AMERICAN vs. BRITISH School Lunch Food

It is easter right now, and I’m going to start this video by telling you that you should probably pray for me because in today’s video, and I’m not looking forward to this, I’m gonna be trying school lunch food from the US in America and from the uk in England So~ The UK in England? That’s wrong, but you know what I mean, I’m gonna be trying American VS British school lunches, and I just want to say, don’t take this offensively if you live in any other countries mmm School lunch food is not something I look forward to in any country because, you know I think we’ve all had not very great experiences with school lunch, but um yeah I’m definitely not looking forward to this video, just the same way I wouldn’t be looking forward to trying it from I don’t know italy and once again I feel like I should say this, if I say anything not so nice about something that you love or about your country, please don’t take it in an offensive way. I’m just a boy having fun. You’re just a person hopefully having fun We’re just two people having a good time That sounds very wrong. That’s probably how I’m gonna explain sex to my children I’m gonna start with the American fast food now and I just wanna say before everyone says this is not authentic American food, it actually was made in England. but my friend from America actually made this and I looked up the school lunch menu from an actual school This is something that someone is gonna have on Monday So this is definitely like like an actual menu, an actual meal that is gonna be served in America at a school that I looked up on google and my friend from America actually cooked this for me So I’m trying to be as authentic as you can being across the Atlantic and not actually going to school, so please don’t get upset at me. I do, I’m doing the best I can I swear I am not looking forward to this, do I have to do this? If this was plated in a normal plate, I probably wouldn’t be so grossed out It’s just the fact that it’s got that school lunch vibe to it that really puts me off, I mean I’m sure some of you will like have nightmares from school lunch as well For the American school lunch, we got some chicken nuggets with a side of ketchup and also a side of mashed potatoes and just sweetcorn, then we also got some jello I think that’s how you call it and also some chocolate milk So that’s it. I feel like that’s a decent lunch like that’s quite, there’s quite a lot of different thing going on um I’m not too excited about it because I don’t like school lunch in general But you know what? It actually looks pretty good, with this crystal glass, it kinda looks like jail food if you’re part of the illuminati like you’re in jail, but you’re also kind of fancy I’m gonna try this now. I’m not excited for this OK I’m gonna, I don’t need a fork for this , why do I have a fork? OK I’m gonna start by trying the chicken nuggets
By the way, in the end, I’m gonna decide which of the two countries has the best school food, OK I can roll with tha, that’s really good I’m packing my bag and I’m going to this school because these chicken nuggets are good. I’m gonna try the mashed potatoes now OK so these mashed potatoes look kinda weird to me um I think mashed potatoes in the UK are usually not as lumpy I don’t know if there’s cheese in it because I obviously didn’t make them But look at that, that’s so thick, you see that? Look I am not looking forward to try this, I don’t even like mashed potatoes Mmm it’s actually not too bad. Why is this so tough though? It tastes alright What? It’s definitely got some cheese going on. That’s probably why it’s so tough like I, I’m not exaggerating Look at this, I can literally pick up the whole thing Does anyone need cement to build a house? It’s probably not mashed potatoes that you’d get at a restaurant or made by your grandma, but it’s alright It’s alright, not bad The next thing I’m gonna try is the sweetcorn and can I just say like how strange this looks to me Because I mean in, I don’t think in Europe, it’s very common to just have sweetcorn like that, like you put sweetcorn in salads. You put sweetcorn in like pizza It’s also very common here, and you put sweetcorn in just things, but you don’t just eat it like that, just like a bunch of sweetcorn with like nothing on it. You can just imagine someone in the kitchen Oh, what else should we feed the kids? I don’t know, just open a can of corn and it’ll do Oh my god something is wrong. Do you know what I actually feel like it puts me off about this I think there’s butter in it. I think there’s butter on the sweetcorn. I’m definitely not used to that Yep, yep that’s definitely it There’s freaking like melted butter in this, it tastes like, it tastes like cookies. It tastes so wrong, but it’s sweet and very very buttery. Personally, I just don’t like it, so don’t be offended like I’m gonna have to say this a million times, and there’re still gonna be people upset at me This is the only thing that I didn’t find in an American brand so this will have to do guys I did try my best, but I’m gonna try it so yeah, let’s try the chocolate milk, OK Thats tastes nothing like chocolate milk that I used to have when I was in school. The chocolate milk they’d give us in school was literally disgusting, it tasted nothing like chocolate. Do you, I’m not sure if any of you had the same milk, but I feel like you must have been, at least in Europe, it must have literally been the same like distributor or something. The whole thing tasted like just milk, no chocolate and then in the bottom, you get like little chunks of chocolate like it all comes through the straw mmM It’s very good. First of all, I hate jello I’ve had jello in my life like 2 or 3 times, and I hated those 2 or 3 times, so I never had it again I feel like this could be peach jello right? And I’m totally happy with peach jello, I’m down I mean I hate jello as far as it goes, but peach is cool, but if this is orange jello, go watch my videos, you’ll