Blind Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

Blind Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

100 thoughts on “Blind Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

  1. only gripe i have with the test is that they put the mcdonalds dollar menu chicken sandwich against the more premium chicken sandwiches. Both burger king and mcdonalds both have crispy chx sandwiches that are better

  2. The tender crisp would've been a more comparable competitor for Burger King. But now it's 3am and I want a chicken sandwich 😭 (I'm at work)

  3. Man these guys know there Chicken sandwiches allot better then most other foods they have eaten. Impressive. Was this the first clean sweep?

  4. Damn this is the first time I've ever seen one of them get all of them right. That's impressive. But I think it's going to have to be a redo episode. Popeye's has a new sandwich and McDonald's is reportedly working on a new one for sometime early 2020.

  5. Please update your Chicken Taste Test challenge to include Popeye's and Burger King just revamped their sandwich as well.

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