lifestyle! I used 70% lindt chocolate chopped into chunks, and Truvia 1.5 tablespoons. I got 20 big cookies and so just doubled the per-cookie macros. Still pretty decent. Thanks!

  19. thank you for all the tips look delicious these cookies i like the idea of serving with you suggestion about whipping cream Merry Christmas

  20. No one is going to make 40 small cookies out of this recipe, and how can you not calulated the fiber??? There's 2 Net Carbs just in the Almond flour per the 40 cookies, not including the chocolate chips.

  21. just made these and they turned out really good – not too sweet at all; I used stevia drops (1/4 tsp.) – worked great

  22. Wow! Wow! These are amazing cookies??. It’s a cold day up here in Canada and these cookies just warmed up the day.
    Thank you! And I’m looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Great job.

  23. I see you use KAL band. I have used KAL stevia powder for the longest time until they started to add sugar to it (matodextrin). The funny part is that the original sugar free container has exactly the same weight and number of servings as the new (maltodextrin added) container. What a fraud! So what is the percentage of stevia and maltodextrin? They added sugar but not according to the serving and weight.
    I dumped KAL for NOW Better Stevia brand which is very similar to the old KAL.

  24. Wow great for my family we are gluten intolerant.
    Thats what happenes when a single mom works and feeds the kids fast pizza and spaghetti. My oldest daughter now has Crones desease in the colon. She is hopelessly addicted to pizza and white breads. All her special herbs and remedies are a waist untill she gets rid of the junk.
    Great recipee thanks.

  25. White powder stevia made in Chine and it's highly processed with some weird chemicals. I tossed it after making some research. Whole leaf stevia (not powder) is the only think that can be used safely.

  26. I literally just made this recipe and the hubby and I have had a hard time not eating them all in one sitting! Delicious and soft/chewy! Love the chunky texture and flavor the nuts add! Thanks!!!

  27. Stevia is a metabolic product of a plant, erythritol is a metabolic product of yeast. Why is one “natural” an the other not? Labels, labels, labels…

  28. My doctor told me yesterday that Stevia is perceived by the body as sugar, so it will respond to it accordingly…… And will still cause bloodsugar rise like sugar does…

  29. I made these ! They were delicious but my Lilly’s Chocolate chips didn’t melt ? No big deal but my question is ; DO I “HAVE “ TO REFRIGERATE. ??? THESE WERE THE BEST IN ALL I TRIED ( WHICH WAS LIKE 12 different recipes ??????

  30. I'm going to omot the walnuts because I don't like them. Wondering of that will change anything in nutritional facts. Carbs maybe??

  31. Use Coconut sugar, not calorie-free but the lowest on the glycemic level and tastes exactly like sugar just slightly weaker

  32. How much sugar are in the chocolate? I guess it's not keto friendly which is zero sugar 🙂 I like the receipt it's easy, but I won't put chocolate in it, or I use zero sugar chocolate.

  33. Mrs. Fields once said placing all cookie dough in the refrigerator before shaping to cook or shape then freeze then bake will alter the texture and decrease the spreadability of your cookies which make the cookie the best possible. Biscuits, for you Brits.

  34. Wow this will be my go to recipe for a while especially when I'm trying to heal from SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I just made these for the second time, and they turned out fabulous. Thank you soooooo much!

  35. I just used about a half cup of splenda and it turned out great. Has the consistency of bread and I advise lightly greasing the parchment

  36. Actually Cagefree doesn't worth the extra cost, it's Organic, Pasture raised that you should be looking for.. The word "cage Free" is nothing but a marketing gimmick.

  37. Great recipe but I only use Pasture raised eggs. Cage free means the birds live in a huge warehouse stuffed together with a tiny door to go outside which they never use because they are so over crowded they dont even see the door. Just thought I would let your viewers know the difference.

  38. Stevia is natural and erythritol is not? Lol Stevia occurs in a handfull of plants on the whole planet, erythritol is present in most fermenting fruits to some extent… plus stevia tastes super nasty and erythrit almost identical tu sugar

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