Alton Brown’s Paprika Chicken | Barry tries #22

Alton Brown’s Paprika Chicken | Barry tries #22

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  1. I may just have found my dream meal – Chicken, paprika (I love paprika), one tray, easy peasy & bloomin' delicious! This truly was out of this World. If you enjoyed this, have a Barrathon with more Barry tries on this playlist
    or here is the recipe write-up in my own words

  2. I have to say that Alton Brown is one of my go to chefs also when i need a meal idea or what something different 🙂

  3. Hi Barry can we buy your equipment? Like your kitchen gadgets I need one of those garlic crushers in my life! 😍😍

  4. I'm obsessed with paprika at the mo because i found "Salt odyssey, Sea salt with smoked paprika" mmmmmm 👌 love it👅❤ p.s i Hate olives. 😷

  5. So cool that you made this recipe! I just watched the video with Alton, who is my favorite as well, the other day. I think he would be proud!

  6. Are you using 'bio' lemons for getting the zest? Normal lemons, limes and oranges tend to be heavily treated with pesticides that go in the skin. The fruit itself is fine, but you can't wash it of the skin, so you're getting quite some of it in your food.

  7. Not only did you do this but you said my name right Barry. I actually meant Paprika but I guess my brain sort of farted and I ended up putting chicken in it instead. I will admit this was a shock, I saw the video and went "Wait did he really see my tweet?" and sure enough… there it is. I'm so glad you liked the recipe!

  8. Barry those cooling racks are useful for a lot of things in the oven. I use them to bake all my bacon it comes out perfect because the heat circulates around it and cooks it really evenly so you don't have to flip it 😀 edit: as long as it's metal and not plastic

  9. BARRY!! I have the recipe for you

    Have you ever heard of Nashville Style Fried Chicken?
    Sometimes called Nashville Hot Chicken
    It's a very localized American style of chicken that uses LOADS of paprika and I think that would be right up your alley.

  10. Barry! I challenge you to something i'm calling the Inverse Challenge! Take for example tomato ketchup and potato fries, could you invert it to make tomato fries with potato ketchup? Or any similar idea, I think would be a fun challenge!

  11. Alton is the BEST! The reason you buy "whole" chicken and remove the bones yourself, is because (at least in the US) it's more economical to buy the chicken and do the other work yourself.

  12. Bone in does not "release more flavour"

    That's another kitchen myth that's done the rounds for decades for no reason whatsoever. It does "down-regulate" temperature convection which helps to prevent overcooking but does (without sous vide) end up with variable temperature meat. Bone-in is a supplier scam which the restaurant industry perpetuated.

    Also Barry if you like paprika you'll love products derived from pimentos.

  13. Mr. Lewis, I’m a huge fan! I’m a vegetarian who even watches your chicken recipes. Please could you make more vegetarian recipes for the veggie super fans?? Thx!

  14. Scissors are not unitaskers. A slicer is not a unitasker. A Kevlar glove is not a unitasker. Alton Brown hates unitaskers, gadgets that have a single use.

  15. Hi I hope you and your family are all well?
    This looks sooooooooo delicious!
    I love olives but my mum doesn’t so for her I will make it without the olives and see if I can find some bell peppers! I have one of those rolls you used! My mum got it off eBay for a couple of pounds, it would have been cheaper but my mum chose a colour that has the most contrast fir me asi am almost blind!
    You do a FANTASTIC job of describing everything! I am HUGELY grateful for that!
    , 😉
    Can’t wait for your next cideo!! 😉

  16. When he drains the olives,
    Then reveals he's only using 3/4 of the jar 😅
    Those olives store so well in the brine, I used to looooove them when i was a kid! Haven't seen them in years!!! 😍

  17. Would love to see you make THE Belgian dish: Stoofvlees-friet. It's sooooo good! If you want a good recipe search for "Stoofvlees-friet Jeroen Meus Dagelijkse kost". You will need to translate it from Dutch but it's so amazing! You got to give it a try.

  18. So it means that UK and USA people are the only ones that can get it because I can not but from the UK or USA Amazon

  19. BARRY ! If you love PAPRIKA ! for the love of god buy the good stuff ! little square red tin, the difference will BLOW YOUR MIND !

  20. I don't know if it's the same in the UK, but here in the US chicken that is sold bone-in is cheaper than their boneless counterparts. The less the meat has been processed the cheaper it is. Also, I have never seen any boneless chicken parts that were sold with the skin on, so that might have something to do with it.

  21. I needed one of those gloves about 2 years ago when using a mandolin slicer on my zucchini from the garden. Sliced a good chunk off my finger. I had to go to urgent care because it was bleeding pretty good. I was the 2nd one in a week to do something like that and he had never heard of a mandolin slicer until the other person. At least I did it to a good finger, the middle finger. Wrapped it up with bright pink gauze so NO ONE would miss it. LOL.

