Budapest Food Tour: Must Eat Hungarian Dishes in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Food Tour: Must Eat Hungarian Dishes in Budapest, Hungary

Mustard in pigs brains inside of a pork
cutlet Hey guys I’m Ross (and I’m Bek)
and we’re in Budapest. Our friends here have shown us around we’ve come up with
a list of our favourite foodie spots and that’s where we’re taking you today. If
you’re into food and travel videos hit subscribe guys let’s go let’s go eat. If you saw our last video the other day
you would have seen us in the Great Market Hall with a massive sausage. Well
today it’s not about quantity it’s quality. TöLTő I think is how we say
this and it’s the machine that they use to make the sausage and these guys will
be making sausages for years. So they’ve got a pork chili sausage and another
one with smoked pork in there as well like I can’t wait to tuck into these. A
really cool thing here is the little condiments that you get all the little
features that they put on here there’s kumquats and how do I say? Lechon sauce chili and some little micro herbs on the top and I think this
will blow my head off anyway let’s try That’s amazing that is amazing if you
want a really good hot dog a really good sausage in homemade bread this spot. Oh
that is hot guys Let’s try the smoked pork one now now
I’m pretty sure it’s ham in there smoked ham and it’s got these chili jelly bits
a lime mayonnaise going on here nuts peanut butter as well.
Let’s test this out If you like smoked meats this is the
sausage! This came from heaven look at that look at that guys impossible not to
get the mayonnaise all over your face sign of a good sausage this is mine that is my favorite by far.
Bek’s taking over that sausage. So tasty. I’m confiscating this. Not even construction and rain can stop
us from this baby. Some of our local friends said come here it’s starting to
become a found out place a lot of people come here and tuck into a really
delicious langos which is kind of like a donut consistency really crispy
it’s been deep-fried not exactly healthy but with sour cream and cheese on top
and that’s the traditional way that they have it there’s so many other toppings
you can have here as well try a traditional try one of the fancy ones as
well they’re good it’s like a Hungarian pizza so this spot they make it fresh on the
spot that’s the way to have a don’t let it dry out don’t buy one of the pre-made
ones get this it’s really good oh yeah deep-fried goodness deep-fried goodness so much cheese! We forgot our umbrella so I’m just
gonna pretend It’s not helping! We went on a food tour the other day
and our tour guide, he’s lived here all his life and he said his family are
obsessed with breaded meats so we had to come check it out
Bek’s gone with traditional pork Cordon Bleu
so that’s cheese and ham I have gone for the traditional I’ve gone for pigs
brains inside of my pork cutlet pigs brains with mushrooms and some green
peas so yeah I’m slightly nervous to see what comes out I think it’s too late to
change the order Thanks I’m speechless pigs brains
there’s pigs brains oozing out of this Let’s get in. Wow look at that now I like
a bit of mustard on mine mustard and pigs brains inside of a pork
cutlet ooh it’s good it’s um, creamy, almost like
the mineral sort of flavor you get with brains and it’s a mushroom in there too
it’s simple the breading on the outside keeps all the moisture in the meat keeps
it really succulent yeah simple and delicious hot tip here guys get the
mustard, mustard ah! Try the pigs brains! I’ve gone for something a
little more simple mine’s just the pork cutlet with ham and cheese so one of our favorites is beef goulash
but there’s a bit of a myth here like everyone’s eating soup or the beef stew
and every local you speak to has a different opinion on which one is the
goulash no one can agree on it I think in Hungary most people see it as a soup
but even on the menu right here you can see it’s the beef stew as the goulash so
we’re really interested if anyone really thinks they know what it is put some
comments down below we’ve ordered our favorite which is the stew with the
dumplings oh okay it’s arrived and you can’t come to Budapest or Hungary for
that matter and not have this this is unbelievable it’s such a rich stew it’s delicious really slow-cooked paprika, and I guess tomato, there’s some different flavors in behind there it’s
so hearty just think like hearty beef stew now the cool thing is with your stew
almost like a pasta in a way like a noodle they have these dumplings and they’re so soft. Soft and kind of
squeaky when you chew into them it marries together awesome. Yeah just like
me and Bek all right piping hot chimney cake Wow
we’ve gone with the cinnamon and chocolate so these are absolutely
delicious snack. The stand that’s behind me you can find them in a lot of
different corners throughout the city where they make these fresh and then roll
it around I don’t know like a roller pin like what
looks like a giant rolling pin and makes them fresh so you can get really fancy
versions dipped in nutella and filled with ice cream, but we just like the plain one like this on the go. a little bit soft on the inside and then
it’s a crispy on the outside that looks good look at that it’s starting to unravel. Yeah it’s like this big long strip that they just wind around
that rolling pin. We’re calling it the rolling pin. Mouth to chimney Tasty!
Packed full of sugar too! Foodie superheros in the rain not nothing’s gonna stop us. Not all superheros wear capes. We don’t wear capes we eat cakes No, I’m kidding I’m kidding I love that!
It is good did I fool you? I don’t know if I fooled you or not so it’s
gonna be here in a minute, but one fascinating thing is if you listen
closely in this place you can actually hear them spanking the meat out the back.
Bek’s just tapping her leg but though you can you can actually hear them
flattening out the meat and doing what the do Oh! On queue! I don’t know if you can hear that but
there’s like if someone’s getting smacked its anyway very interesting

