Back to School Lunch Prep Ideas ~ Vacuum Sealer Hacks ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Back to School Lunch Prep Ideas ~ Vacuum Sealer Hacks ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

It’s back-to-school time and I thought it would be fun to share with you some really cool Lunch packing hacks that you can do with your vacuum sealer If you are one of those people I used to do this I would meal prep for the entire week for my girls lunches We would do sandwiches or soups or sometimes they would take leftover So we would do that the night before whenever came to like sides I used to do homemade pudding in little cups We used to do homemade. Jello in little cups We also always set fruits and veggies with them along with some yogurts sometimes today We’re going to be making delicious little packets of fresh vegetable apples And then we’re also going to be making our own Homemade yogurt tubes and I’m gonna show you how you can do that with your vacuum sealer This video is sponsored by the good people at Moore sky who sent me this very affordable very bare bones basic vacuum sealer that you can pick up very inexpensively on Amazon and I will leave all the links down below where you can find all the information and You can get one for yourself this does the job that you need to do it seals and it vacuum seals You can use it just for sealing which is what we’re gonna do with our go-gurt if you don’t want one of those giant ones And you can’t really afford that right now. This is a really great option I have been using it for about a week. It works really really well. I was actually very pleasantly surprised I also wanted to tell you this this vacuum sealer comes with 25 of these bags These are the smaller bags not the gallon size bags, but I don’t I think these are bigger than a quart They might be two quarts I have used these bags to create my own smaller bags that you can make little packets out of first We’re gonna start off with some apples So I just sliced up an apple here and my girls always used to take a half an apple each We’re just gonna go ahead and throw some in here and these bags I have created this bag by cutting one of those bags in half and then the half that has two open ends You can just seal off the side that’s open and create yourself a brand new bag Okay What you wanted to do is you want to make sure that your bag is inside you see this little foam channel here This is where the vacuum sealing magic is going to take place So you want to make sure your bag is in there? You want to make sure that it’s flat you pop on these little clips and then you hit the vacuum and seal button And there it goes And it’s gonna suck all the air out and then it’s going to seal it Just like that beautiful now the best part about this is you can prep all your apples for all your kids lunches at the beginning of the week on A Sunday or afternoon or Sunday evening and they’re not gonna turn brown. You don’t have to use any lemon juice your kids aren’t gonna complain it tastes like sour and Everybody’s gonna be happy you can put this in their lunch with a little container of peanut butter and everyone’s gonna be happy so we’ve got apple slices ready to go and You can do as many as those as you need and then we’re gonna do some veggie packets you can do whatever you like I have some celery sticks here and a couple of baby carrot I learned Especially with my girls never to put too much in there at one time because then they end up not eating it We also have some cucumber sticks here. I’ll put a couple of those And again, we’re just gonna go ahead and pop this in. I think I may have too many cucumber slices in here So we’ll just put one put it in here Sometimes it helps if you lift it up a little pop your clips on. I love these clips I love the idea that this is gonna hold it. Shut a lot of the bigger more expensive models You don’t have to worry about that. But this really does pull a vacuum. So there you go. And your seal is good and These are going to be fast fresh on Friday as they were you made them on Sunday I’m just finishing up Doing all my veggie packets, and I wanted to show you something that I figured out When this finishes sealing remember, I was having a real hard time lifting this up Look at ya. This is sealed. It’s done if you just burp it like this with this little I Don’t even know what to call it the little valve and then you can unclip it. Boom. You’re good to go. Everything’s sealed up Now we’re gonna make our own homemade gogurts And if you’re not familiar with Gobert that is yogurt in a tube that you can You can actually freeze it and eat it frozen like a little frozen Yogurt pop or you can freeze it and put it in the lunch and then by lunchtime It’s thought-out and your kids can just enjoy their little squeezy yogurt treat I’ve made some tubes out of these bags and I’m gonna show you how I did that It’s not hard at all. I used I messed up one because you kind of have to be careful one went all wonky Of course. It was my first one so all you’re gonna do in this case is seal the bag and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put this in all the way to the back on the long side of The bag and I’m just going to hit the seal only there’s a little seal only button below the vacuum and seal I’m not using the clips on the side and That little green button is gonna turn red you have to keep holding it and then it’s gonna turn green which is going to be an indicator that your seal is complete just Like that and then you can open this up and boom you’ve got a tube now You’re gonna cut this Just with a pair of scissors hopefully your pair of scissors is better than mine And then you’re gonna go ahead and you’re gonna seal again. You’re gonna seal this side because now we have to seal twice We’re gonna seal though the one end here seal only When the light is green and then it turns red and then when it turns green again your seal is done Ceil is done There’s your seal and then once again in order to make a tube you want to put this all the way to the back Hit the seal only button make your seal one more time and then you’re gonna have one more tube So that you can make your own delicious yogurt treats We’re not using the vacuum seal at all in this case Only the sealing part and then you can just cut that apart and continue going usually get four Tubes out of one of these bags that came with the machine Last year for back-to-school. I shared my own homemade flavored yogurt and I usually do this To flavor it so that’s what we do I have some strawberry jam here and I have some Greek yogurt and all we’re gonna do is mix these together I love this because it’s completely customizable. You can make this yogurt whatever flavor you like. Do you like apricot yogurt? strawberry rhubarb yogurt blueberry yogurt Pineapple yogurt you just do whatever you like and no it doesn’t have to be homemade. Jam It just has to be Jam but homemade is best. This is not homemade This