What is up you guys and welcome back to
my YouTube channel! Today we are doing some traditional Greek dishes. I’ve gone
out to my favourite local Greek restaurant and I asked them to rustle me
up something special. I’ve got myself a mezze for two – it’s gonna take me a while to get through this. I do have some help waiting in the wings but for the most
part this is all for me. Be sure to let me know in the comments what is your
favourite food from today’s video and recommend me any Greek dishes that may
not be included in today’s mezze. But before we get started today I’m gonna
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next year and while I’m out there doing the shows I want to also be trying some
Greek snacks and food with you guys on stage – so stay tuned for that and let’s
get started! As you may have guessed this is takeout. I don’t have a chef in my
house that cooks Greek food – that is my dream! We have pitta bread – can’t have a Greek dish without pitta bread! It also says ‘please toast’… okay.
Oh! I almost forgot as well… look! I have a nice bottle of Mythos lager beer –
Hellenic – this is Hellenic… I’m not sure what Hellenic means. Please as always
correct me in the comments. It would be rude not to have a little sip before we
get started… what is this…. oh hello… This is how we should start all of our
YouTube videos. And it’s a goodun! Okay you guys! Let’s tuck in. So the lovely lady at the restaurant that sorted this for me went ahead and labeled every
single box so I would know what everything is and also so I can pronounce everything …wrong… probably and you guys can yell at me in the comments. Also, there’s beer in my hair how did that happen?!
So first of all we have ‘Greek sacks’?… I don’t think I can make out her handwriting… ‘Greek’… it looks like ‘salad’. There’s a bit of feta cheese in here. Ahhhhh olives…
Ooo… there’s stones in here, oh my god… Into the pitta it goes! I’m gonna go ahead
and guess that this is feta cheese. The lady in the restaurant did mention
that this cheese isn’t Greek cheese it’s actually Cypriot cheese. Apparently the
reason for that is cheese from Greece is super expensive to import into the
UK? I don’t know… but it’s cheese regardless… … so cheese… that’s good
enough for me… oh my god. I feel like we need a good salad-to-meat ratio in our pitta bread so… promoting healthy living… always! This is like a kangaroo pouch…
I’m gonna go ahead and tuck in as much of this as possible. Before we eat I feel it needs a little extra ‘something something’. That is why I’m gonna bring in some ‘pork
souvlaki’ into the equation! Oh my god! This looks so good.
‘Pork souvlaki’ – oh my god…
I don’t know whether this meat is like on the bone or not but let’s… I’m sorry… what is this?! What even is this?!
We got some fried onions in with the souvlaki…
…oh no, they’re not fried. They’re boiled onions. We also have some lemon… do you
usually have lemon with souvlaki?… now you do! Apparently some of these kind of
dishes have been adapted for the UK audience which is really lame but that’s
what she also said to me in the restaurant… just so you guys know for
reference. A bit of lemon? That’s where it’s at! I feel like I have to have a little bit
onion with it too. Everything that I like is going in the pitta and then we’re just
gonna have like this pitta pocket of goodness that I’m just gonna shove in
my mouth. This one’s a bit eager for some camera time. Okay… pork souvlaki… is amazing
on its own. I’m a big fan. I’m gonna put it in the… yes pile?
I don’t have any room. Pork souvlaki… yes! Next up we have… saga… na… nali?
Saga? Nali? Saga… la la? Luh la? I can’t read her handwriting. Maybe you guys in the comments can tell me what this is. It looks like cheese… ‘saganaki’… ‘saganaki’? Is that it? I don’t know… let’s try it. It looks like it’s like grilled cheese or something… more lemon. Do you guys eat like lemon with everything or
is it just adapted for us UK people? I am a fan. You’re in the yes pile ‘saganaki’ and I’m gonna put you in my pitta. It’s currently looking pretty full right now… Next up we have… rice!
Even your rice is better than ours… what?! Oh sugar… just gonna enjoy myself. Bit of that. Lovely. So on a scale of one to ten… how well do you think this dates going so far? Okay, next up we have veg moussaka. Okay.
Oooooo what is this?! What’s mousakka? What’s in it? It looks like lasagna…
It smells like lasagna to me… it like get I’m gonna get quite a big bit cause’ I think I’m gonna really enjoy this. Something tells me this is my kind of thing. There’s
mushrooms?! Oh my! There’s onion… I’m sorry… that is the lasagna of lasagnas. … oh my god. I really hope you enjoy our dinner dates. I know I do… cuz I get to eat all the food! Mezze for two? This is a mezze for two?! Oh my god… it’s got tomatoes, it’s got
mushrooms, it is so good. The cheese with it as well! There’s definitely cheese in
there. I am such a fan. I will see you later. Okay, next up. This whole thing came in like three bags. There’s a lot!
‘Crema’… ‘creama’… what?
This looks like a creamy chicken. ‘Crema coto – poullo’? ‘Poullo’ meaning
chicken? Right?… probably not. ‘Poulet’ in french is ‘chicken’… I think.
‘Chicken’ is ‘chicken’ in English… so ‘poullo’ must be… … does ‘poullo’ mean ‘chicken’ in Greek? Please correct me in the comments. ‘Crema’… which is cream, right? I think… ‘cotto-poullo’… chicken in cream? Damn, okay. I don’t want to tilt it too much cuz it
was gonna fall out the tub. Kinda smells like custard. This looks amazing. I’ve gotta put some of this in my pitta. Oooooohhhhhh