  22. Firstly, Alton Brown has always been and will remain my favorite celebrity chef. However, I do not have cable anymore so I do not watch his shows and thus only use youtube and now you are my favorite "chef"/home cook. I think y'all would get along so well.

  23. Buying skin on bone in chicken is actually cheaper then getting boned and skinned.

    Also, for whatever reason, you cant buy pre-packaged skin on boned chicken.

  24. Alton Brown doesn't hate gadgets per say. He just really hates unitaskers. So a ice cube tray (novelty or otherwise) or a coffee grinder are great in his book but an egg separator or a popcorn machine are things he would probably despise.

    Coffee grinders can be used to grinder fresh spices at home (after drying them out), so you can get ground ginger, cinnamon, etc. fresh instead of getting the ones from the store where most of the essential oils (and more subtle flavors) will have long since evaporated away. Ice cube trays can be used to make several different kinds of frozen treats AND (if you get the heat proof ones) can be used for chocolate and some baked goods!

  25. Sounds utterly delightful, except for the olives. Can't really stand olives.

    What would make for a good olive substitute in this recipe? Maybe broccoli stalk, parboiled or steamed?

  26. OMG you are making me hungry and I just ate , I am making this dish soon , I have everything i need to make it 🙂

  27. Alton buys bone in chicken and removes the bone at home because it is cheaper to buy chicken on the bone then off

  28. Can you do a video of how to make a Sausage Roll? We don’t have them in the states I wanna make some but I don’t know how.

  29. For Thanksgiving, I massage my turkey with olive oil and then shake a ton of paprika on it and rub in. I also like Paprika Chicken w/Sour Cream Gravy. Green Olives are gross.

  30. Love the video.
    Please stop with the tongue thing. It really does make my skin crawl. Sorry to be a debbie-downer.

  31. I worked in a meat department at a local grocery store. Never seen boneless skin on Chicken so thats probably why you have to cut the bones out. It is still a bit strange lol

  32. Unfortunately, you can buy skinless/boneless chicken bits, but not boneless with skin on. (at least in most of the states) soooooo….If you want the skin, but not the bones, you have to buy it intact, and take out the bones yourself. Sheeeesh! One wonders what we did before it was all done for us….how many people these days know how to even cut up a whole chicken…. (raising hand and jumping) …me…me…. I do…I do!

  33. Maybe they have a different kind of paprika in the UK because I live in the USA and I think paprika has absolutely NO flavor

  34. I don't know if it's been answered already. But there are 2 reasons that Alton buys bone in. One it's because in the USA it is cheaper per lbs to buy bone in and the second reason that alton takes the bones out of the thighs is because when the bone is in the shape of the meat has a harder time of cooking evenly. By removing the bone and being able to lay the meat flat it will have more surface to mass ratio thus reducing the cook time which in turn helps the meat not to dry out. I learned to cook the perfect turkey because of him. And Science Rules!!!!!

  35. Hi Barry! I’ve actually got a better recipe for you!
    It’s a chicken paprika slowcook , basically what you do for about 1.5-2 killos of chicken leg(the small part and the one that looks like a chicken breast) remove the skin, cube an onion and cook it till its clear(in a wok like pan) add half a cup of paprika and half a cup of oil(canola or other non flavored oil), and bloom the paprika, add in the chickens, and put water just to cover. And cook on the stove for about 3 hours, until it falls off the bone, delicious!

  36. I am a chef and i always use scissors for whole chickens 🐓 Much easier than using your knives when you have to prepare alot.

  37. It'd be hilarious if you could get Alton Brown, and have something scripted so each time you whip out a gadget- he just *reacts*.

  38. Cooling racks don't get used in the oven enough. If you're cooking (sweet) potato wedges, oven chips or anything breaded, leave your baking sheet in the cupboard and cook them on a cooling rack istead. It's just so much better!

  39. My guess for why the recipe calls for whole thighs that you de-bone at home rather than buying them already done is the cost. On Alton Brown's old cooking show "Good Eats" he would always say that he preferred to butcher meat himself because whole cuts were usually a lot cheaper than getting the meat precut. That and de-boning the chicken yourself leaves you the bones that you can save up and use for a pot of stock down the road, getting two dishes out of one purchase.

  40. The best way I've found to avoid the whole onion years but is to hold a wood kitchen match in your front teeth (striker end out!) while you process the onions. When finished, the match goes back in the box.

  41. Oh my gosh Barry. I am so excited for that veggie prep kit. I have been waiting eagerly for yourgagetsbut now I am soooooo excited. I have fibromyalgia and hand pain so appreciate all your gadget testing and your coming out with gadgets! I cannot wait.

  42. Whenever Barry does the tschtschtsch sound, I picture Peter Pettigrew when he was just un-transfigured in the Shrieking Shack and tried to convince Sirius not to kill him.
    And I don't like picturing Barry that way. :/
    Anyone relate?

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