know that from the moment I made my YouTube channel, I’ve always been very vocal, I hate oranges. I can say the word now, there was a period of time in my life where I couldn’t even say the word orange so if this is orange, I’m literally done with life. I’m done, I give up, I quit because Jello smells like fake. Do you know what I mean? Like it smells like not food, not edible so like there’s no way to tell what this actually is OK I don’t wanna do it Tastes nice. Oh my god. This is like literally the whole thing, OK Please don’t be orange. I’m just gonna do it. I just have to do it It’s orange Oh my god, I haven’t eaten anything orange flavoured in literally like 10 years because that’s how much I hate it Breathe through your nose I’m gonna just have some chocolate, oh my god. Oh, I’m gonna have to clean that up This one was so much easier to arrange because obviously I live in the UK, but god, I am not looking forward to this. I don’t want to offend any British people, but I’m not looking forward to it. This food is called ‘bangers and mash’, and this is just like basically like deconstructed bangers and mash, it’s all like divided. So all the ingredients in the British school lunch are sausage with gravy, then we got some sides of peas and mashed potatoes, and then we got some apple, I think this is, what is the name of the apple thing? Apple crumble with custard and to drink, we’ve got some Ribena Let me know if you went to school in the UK, but is this like something you probably would eat in school? I’m not looking forward to this, I’m not gonna lie like just these sausages though They don’t look very good. I mean I’m someone who likes sausages, but this is not good. Do you see that? That’s too thick, that’s way too thick. That’s a thick sausage Oh my god that actually tastes good. I’m not joking, it looks so gross but it tastes really good I don’t even like gravy usually and that tastes good. So as a side, we’ve got some peas I feel like this should be eaten with the gravy because this looks disgusting. Who eats peas just like that? Just like boiled peas? Maybe a lot of people. Maybe I should just try to be healthy for once Interesting, first of all it’s like oh I hate it, it’s a vegetable, then it’s like oh it’s not that bad Then with the gravy, it sort of ties it all in together like, it’s kinda gross, but kinda good, so I didn’t know how I feel about this one I mean like it’s kinda gross, kinda good. These mashed potatoes are so different from the American one I’m not sure if you can see, but this is like, this is like Do you see? But the American one did taste very good, so I feel like maybe the American’s gonna win in the mashed potato mmm but I’m gonna try it anyways That’s cold so it’s gross, but let me try some more That’s good Oh my god what is going on in England that they actually serve good school lunch That’s really good I think it’s got milk in it Something makes it taste very good, I feel like I should try the peas and the sausage and the gravy and the mash altogether because I think that’s how it’s supposed to be eaten. I’ve never tried bangers and mash before, so I don’t really know what it’s supposed to taste like altogether, but here we go When I go into these videos, I kinda know which ones I’m gonna like and which ones I’m not gonna like, and I looked at this altogether and I thought this is disgusting, not in a million years this is gonna be the winner, and this is good So this is making it really tough, I feel like the UK is very tight with the US right now, like I feel like I don’t know which one’s gonna be the winner Could go either way. If you don’t know what Ribena is, it’s this British squash drink, so it’s like you dilute it with water, but you can also buy it in like a juice box, and I think it’s berry flavoured, so it’s very like, I don’t know, kind of smells like blueberries. I don’t know which berry It’s not raspberries, I think it’s blackcurrant or something like that But yeah, it smells good. I’ve had it before a long time ago. I don’t drink it like regularly, but I’ll let you know That’s good as well I feel like it’s not too sweet and I kind of expected it to be really sweet like normal squash. This is more like it’s a little like, I don’t know, it’s not sour, but it’s definitely not just sweet The only thing missing for us to try from the UK is the desert and we basically got here some apple crumble and custard and then some extra custard as well on the side, you can see that um I’ve never had apple crumble before, don’t like things with apple usually mmm but I did hate the jello, so That’s good, I feel so bad! Why do you do so well UK? I don’t know what this thing is on top, but it tastes good Oh I want some more of that Yeah, yeah That’s good I know I said that I would like to go to school in the US I definitely also like to go to school in the UK, this is good I like this. I also like the American one, so this is definitely gonna be a very difficult decision to make Now it’s the time to decide which of the two countries had the best school lunch Considering school lunches are always like a very good, very bad experience, you know it’s a bit of a mix of both I think I’m gonna give it to the UK just because I actually really like the food I thought the desert was much better just because I hate jello and I just, personally I preferred it, obviously this is my personal taste Please don’t forget to give it a like, this video’s actually quite expensive to make, I have to put so much effort into getting all the right ingredients and making sure all things are like authentic So don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe to my Youtube channel That really helps me out, and that’s it, feel like that’s it for this video. Follow me on Instagram and everywhere else, all the links are below. You guys know how it works I love you, and I will see you on my next video next week. I’ll see you in my next video. Oh my god F***ing jello

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