ARGENTINIAN FOOD EXTRAVAGANZA 🍕🍷 | What to eat in Argentina: El Bolson Edition 🇦🇷

ARGENTINIAN FOOD EXTRAVAGANZA 🍕🍷 | What to eat in Argentina: El Bolson Edition 🇦🇷

in today’s video we’re going to be
taking you on a food tour of el bolson a charming mountain town in Patagonia
Argentina this place is a nature lovers playground with crystalline rivers
hidden waterfalls and forest trails to explore so chances are you’ll have some
very active days and then find yourself back in town with a big appetite at
least that’s what happened to us super juicing such a really tender cut
of meat when we weren’t hiking we were getting to know the town’s many
restaurants breweries and ice-cream shops so today we’re going to introduce
you to some of the dishes we enjoyed like suprema de pollo parrilla probably the
right empanadas egg pizza cakes pies raspberry beer and even Sam’s beloved
joints to the lychee ice cream just let it roll around on your tongue now let’s
kick off this food tour around El Bolson son argentinas like there’s nothing
we’ve ordered here that hasn’t been outstanding to surviving the hike
survive the hike oh my gosh I’ve never been so excited not just to be sitting
down but to be having food Theresa is gonna be like the best of all time
look how hungry I am anyways we we ordered some starters so we have some
empanadas Freitas with carne which means meat so there meat empanadas bread
baskets I’ve eaten half the basket one and then over here it looks like we have
us a special kind of dip salsa looks like there’s beetroot also one of my
favorite wine brands energy it is from the bodega of it’s called the
Finkel last Morris and this is a blend the triple blend we’ve tried them all
back this is a triple blend cab saw of Malbec and Petit Verdot yeah it’s
fantastic already today all right and how about we try those empanada yeah-ha-ha and crispy on the outside
extremely juicy in the middle solids here all right ah do you look at you
guys complete complete I should mention that this time around we got the buttery
done one person and it is still I know look at that beauty this is how much is
left and you’ve already been munching away on munching away I also have a
guest of honor who’s appeared at my side any moment on demand at any moment either well-fed poppers
I need a well-mannered puppet no matter what do you got on your plate here we
got it juicy so this crime that’s called the CEO yeah it’s one of my favorites
and they’re buried itself I think it brings like 6 or duck or six or seven
different cuts including like tradition there’s lamb there’s you can start with
URIs oh oh I’ve already had a bite of a seal when you weren’t looking my friend
yeah the chorizo is really good as a sign we once again order the pumpkin
mash amazing it’s just really creamy and sweet yeah if you’re coming to this
restaurant in particular we highly recommend it just go so nicely with the
meat it’s a really nice heart you can get just pumpkin potato or a combination
of the two yeah we like our pumpkin so we have
who ever experimented with anything else oh yeah it’s a wonderful meal yeah I’m
just shocked by the meat portions in Argentina like I can’t believe that one
person would be able to eat well we’ve learned our lesson because we used to
order the portion for two becoming homeless stuff you can’t eat that much
meat I could probably like I mean I could
take care of this but it’d be a very the rest of today would be very inactive
yeah basically you basically need like three hours yesterday all that yeah all
that food and wine okay so you have selected three different cuts of meat
tell us so excited so over here we have the side of the theatre which is
basically the ribs but Cordero which is the Patagonian lamb yeah forget the cut
of this one what someone call the game is called tunechi Dean that’s in testing
guys that’s pretty adventurous for some people but we’ve been eating it now for
a while and actually I like it it’s got a nice rubbery texture to it you’ve been
eating it for a while this is not a good thing right here and of course we have
the chimichurri which is combination of all things great that our garlic
ascription 40 me to everything it is a combination of all things great oil
things good Wonderlic wonderful for flavoring the middle good guys there you
go all right parsley oil vinegar let’s show some respect for where we are we’re
in the we’re in Patagonia and they’re most known for their lamb let’s try that
first so I’m super juicing it’s actually
really tender cut of meat I’ve had some tougher lamb so that’s nice to have some
tender lamb moving on to the intestines you remember the first time you try that
guy’s it’s like you who’s the owner do you remember the first time you had
change in Venus because I remember yes oh alright guys now we’re out on that
and did you know what you were eating in Peru or were you tricked I was check who
tricked you you ordered it I think your uncle
ordered that ya not to order them and then we fed it to you it’s really good
it’s really chewy I mean I wouldn’t order like full plate
of up put it nice it’s a nice accompanying meat if you’re adventurous
with your taste buds well there’s the one I want favorite cuts of meat in
Argentina down that’s basically the ribs stop the bone there it’s got the bold
cut a big piece off here your big fancy knife no not quite the knife you bought
yesterday but still pretty fancy it’s not the go so a knife I think it was so
nice about that knife I thought yesterday was that all metal mm-hmm this
one officer that wooden handle what it’s very sturdy in the hand nice and sharp
we got a lot of meat you know otherwise you get to and now time just basically my favorite
desert in Argentina its flank acero House flan with a giant portion of bolsa
de leche yeah you need the rest or this is just for this is just one portion
pass the portions here are so generous with the meeting with the slides
anything you order here is it’s just massive and just the quality is
fantastic like the empanada was so juicy and tasty the solid the pumpkin mash
even the brain that’s good even the bread they bring with with like the
homemade dip like there’s nothing we’ve ordered here that hasn’t been
outstanding like it’s just been that good how is
that dessert you just let it roll around on your tongue and it’s like the best
thing ever yeah this is it’s one of the better
restaurants we’ve come to on our entire trip so if you come double soon got to
come here so right now guys that we are eating at a place called novena they
specialize in pastries and cakes but for lunch they also had pizzas on the menu
yeah I had a Patagonian pizza and we’re like