Oh my god! Carrots on top, like, grated carrots. Oh I think it’s orange zest… see…
I know food terms… oh it’s just falling apart. This has been slow-cooked. You know when you can tell something’s been slow-cooked? This has been slow cooked and this
cost me quite a bit of money. Just so you guys know. That’s how much I
love ya. And that’s how much I love putting food in my mouth. Cream chicken… you’re going in my pitta.
We’re gonna have a pitta moment right now. There’s a lot of flavours right now. A lot of souvlaki, a lot of chicken and cream, a lot of this saga la la la la ‘saganaki’? Saganaki…
…that sounds Japanese. You guys know how to cook food. ‘Creama- cotta-poullo’…? I freakin’ love ya. Dare I say it… this might go ahead and beat any Papa snack I ever tasted. Pffftt.
Who am I kidding? Do you guys think Papa would be proud of me? I’m really trying to emerge myself in the Greek culture here. All from the comfort of my home in Britain. But seriously I’m coming to see you guys next year. Let
me know in the comments what your favorite restaurants in Greece are and
next year when I’m over there I might just go visit them and say hey.
So, next up we have ‘lu-camco’?… I can’t read her writing. ‘Lu-Camco’?… anyway, it says below ‘Greek sausage’… …so it’s ‘lu’-something.
I’m just gonna eat it and see…. oh! What is this?! hmm hmm. Yep, I’ll have some of that. This is like smoked sausage with things in it. I feel like it’s got some
veggies stuff in there. Mmmm it’s so good. You my friend have deserved your place
in the pitta. This is gonna be an amalgamation of all my favorite flavors.
I’m looking forward to this. Again with the lemon. There’s lemon in there. Should I put lemon on it?
There we go With or without the lemon, the
sausage is good. Okay, next up! I honestly can’t read her handwriting. ‘Kef’… ‘Kefledes’? But I can read what it says below… ‘meatballs’.
Hopefully I pronounced something right today. I don’t think this is it! Oh my god! There’s just two big balls…erm… it’s just two MEATBALLS in here so I’m gonna be selective in how
much I choose to eat right now. Because I wanna save one for later. Dear lord…
Forgive me father I have sinned. Hmmmmmm need something to wash the meatballs down with. If you guys have any recommendations for your favorite beers from Greece let me know in the chat too.
This is Mythos, right? I’m a fan, this is nice! And also they
have a unicorn as their emblem! Magical! This is so good. So good in fact that
it’s going in the pitta. I don’t think there’s enough room in this pitta anymore. This is my favorite Greek video we’ve ever
done. It was at that moment she realized she had Greek food all around her mouth
for the entire duration of the video. I promise I don’t eat like a pig when I’m
on a date I promise… instead I just laugh at everything and pronounce things
incorrectly… even in my own country. So don’t feel like it’s just you guys! Next
up! We have ‘stirado’? S T I… R? S T I R… an S…. blueerrrghh! STI… STIT…. stitardo??? Again, correct me in the comments. This looks delicious.
So it’s some form of meat. It looks like it’s pork. It’s it’s definitely pork… maybe
it’s lamb? I don’t know… what is this… Tell me! What is this?! It’s got onion in
there mm-hmm You’ve made it to our second pitta. You’re
going in there. Well done buddy. You did it. I’m a fan of you. Okay over here we
have a little something. There’s so much food! I underestimated how much food a
mezze for two would be. This is ‘Cala’… ‘Calamari’!
I know calamari! The very first time I ever had calamari, I was actually in
Cyprus not Greece and my aunty told me that it was onion rings
and I’m glad she did because if she told me it was squid I would not eat it. But
after having it once I was like ‘what is this?!’ and I love calamari so I’m looking forward
to this. I’m just gonna lemon juice this one up. Come here ya cheeky lemon… calamari – yes!
Okay I’m just gonna go ahead and… This calamari has some of the softest batter on it that I’ve ever tasted with calamari… oops!
Usually when I have calamari here in the UK the batter is crispier… the batter
usually sometimes… it just falls off it. But this is actually really nice. It’s
nice and soft and the texture goes really well with the squid so
I’m a big fan. I think that’s probably the most serious review I’ve given of
anything in these tubs so you’re welcome. Let’s get back to the silliness.
I don’t know how I feel about putting calamari in the pitta.
So I’m just gonna say put this to the side. Okay we have another one hidin’ under here we haven’t tried… ‘med mushrooms’. Mediterranean mushrooms? Is that what
that is? These look amazing! It’s like, I just smell
bolognese. That’s what that reminds me of… bolognese. Honest to god these are
incredible. mm-hmm yeah. There’s I think basil in
there… basil? There’s tomato something there’s definitely like, olive oil.
You guys know how to cook! And I’m gonna put my little Mediterranean mushroom friends
in here because again they deserve their place – welldone… great job. Do I have a
little something-something… on my… something? No? Okay good, just
checking… you’d tell me if I had a little something-something? Good.
Next up we have ‘Greek pots’? Potatoes. Took you long enough Emma. We gotta add some potato in with the pitta because you know you can never have too many carbs.
There’s some tomato in there, there’s some like, pepper,
there’s green pepper, there’s onions there’s what looks like pineapple? Maybe
