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  1. Hello guys I’m a small vegan YouTuber and it would really help if you checked my channel out. I’m from LA and a vegan activist. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for this video!! I'm nervous about starting this journey, but you made me feel more comfortable. 🙂 I don't plan to eat completely vegan, but I want to know how I can incorporate more plant-based foods into my lifestyle instead of always choosing the fattier, high-calorie meat and dairy products that are impacting my health. Thank you for your beautiful way of sharing this with the world. ^_^

  3. I've been watching your videos for some time, and have been incorporating ideas to my diet. I'm now ready to be(come) a vegetarian (small steps) and I'm so thankful for your videos! It's been a month of learning new recipes, enjoying new flavours and organizing my pantry for this new adventure!

  4. I wanna try to be vegan I know fruit is awesome and I do love vegetables just havent ate them that much unless it's with a dinner but I bet if I did a healthy meal.plan every day can u give me a quick meal for a day like for breakfast lunch and dinner

  5. This was explained so well! I really love the way that it's explained as a journey. My husband and I just transferred to a vegetarian diet a couple of months ago and are going to eventually transition to a vegan diet.

  6. You can have non dairy ice cream too. Plus coconut ice cream ? tends to stay fluffy and that perfect scoop texture no matter how frozen it is.

  7. Thinking about going vegan but I have heard that vegans are nutrient deficient and have complications from lack of B12. Can someone give me clarification on this?

  8. i slowly stopped having dairy, eggs, and honey (for my acne) without trying to be vegan and i quickly realized that i could easily out meats and fish so thats is currently what i am trying to do

  9. Awesome video! Loved it! My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we doing vegan What I Eat In A Day, Muk Bangs, Cooking and Reviews! Check it out ??✨

  10. This is so helpful! Hopefully everyone can enjoy a Vegan Thanksgiving!

  11. le plus grand assassin de tous les temps c a d hitler etait vegan il aurait du manger de la viande il aurait ete moins cruel

  12. I love the integrity in your beautiful video. I am slowly going to learn how to make vegan food…thank you for this wonderful and inspiring video…Great health for life..??????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️???

  13. My partner and I have just started our vegan journey…to be honest I used to think being vegan was extreme and honestly didn't see the point. ..its taken a while too get to where I am now. I am a nurse and back in the 80's my training supported the food pyramid where dairy, eggs and meat played an important and essential role in nutrition. What a load of crock! We and our planet is dying because of the food industry propaganda and peoples ignorance about what nutrition really is. We have been properly vegan for about a mon th now and we both feel stronger and healthier than we have for years. We decided to do this for our health (to lower cholesterol and BP), the planet and for animals. Its true what they say about changing when you become vegan…you see things differently and somehow become more compassionate. I sound like a evangelical preacher, I know, but its hard not to when you realise what an amazing change becoming vegan can bring. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  14. Veganisam
    Go beginners so guess what I’m nine I went vegan when I was seven and I just snapped A day after my holiday I turned vegan and it was just like a normal day I just went vegan and didn’t see any difference(save the animals) ❤️?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. Good point about going at your own pace. I was vegetarian for decades before doing vegan, but it took me a year to find alternatives to a few foods that contained small amounts of things like whey powder, honey, or bee pollen.

  16. Thank you for your help . My family and I are slowly going plaint based. Were doing for my husband his idea for his health and me health as well. So far I'm really like it so far.

  17. This is the best thing i’ve watched in a while, your so sweet and calm, i love it, i’m planning to eat less junk/sugar/meat etc… slowly but surely 🙂

  18. i became a vegan 3 months ago and i feel way better and healthyer. from a normal meat eater to vegetarian and finally a vegan. you just gotta take it easy, i chosoed veganism for health, and im even more happy that i found this yt account.

  19. This video makes me cry. I turned into a vegan lifestyle 2 years ago.
    Nobody supported me, including my families.
    Plus having the pressure that I had to be "perfect" or ppl would laugh at me.
    I felt so so stressed and upset. Thank you so much for comforting me.

  20. This diet lacks many nutrients and will leave you sick. She has not used ghee in her cooking. Learn the correct method with us.

  21. I recently turned vegetarian (4 almost 5 months now) and honestly its one of the greatest things I've ever done. recently I've been contemplating on going vegan but I'm just too nervous! this made me wanna try it even more 🙁 but I'm still so nervous lol awesome video by the way!

  22. I love beef, pork, mutton and chicken on bread with lots of gluten and covered in MSG. Then I take my bow and kill some wild animals for eating. The next day i have bacon and eggs for breakfast, before I go to see the vegans sitting in queue at the psych ward.

  23. Im going vegetarian because my family isn't the healthiest, they don't want to change their diet. But my dad's okay with it, he just wants me to go vegetarian first so he can make sure Im healthy.

  24. This was such an amazing video. Thank you so much for all the love and positivity, I'm more than convinced I want to switch to a plant-based diet for the enviroment ❤ you've inspired me so much.

