hey guys welcome back to my channel and
my kitchen today we are gonna do some brownies keto brownies but not grainy
brownies or fibrous brownies or weird brownies that somehow tastes like
chocolate wheat bread no fudgy yummy brownies or know how I make them stay
tuned and let’s do this okay so as you know I have been baking
with Lupin flour and I have been replacing some of what’s called for an
almond flour with loop and flour and have also been baking a lot with oat
fiber and kind of the combination of those three things in this brownie
mixture makes them fudgy and moist and delicious and not grainy or weird
tasting at all I mean they’re just you can’t tell the difference so good and
there’s very few things you can say that about you um you know a lot of times
you’re like well it’s a close second but it’s not the same but this one is pretty
darn close so I am going to show you what ingredients I use you can alter
these however you want as far as mix-ins from nuts to chocolate chips to whatever
I’ll show you what I put in mind so let’s turn around and make these things
okay so the first thing we’re going to use is oat fiber it’s a third of a cup I
will have all of the measurements in the description box below next up is the
almond flour this is three-quarters of a cup and the magic ingredient Lupin flour
also 1/3 of a cup of that next up is cocoa powder now I put in 3/4 of a cup
but it was really dark dark chocolate so if you want to go 1/2 a cup you can do
that then there’s some baking soda and salt mix that all together until it is
fully incorporated next up is butter you want to stick and a half that looks like
a stick and a quarter but it’s a stick and a half and then I use the powdered
monk fruit that’s so that nothing recrystallizes and I put a cup in of
that and you don’t have any of that grainy texture from artificial sugar
you’re gonna take a hand mixer and just mix it all together this butter has been
softened but you can also melt it I don’t think it makes a difference and
it’s actually a little easier to incorporate if you melt it but you can
also just use it softened once you get it totally mixed in you’re going to be
adding a teaspoon of vanilla and two eggs mix that in with your mixer
it’s not gonna fully mix together it’s still gonna look like it doesn’t fully
incorporate that’s okay don’t worry about that it actually looks a little
gross but it’s totally fine just mix it as much as you can and you’re good to go then you’re going to incorporate your
dry ingredients in with your wet ingredients and just mix that together
until it is combined keep in mind it’s not gonna look like a regular brownie
mix that’s horrible it’s definitely stiffer than that but that’s okay now
for my mix and I’m using a Lily’s sugar-free salted caramel chocolate bar
you can use chocolate chips you can use whatever you want to mix in with that
peanut butter powder and in place of some of that cocoa powder would be great
to make it less dark chocolate linked then you’re gonna just press it into the
pan I used a spatula and my fingers to get it even you’re gonna throw it in the
oven at 350 for 12 to 15 minutes it is done and we have to let it cool
completely before we cut it okay so you put it in for 12 to 15 minutes do not
overbake it it’s not going to seem done when you take it out but then you’re
gonna leave it on a rack in the pan for 15 to 20 minutes just wait and then pro
tip when you Pat brownies any kind of brownies you need to use a plastic knife
because then it slides right through the dough or the brownies without tearing
them and ripping them apart all brownies do that these things are delicious and
satisfying I love them I hope that you will try them out and you know I know
you’re skeptical on whether or not these things taste good because how many keto
recipes have failed us but these things are great and you can
use swerve and place of the monk fruit if you want you
can use Devia drops which kind of counteract some of that kind of
artificially taste and stuff you know whatever sugar substitute that you like
you can put into this however much that you prefer for sweetness so I’m not
married to the monk fruit not married to the monk can’t get married but I do like
it for mine because of the stomach upset
but I don’t get when I cook with this stuff so anyway I hope that you’ll try
this otherwise I hope you’re having a great day stay inspired and I’ll see you
in the next video you


  1. You may just have me convinced, lol! I have the lupin flour at home and the monk fruit, so I will try making these this weekend. Thank you for sharing your recipes. They look really good!

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