Hey, what’s up everyone, this is Steve cha from rock star eater and I hope you’re having a rockin day today And today I’m gonna be eating something that’s really really special because I usually don’t eat this Quite often actually because there’s not really that many of these around in Los Angeles So today I’m gonna be trying Chicago deep dish style pizza now la is known for a lot of great foods and we have just about everything but Chicago style pizza is Something that we don’t really have quite as much and you know There’s not really a lot of places that could do it really that authentically and well tasting I mean there are a few places and luckily I am at one of those places which is right here behind me at a restaurant called Hollywood pies They make some of the best Chicago style pizza Outside with Chicago from what a lot of people have told me which is a very bold claim And I do believe that their pizza is really good so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go in and I’m gonna try some of their pizza and we’re gonna see what all the Hype is about so stay tuned This is pretty much their selections They got like the meats and they got like the veggies and then they got like the custom make your own pie So the first one I’m gonna do is the classic Chicago which has the milk. Mozzarella The Italian sausages and fresh house-made ricotta And then the Angelino which is the Jack cheese the red bell pepper olives Artichokes and crumbled feta cheese. Look how lovely that mural looks so guess where I am at right now I am in the kitchen of Hollywood pies, and it’s always so Exciting for me to go into the kitchen because you know, I get to see how the stuff that’s made But most importantly you get to see how this stuff is made So what I’m gonna do is just go around the kitchen and just show you what happens in the back of a pizzeria And I’m next to the owner Andre who is the owner of Hollywood pies isn’t that’s so exciting and he’s gonna Just basically give us a little bit of a rundown about this place that’s been here for about eight years right now We I think we’ve nailed every single point of the deep-dish Chicago style in Los Angeles, which is an amazing accomplishment I think we’ve done it With the crust and we have done it with the sauce and those are the two ingredients that actually make a deep dish Everything else you could essentially purchase you can go spend a lot of money buy quality cheese You could go spend a lot of money buy quality meats and produce But how are you gonna make the dough and how are you gonna make the sauce is gonna distinguish What would have quality deep dishes Wow and we’ve nailed the the sauce and the dough and we use quality whole milk mozzarella cheese and We make our own sausage. We make our own Meatballs, so this is our butchered meat everyday fresh baked from the oven, cut To piece and goes into the pies and all the produce are bought fresh. Some will claim that ours is better than Chicago That might be a sin To to most Chicagoans, you know, but some people that are actually Chicagoans claim that ours is better than Chicago So another cool thing about this place is the oven that they use. Yes. You can see behind me This oven is a thirty thousand dollar oven. I mean, it’s like one of a kind I mean, I don’t know how many other pizza places have really invested in an oven like this But it is a thirty thousand dollar oven in which they can fit like up to 24 pies To cook for half an hour in there So you can imagine how many of these that they can pump out like in the day, right? 25 to 30 minutes and then you have a nice pizza that comes out now this isn’t like a Neapolitan Pizza where they put it in the wood fire and it takes about like 90 seconds So you really have to be patient and wait for this thing to be finished, but once it comes out It is beautiful and if it’s just gorgeous tasting So if you don’t want to wait that long What what I would recommend for you to do in the owner Andre recommends this as well It’s that you order the food online and get here about 30 to 40 minutes later and it will be ready So now he is hand pressing the pie that’s the beginning of the pizza that they’re gonna make for me the classic and the Angelino, which we’re gonna try today a Beautiful pie right there. Just pinching it on the sides Now the next step is he’s going to put some of that cheese in the bottom This is so unique because see other pizza places. They would just put the Dough and then the tomato sauce and then the cheese and pepperoni on top The ricotta cheese right there The ricotta cheese is part of the classic, right? Yeah. All right Wow That’s some of that sausage, all right sausage toppings right there Angelina we got the red pepper first a green olives right there. Oh, it looks beautiful And better cheese, oh look at that, all right The sauce needs to cover all the ingredients inside so that the toppings won’t get burnt So that’s why they’re putting a generous amount of sauce in there. Then the pie It’s gonna go right in there just like that All