not… no that’s just another potato, okay. You’re coming with me. We’re gonna put
you in a pitta. I’m sorry, I don’t usually talk to food like this it’s just because
I’m narrating. I don’t usually eat food like this you guys! Hmmmmmmmm you can taste the oil,
it’s going in the pitta it’s going in. I feel like with a mezze you can’t go
wrong. You can put anything in a pitta and it will work, right? On a side note, thank
you for teaching me how to wave properly in Greece. Not like that… but like… that. That website I found was full of things that were not true. How do you guys in
Greece feel about eating stuff with your hands? Are you guys kind of ‘hands-on’
people? Are you ‘fork and knife’ all the way? Do you ‘fork-and-knife’ it? Or do you… ‘hands’ it? Next up we have a series of Greek dips to try out.
So let’s do this. We have hummus, tzatziki and…
taramasalata…. ‘taramasalata’? Is that right? Now I’m a fan of hummus just in general but I’m intrigued to know what traditional Greek hummus tastes like. Hmm significantly better than the stuff we can buy in the shop here. Love me
some chickpeas! Tzatziki! The ‘T’ is silent, right? Am i right?…
I really hope I’m right. Fun fact! I once made my own tzatziki in school for a
cooking project. I was the only person that cooked Greek food in my cooking
class and it was delicious. I ate it with cucumber sticks and I
didn’t offer anybody else any because it was that nice! Is it a mixture like Greek yogurt and something? It’s got a little kick… tzatziki. It’s like… oooo! I’m really looking forward to trying out is the ‘Tarra’… ‘Tarra’…
‘taramosalata’. Because I don’t know what it is so if
you guys know what this is (you probably do) let me know in the comments. Sorry, sorry. Try just a little…
…no still don’t know what it is. I feel like I should know what you are. Okay I’m just gonna dip it
in. When in doubt… dip it out! That doesn’t make any sense. This
is actually one of my faves from the three. ‘Cerama… colatta’… what was it called?
‘Taramasalata’… get it right. It’s actually really nice. I’m all dipped
out. It’s been a blast. It’s been a lot of fun. There’s been a lot of things
occurring over on this side of the bench. There hasn’t been a single thing in
today’s mezze that I haven’t enjoyed so I’m really happy about that but does it
work well together in a pitta? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm There’s so many flavors right now… is that hummus in my hair? This is so good…hmm…. there’s the feta. Ooo! Souvlaki… I’m gettin’ a bit of everything…
MEATBALLS. This is the ultimate Greek pitta combo. I love a ‘pitta’ you… haha…
…oi. Oompah! This food is weighing me down. I was almost gonna say this is the best date I’ve ever had… … it comes close. But what kind of person
would I be to not keep some room for some dessert.
Hiding to my right, your left we have ‘Greek sweets’… or…
‘bah’… bala’…. ‘balaclav’ ‘Balaclava keftafi’? Whoa ah! It’s stringy, look at this! Huh!
Got pastry…. I smell cinnamon… I’m gonna guess this is syrup, let’s taste it. So sweet! Well, I immediately regret that. I have a dedicated plate for dessert. I’m
civilized. Hang on. We’ll use the same fork. Oooo! One of these and one of those!
What is one of those? What is that? I think it’s the same thing.
So these are Greek sweets. I’m not sure what to expect, everything
smells like cinnamon. There’s a lot of pastry going on over here, there’s a lot
of stringy spaghetti-ness going on over here. So wish me luck, we’re going in. Oh my god. Send my compliments to the chef. No seriously send some compliments. The restaurant is called Zorba’s, they’re
amazing. Thank you very much again for sorting me out tonight. So much cinnamon Now we’re coming on to the spaghetti-ness. I’m a huge fan. This – not so sure. It is
exactly the same. The pastry is just shredded on top and actually is really
nice. It’s got a really nice texture. I’m a fan of you! You are also going
into the yes pile. Piled high. So high in fact that my table is gonna actually topple
over any second. I’m a little bit afraid to pick you up because this table is
gonna go that way. But I’d also like to put Mythos over
here because you were also in the yes pile. I’m just a big fan of everything
and now I have room to sleep everything off. So, good night. Thank you for tuning
in. If there was a traditional Greek dish that hasn’t been included in tonight’s
mezze then I want to know about it in the comments below. Drop a comment below and tell me what your favorite Greek dishes whether it’s starter, main, dessert or
whether it’s soft drinks or alcohol… whatever, just give me all the Greek
goodness in the comments. I gotta say ‘efharisto’… am I saying that right?
I’ve had a lot fun on our dinner date today. You could say it was a-mezze-ing…
amazing… mezze… get it? I think I’ve had too much Mythos. Hit that like button if you’d like to take me out again. I’ll bring all the food, you don’t need to do
anything. Seriously I love your food and I cannot wait to visit you guys in
Greece sometime next year, it’s gonna be a blast. Make sure you follow me at every
single link below so you get notifications of where my gigs are gonna
be in Greece next year. Go check out my new music video ‘Distracted’, leave a
comment over there, share it with a friend, add the single to your Spotify playlist or Apple music playlists… make sure you
go and get the single I hope you guys love it. Mythos, it’s been magical. Thank
you guys so much for watching, I love you I’ll see you on the next video. Bye!