is an a no sugar all fruit version of strawberry spread And it makes it very easy just to make your own yogurt but starting off with Greek yogurt is the key Because the Greek yogurt is already super thick and it’s not the when you put the jam there It’s not gonna make it too thin and dilute it Now I know some of you are thinking how am I gonna get that? inside those tubes well We’re gonna do our best here. Okay. So the way we get the yogurt Inside the tube is we’re gonna get a little ziplock bag and we’re gonna fill it with our yogurt And just cut the tip off and then this is where it can get messy and you might need an extra pair of hands I have a funnel here, and then I’ve got my tube Okay, so we’re just gonna put the tube over the funnel because if you were by yourself You’re gonna have to do this like this, okay So very important you have to make sure there’s a way for air to escape this tube Otherwise, you’re gonna make a giant mess Okay, so I’m just gonna put the tube and if you have to you can just shake it down It helps also sometimes to have a little help take a wooden spoon handle and push it down It doesn’t take a lot to fill these. Okay, so just keep that in mind Take your funnel out. You don’t want to fill these up too much Okay, we got our little tube all filled up and now we’re gonna put it in the sealer Only in the sealer just put the top right there Hit the seal only You want to try and make sure that it’s as clean as possible at the top where you’re gonna make your seal but because this is gonna melt the plastic together, it’s not really that and Important because it’s gonna it’s gonna pull a seal. Anyway, it’s not just work because we’re not vacuum sealing There you go boom now we’ve got Some gogurts. We’ve got some fruit and veggie snacks. We’re good to go. I’m gonna go set this out So it looks nice and then we’re gonna come back. We’re gonna talk a little bit about this vacuum sealer This is everything that we vacuum sealed today all ready for school lunches for the week And I wanted to just give you a couple tips You’re gonna put this in your kids lunch and they’re gonna need to open it. So you want to take a scissor and You want to go ahead and just notch it with a pair of scissors? Okay, this way they can just tear it open but then they can just tear them open and to make it really easy and you’re gonna want to do the same thing with your gogurts go ahead and give it a little notch on the side here and then they can just Easily tear that right open just like that, but that’s it. This vacuum sealer is brought to us by More sky, this is currently on Amazon available for $27.99 I think it’s a really good starter piece if you don’t have the money to buy a more expensive Version of a vacuum sealer if you are only doing light duty vacuum sealing. I think this is a really great option for you $27.99 and they’re currently offering a five percent off coupon and that makes your total price 2660 it is available in Amazon Prime. So if you have that there’s free shipping as I demonstrated in the video It’s easy to operate one touch automatic vacuum sealer with an LED indicator light It just keeps your food fresh and it keeps it from going I really like to use this for when you buy cheese in bulk. You buy bricks of cheese. It’s really great to Vacuum steal your cheese because it literally lasts for six months in your refrigerator And then if you’re also vacuum sealing meats this takes your meat where you if you brought it home from the grocery store in the Packaging and just stuck it in your freezer. It’s good for three months if you vacuum sealant, it’s good for a year So keep that in mind, you’re really extending the life of the food that you’re buying and you’re not putting money in the garbage So that’s really important as well. I also like the fact that this vacuum sealer is small its lightweight It’s easy to use if you have dexterity issues or accessibility issues. This is not gonna be a problem for you It’s all right there It’s super easy to use and it comes with the cord and everything and it comes with a 25 bags You can also purchase extra bags and really any type of vacuum sealing bag is gonna work with this They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you order it, and you don’t like it You’ll be able to get your money back. The one caveat is you should not vacuum seal Liquids and like I said, we did not vacuum seal the yogurt We simply added a seal to the top. So it would be secure and everybody would be happy Remember to notch the bag so that your kids can easily get there. They’re yumminess out of there. Make sure you seal it You’ve notch it below the seal so that your kids can open that right up. So that’s it I hope that this gives you some quick tips and tricks something Maybe you never thought of if you have a vacuum sealer at home already maybe this gives you some ideas about how you can use it to get meal prep out of the way for the coming week worth of lunches because Back-to-school is upon all of us and even though my girls don’t take lunch anymore because they’re both in college still This is a really great option If you are a single person who packs your lunch and takes it to work if you are an office worker Exactly, and you need to take your lunch with you. Maybe you’re on a special diet Maybe you’re doing keto or paleo or something of that nature This makes it really easy to do all of your prep work One afternoon of the week in advance and have it ready to go so you’re just grabbing and going out the door in the morning making it super easy taking a lot of stress off you if you’re back to school then it’s take a lot of stress off mom and you don’t have to think about it and If you or your husband are a hunter another thing that Rick wanted me to mention This is a really great way vacuum sealing your ammunition will help it to keep from Oxidizing when you’re out in the field and it will keep it protected and safe So those are all great tips and you can take them for what they’re worth I hope that you learn something and if you liked the video Please consider giving me a thumbs up. And if you are new to my kitchen, welcome always a pleasure Please hit that subscribe button and if you are a tried and true member of the Noreen’s kitchen family be sure and hit the bell notification button and Set your YouTube channel to your subscription feed as your home page and not the YouTube suggested videos page That may be why you’re missing videos that you didn’t think we’re out there We don’t want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen Once again, we thank our sponsor today more sky for sending us this vacuum-sealer and sponsoring this video We hope that if you are interested, you will use the link down below Check it out and go get yourself one and see how you like it. I hope that you enjoy the video I hope you give these ideas a try and I hope that you love them and until next time I’ll see

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