right, he’s taking it out right now. It is extremely hot. I got to really be careful. Oh So these are my pies that I ordered and it’s been in there for like about 25 minutes now Oh, yeah Yeah, so they using the knife to just cut it So one of the cool things that Hollywood Pie does is that they use what’s called a crust saver It’s kind of like this little mesh that they put on top So that the crust won’t stick to the paper in the bottom and it gets all soggy They want to be able to preserve the texture as much as possible By the time he gets to the customers by the time he gets to us All right, the crust is supposed to be buttery and slightly flaky as well. So that’s what the thing is supposed to taste like some of that pecorino romano cheese on top And it’s finished great All right Yeah, look at that. Whoo I’m ready to dig in and I’m ready to just eat some of this awesome. Awesome pizza right now Okay, I’m gonna try the first one now, which is the Chicago classic Okay got that in there Beautiful alright Mmm Wow Wow, that Classic is good. I mean that sausage is just so big and flavorful and Tomato sauce is just so tasty as well. Let me get some of this ricotta just to see what this tastes like Wow, that is so flavorful That ricotta cheese mixed with the mozzarella. I mean, that’s just like she’s heaven right there. Wow, this is such a Tasty and flavorful and just a filling pizza that I’m eating right now So now I’m gonna try the other one. This one is the Angelino right here Right the tomato sauce here Andre told me that they use San Marzano tomatoes and San marzano tomatoes there’s a certain technique In order to get that certain taste Apparently from the time they pick it to the time he gets canned The shorter the amount of time the better so usually if it can be done within 5 hours You got a golden taste and that’s actually what this place uses in order to get their tomatoes Tasting really good is that they got some high quality? san marzano tomatoes to make this awesome tomato sauce It’s amazing good It’s like the tomato sauce the artichokes and the cheese, I just all combined together makes this really pretty taste It just is really something that just like this like touches our soul. No man. This is like really good Chicago style pizza You know I got in it. I’ve never been to Chicago before so I’m not gonna claim to be an expert in know You know what their pizza tastes like, but I do know what good food tastes like and this is actually very delicious See there he goes that crust right there It’s like a very crunchy Slightly flaky exterior just slightly buttery as well It was a very nice taste to it. I like this crust next one I’m gonna try here is their house salad which is a pretty nice looking thing actually got some arugula which looks very fresh Got some shaved parmesan And got some lemon zest in there as well Shave fennel as well. Oh Boy, look at that looks amazing. Doesn’t it? The salad is definitely very refreshing you can taste that cheese inside Mixed in you definitely need to get some salad when you need pizza because you can’t always just see carbs and meats So I need pizza restaurant you go to they have a salad II should definitely get it as well and this salad here is just a really nice tasting salad almost like something that comes out of a Like a really nice Italian sit-down restaurant actually Oh yeah, that is a filling meal You know, I already came in here with high expectations to this place and this place has met my expectations So if you are in this area of Los Angeles whether you’re from Chicago or any other places and you want to get a slice of Chicago outside of Chicago possibly the best Chicago style pizza Outside of Chicago in the United States and Hollywood ply pies is the place to go So there you have it Possibly the top chicago-style deep-dish pizza in Los Angeles some of the best pizza you will find or I would say some of the best Chicago-style deep-dish pizza that you’ll find outside of Chicago Well that does it for this edition of rock star eater I hope you really liked this episode and found that to be very Adventurous just like I did please give me a thumbs up If you really like this video also comment below if you know of any other great chicago-style deep-dish Pizzas in Los Angeles or even around the US as well, and finally, please subscribe to rock star eater All you got to do is go down to the bottom hit the subscribe button on the right-hand side Along with the notification bell and you’ll get these episodes on a weekly basis Well good night to all of you and I will see you at the next episode You

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  1. Nice video seen you at food insider you should go try out the donut man and let us know if it's worth the drive great video Subscribed

  2. After watching several of your videos, why do you always make disgusting faces, than searches for words to describe the foods. Beside my 1 hrs lunch break not enough time for me to order a deep dish pizza.

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