  1. Hellenic means Greek and it's the actual word that should be used to describe our ethnicity. Greek derives from Γραικός (Grecos) which was used by the Othmans during the 400 years of slavery in Greece. Γραικός means slave and is totally offensive. Yet, it is rendered as our country's and ethnicity's name. That's why most Greek people prefer to call their country Hellas.

  2. Αυτήν αν της δώσεις ελληνικό φαγητό και την ποτίσεις ούζο ή τσίπουρο ή έστω κρασάκι την έχεις σίγουρα στο κρεβάτι σου

  3. Loukànika / sausages
    Stifàdo / usually made from rabbit meat
    Keftèdes / meatballs

    Tzatzìki /yogurt with cucumber and garlic
    Pronounced like..the "TZ" pronounced as the "j" in the word jungle.
    So JaJìki!!

    Taramàs made from caviar and fish eggs?

    The g letter pronounced as the Y in word YES, So, saYanàki
    It is way of cooking. More commonly cook fishes like this. Garìdes saganàki for example!

    Mousakàs is a layer dish
    Layers of potato, aubergine, tomato and mpesamèl creme!

    Kotòpoulo is chicken in Greek
    If you say just "poùlo"….actually is a bad word in Greek! It means prick?

  4. Hellas is the original name of what you know as Greece,so Hellenic is Greek.we are not Greeks we are Hellenes.Turkish made up this name Greece and Greeks to insult us while we were enslaved for 400 yrs.