mm that is interesting yeah so we decided to order it it has mozzarella
cheese cooked ham bacon fried eggs for fried eggs my super cheesy on my plate
how’s it with the egg okay nice I like it’s just really unusual toppings for a
pizza like hence the Patagonian beat though I don’t think I’ve ever had fried
eggs on a pizza before we’re like big strips of bacon and we are so hungry
after I doing all morning along yep planning to get dessert we are why I’m
here Sam is going in with or without a these pieces are so thick it’s like wait
I left this up yo hands dirty look at the size of that it’s big chunks of
bacon music Sam likes to eat pizza with his hands
forget colouring work needs coloring that’s Jesus all right in the fighting
that she is giving the matzah a little stretch is amazing
that’s my cave man that’s the cave man for you that’s the man you married but
Baker there’s some small detail such as it picks up yeah but like we came here
for the desserts but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by their manes oh
my it is officially dessert time it sure so what do you got of it chocolate
sponge cooked in double filling chocolate shavings like a three boys and
what you got yourself over there that looks pretty magical I’m so excited to
try this piercers actually like maybe kind of like a fruit glaze on top the
coconut sugar glaze and there’s layer of cake which is a thick of dense cake but
coconut really weighs it down it’s more like a tart like coconut
yes it’s like I can see what my piece is so much simpler than your there’s so
much so dense then the dull side that I see all that coconut it’s a really
decadent guys feel like we’re gonna be in a food coma all this sugar no idea
coma I’m like falling asleep cause it’s so good well guys the food has arrived and what
can I say number one tip if you’re eating out in
Argentina you probably got one name and share with two people because horses are
just massive especially the polygon where they’re
known for the big portions look at that it’s filling out so we got the milanesa
I’ll bullion which is their specialty I’m not going to get the supremo but a
mod which is basically chicken breast that’s been like breaded and fried
and this one has tomato sauce mozzarella and this is just like of the meal on top
of Puri and because we didn’t realize it’s gonna be that big so these ones are
meat we’re still gonna get dessert that’s the plan I mean we’ll see how we
feel the tapas I am in cheese I forgot they
have meat or ham and cheese we ended up choosing the ham and cheese ones look
about she’s oozing out Bheema rising is lot try not to burn I’d like rolled up to him that’s how that’s
that’s what good empanadas are like they’re always stuff to the max this is
lovely appetizers wonderful I can’t wait to dig
into the main it’s gonna be good guys check out my Fred Flintstone
portion this is literally the half portion if this was the whole thing you
can imagine them you know they should be spilling out over the plate yeah I
remember your dad telling telling NASA is were the best kinds of Milanese as
you go to the phones now so big that the plate can’t even contain it yeah spills
out over exactly I keep going into milliliter but it is a supremo yo should
get with chicken yeah let me know news but it’s usually veal yeah so I’m
grabbing a piece here bacon and then a little bit of a yeah oh yeah tomato
sauce and cheese to them some peeps ingredients they always blow I just love
this kind of food buddy this is like party Argentine food to the max the kind
of food that you eat when you’re hungry or I mean it’s a hot day today it would
be perfect for the hall yeah it’s a little cooler
hmm and this pumpkin mash goes really nicely with it
so light kind of balances things out of it well how was that meal oh it was
great I feel like a beached whale other moment my belly is so full we ate so much
yesterday so it’s just like an accumulation of yesterday’s overeating
and then another big meal today yeah I do feel very satisfied the portions were
huge great price – yeah only fourteen US dollars seven per person yeah we had a
lot of bread we had really good empanadas no I’ll go have this shine
never yeah I was like you know no alcohol no dessert either and so but you
know what we are going for dessert right now scream shop we were at night that
place was so good yeah we’re like you know what were our time elbows own is
ticking down we gotta go one more time I don’t enjoy it but maybe we’ll try
different flavors Tim got the same flavor again minun get
a we ordered a quarter kilo of ice cream to share the delicious one flavor
mitigation which as you know is the do legite with meringue I got Andean
chocolates I don’t know if it’s gonna be sweet or bitter and a mousse with
berries from the forest those are the three flavors were sharing and we’re
sharing some eating it’s a quarter of a kilo and it just had ice cream last
night for supreme supreme pig O’s when it comes to ice cream guys we have a
quarter kilo to get through order kilo yeah remember we talked a little bit of
being piggy this is evidence Demming right here are so heinous guys I’m going
to show you the best flavor and all of our GT nut also de leche with meringue
you haven’t even tried chocolate from the end easy yet so this may not be the
best mmm you just wait we’ll just let it roll around on your tongue and the
strong dulce de leche flavor just overpowers chocolate where’s the
chocolate oh that’s it is it on this side it’s a
very similar color to do the ditch it’s right there oh that’s it okay so what
you’re trying to move out of the way that’s what you want to be trying mmm
it’s such a rich flavor it’s really good no it doesn’t beat the dulce de leche oh
come on leave this is porous various this is a
local one mm-hmm oh yeah it’s premium and refreshing
dulce de leche and the chocolate one are really alike potent I’m going from what
surprise your horse anyways guys this is a really fantastic place to get ice
cream the name of it yes ha ha ha ha you’re passing to elbow zone definitely
common especially if you’re visiting during the summer be sure the other chairs
a rare nightlife moment for us burning the midnight oil over here
lot bunch of sets we got this is like a twist on teen and fries with melted
cheese smoked bacon chives and that concludes our food tour of a
wood sauna we hope this video gave you a few ideas of some of the delicious
Maine’s desserts and drinks you can enjoy in town if you ever do find
yourself in this part of patagonia now wishing you one drove it and we’ll see
you soon with more videos from el bolson Argentina

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