  25. I really enjoyed your video. I’ve been playing with the idea of going vegan for my health. You’re very informative. Thank you.

  26. Registered dietitians (RDs) are way more credible than physicians. Physicians only take one to two nutrition courses. This is very bad advice. Most physicians say to eat eggs, fish, some meat, and some dairy. They are the worst.

  27. I find it very motivational how you speak in such a natural calm tone. You’re letting me know it takes time, I’m at my own pace and I can do it. You’re so sweet <3 i probably wont give up meat tbh but I have been avoiding industrial farming.

  28. I'm allergic to meat, eggs, milk and certain nuts and only discovered the milk and eggs not so long ago
    Making me desperate to find food I can eat + accepting the change

    Thank you for this video
    It helped

  29. I started with 6 servings of legums/day. Had SERIOUS digestion problems first week. My farts could have been harvested for bio weapons. Start slow.. 4 weeks in now and feel great!

  30. Omg 2nd video I see of yours and I already love your channel, the calm and positive not judgemental way you talk and all your tips and advise ?

    This is the kind of Vegan YouTuber people should follow!
    Researching and experimenting for a long time I've finally understood it's all about balance.
    Don't go crazy on super restrict diets. Get enough of all macros and food groups, raw and cooked, increase the diversity of fruits and vegetables as much as possible. You will be totally fine and healthy!
    Awesome video!

  32. I have recently become more plant based and I wouldn’t say I am vegan or vegetarian. I did it because meat was bothering my stomach. I feel so much better and energetic. Your video was helpful because I am just taking it day by day and it is good to know that it is ok to take small steps. I am encouraging my children now to consume more plants and less meats. Thank you for you encouraging words.

  33. You are such a lovely person. My family just started to adopt more plant base diet and I felt a little lost in the path in terms of what to eat and why I feel pressure of pursuing this and so on. You said it well. Start slowly and not having guilt or pressure doing it. Thanks for the video and I’m gonna go check out your Pinterest to find a recipe for dinner today!

  34. My main frustration is the no dairy ie alternative milks store bought stuff seem full of non essential stuff I don't understand are they really ok ???
    your videos are so calming and full of ideas BUT I do feel overwhelmed sometimes and end up making the same soup ,curry , Bread non sprouted is a no no !!!!
    Ok onwards and upwards have a wonderful non gassy day !!!!

  35. I’m so happy I found your channel ✨I’m trying so had to transition to a healthy eating lifestyle. I hope this channel will teach me how to cook healthier.Thank you ?

  36. Hey I made a video about what it’s like to be Vegan at Christmas, can you guys check it out and tell me what you think?? It’s like a parody type of video ?

  37. Beginners guide to go vegan…Don’t go vegan,best advice you will get off the internet is don’t listen to people on the internet.

  38. My body never responded well to dairy, I have a cheese and egg allergy and most meats always kind of grossed me out but I ate them anyways because that is what we were suppose to do.
    I never considered going vegan until my friend spent some time talking to me about it. At first I gave a lot of eye rolls and said no thanks I have no interesting in living on lettuce. ?
    But then with more understanding and doing a bit of research I started to become more and more curious. I started to realize that eating vegan is not living on lettuce and I won’t be left in a state of never feeling satisfied and always hungry! It’s absolutely not a “diet”! This is about decreasing the bad and increasing the good and let me tell you… the good is really tasty and filling!!
    I’m currently in my transition… I haven’t given up everything at this point but the more I eat plant based the less interest I have in meats & dairy. I’ve already replaced milk with almond & soy and it hasn’t bothered me a bit.
    There’s no need for me to jump into veganism cold “turkey” ?, it’s a progression and in fact quite enjoyable exploring this new world of foods!

  39. I have no interest in being vegan, but the body needs balance. I want to do more veggies in the diet, more whole meals. It would be a bonus to find ways to sneak veggies in on kiddos meals. My oldest only likes pizza, cheese….corn dogs ramen noodles!! ? Im thinking he may be dairy intolerant.. he throws up if the dairy is eaten right before bed, almost like clockwork.

  40. Hi, is it bad if I transition right away to being vegan? If not, how long should I transition? I am insulin-resistant and my doctor told me to try going vegan and do intermittent fasting for 6 months to reset my hormones. So far, I have avoided meat and replaced cow milk to plant milk. I’m scared that I’m doing everything too fast. Hope you could give me some advice. Thank you!

  41. Enjoyed this thoughtful and encouraging video. I look forward to using the resources provided to help me get started.

  42. when your oa buys bread and u love bread and you eat it all and can’t stop you find out you are addicted to bread when your almost there but the bread damn it

  43. Seems you are located in the Netherlands, see a lot of Dutch labels;) I recently joined your channel and I love your recipes! Make me want to try most of them. Thanks for bringing so much inspiration…

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