  5. Hiii, actually Hellenic means greek and the country Hellas…Greek (Γραικός in greek ) was a son of an ancient Greek god and also means old- ancient
    Greek was the son of P andora and Zeus
    from another side greek it is believed to be fron ancient latin word Graecus which actually means greek slave , thats why in our products we prefer to write Hellas and Hellenic because in our language is Ελλάς ( ellas) or Ελλάδα (ellada) and Έλληνας (ellinas)

  6. 10:09 I think it is stifado and 4:33 it is saganaki στιφάδο stifádo σαγανάκι saganáki

  7. Μόνο εμένα πονούσαν τα αφτιά μ κάθε φορά π έλεγε το γράμμα "s"?????(no hate)

  8. Idk why I watched and liked every video u made abt greek stuff. You are too funny to stop now, and Im not even gonna bother correcting you. P.S Hummus aint greek, never been greek, never will be.

  9. not only the poulo but kotopoulo it is chicken you aderstand hope yes ποιος άλλος έχει όρεξη για μπακλαβά και κανταΐφι lol

  10. Η φάση που και τα ξένα comments τα έχουν γράψει Έλληνες

  11. Η φάση που στα comments των αμερικανικών βίντεο που δοκιμάζουν ελληνικά προϊόντα,έρχονται μόνο Έλληνες

  12. Cotopoulo is chicken not poulo.. poulo is something else.. about boys have and girls not…so don't say so happy i like poulo ??

  13. You can use the word "poulo" when you want to leave someone.. so as "get out of here" you can say "pare to poulo.. or pare poulo malaka"
    take the poulo (poulo means bird but bird also we say in greece the dick) i hope when you need to say to someone pare to poulo remember me ?

  14. Please stop putting evetything in pita.. that is not the right way to eat most dishes you are trying. Moussaka is ground beef, potatoes, eggplant and bechamel all layered. Pita is for souvlaki or spreading dips on it..that's it .

  15. Hi. I'm. Greek. ?? ?? ?? ??. Ελλάδα οποίος. Είναι. Να. Βάλουν. Like.
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️. Τέλεια ? ?

  16. Unfortunately this is not a traditional pita bread. The original one is round like tortilla but thicker and smaller

  17. Μαλακίες ελληνικά φαγητά και μαλακίες ελληνικό εστιατόριο.
    Αν φάει το μικρό πορνιδάκι γνήσιο ελληνικό φαγητό και γνήσια ελληνική πούτσα θα μιλήσει τα ελληνικά σε 5 δευτερα.


  19. Hi darling, you're doing great!!! souvlaki: done, saganaki: fried or grilled cheese (should be kefaloteeri cheese) and no it has nothing to do with Nagasaki… Yes, lemon goes or is served with EVERYTHING,dates back when refrigeration was not what it is today so you had to have fresh lemon juice on meat especially, just to be on the safe side. Mousakas: eggplant, feta, potatoes, bechamel sauce and cheese, classic. Kotopoulo is chicken, crema kotopoulo isss…not greek, but nice, loukaniko (all "ou"'s pronounced "oo") huge variety, apart from meat they can also add leek, orange, cumin, anything to give it a nice flavour. Stifado (steefado) traditionaly done with rabbit but you can use any meat, veal, pork, lamb, basically a stew with tomatoe sauce and shalots, if done properly is mouth watering but refrain from having it for dinner… kalamari, if fresh is much better grilled, fried is nice but, mostly, deep frozen. Taramosalata, roe salad, can be heavenly, also two types: white and pink (go for the white one if available) and while on the subject of "soft" salads you should try: meleetzanosalata (aubergine salad)!! and fried zuchini and aubergine with tzatziki!!! Meze is a big part of our culinary and drinking culture as one should not drink on an empty stomach. Sweets or sticky buns, as they are drenched in sirup, have their roots in the middle east and you will find more refined and delicate tastes in the exact same sweets in Turkey, Lebanon, etc. You CANNOT have a "baklava kataifi (kataeefee"), it simply doesn't exist, period. They share the same filling, which can be wallnut, pistachio, almond, all ground, coarsly, but not the exterior, baklava is made with filo (feelo) pastry, fine layer upon layer, sort of an oriental millefeuille and kataifi is made with that stringy pastry.
    Christ this turned up long!!!

    Cheers, love your videos, have fun and hopefully we'll join you in greece!!!

  20. Hello, Greek here! Well, tarama salata is made of eggs of fishes! Also, you have to try " Mamos beer" I think is the best beer we have in Greece, BUT this is mine and my friends choice, you have to taste it so you can tell us the difference!

  21. Hello. The one that you said saganaki its not greek but cypriotic and it is called chaloumi saganaki. I think you ate stifado as well. Greetings from Vienna. (i am greek/cypriot who lives in Austria)

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