100 thoughts on “Budapest Food Tour: Must Eat Hungarian Dishes in Budapest, Hungary

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  25. As a hungarian i have to share the real authentic hungarian dish recipe:
    -cubed bacon to the pot medium heat to become glassy
    -chopped onion to it (a lot) continue to become glassy too
    -dump in the paprika and some garlic…

    …now you came to the point where you have to decide what the heck you wanna cook.
    And you better be quick because the paprika is burning.
    Basically chop in anything you like and that will make a good lecsó (or something else)
    Oh and if you added meat don’t add the red wine until it’s done.
    That’s all you need to know for strat. 😀

  26. They said well. Goulash is the only soup. There are several varieties. Beef goulash, chicken goulash, bean goulash, bean goulash with smoked meat. What you ate is the beef stew. Also called beef paprika. Try the Jókai bean soup. A dream. It has sour cream. Believe me I'm Hungarian. 😀 😀

  27. Good start with the sausages! Getting the mayo all over your face is part of the experience. Haha Never heard of langos but they sound great. That 3rd place is right down our alley. Looks so homey. Oh wait… beef goulash! I think we would also prefer your plate over the soup. Those chimney cakes are the best… We've had them with stewed apples. Great eats guys!

  28. yaa our friend just came from Budapest too and shared her story about the amazing local foods…now we believe her! 🙂

  29. Seriously guys, I have just watched the first one minute and I need to ask: are you professionals? You do know how to work with a camera! Because of this quality, I press the like button. By the way, lángos with sour cream and cheese came into trend about 30 years ago. The traditional lángos was simply salted / wiped with garlic juice. One more thing: gulyás IS a soup, if it is not that should be called beef stew. I am a trained chef. 🙂

  30. The gulyás can be a soup and can also made as a stew. You cannot find 2 gulyás that are the same. Everybody makes it with traditions learned from parents and relatives. But definitly is a very delicious food! 🙂

  31. For tourists as in western world has mostly no soups, or real soups in their meals (even the italians has only milestrone, and some other but nothing more) to them it's made it easier just to call as stew. The western world cooking culture is mostly dominantly roast/fry everything, but here at Hungary, and towards east you get kinda boiling cooking, and soups. The story of the goulash is goes back to around 1848 when it's selected and spreaded as real hungarian meal, and herders food (but it's much older in origins). Back in those days the hungarian kitchen was mostly were mixed up with german/austrian/jewish kitchen and dominated with french type of food, and within the recovery of our identity the gulyas was the "thing", and turned into worldwide known and famous food. But as many herders/fisherman food it's best to make it on open fire to get a tiny smokiness, and it"s made usually as a single dish meal that fill you up quickly, and store it for later meals. So, the real gulyás is SOUP, not a stew. We have the stew version too, with dumplings, but that is another meal.

  32. By info I got from my Hungarian expat friend: goulash is the foreign (non-hu) word for the stew. It's used across the world to refer to goulash type foods (foods that intend to be like a pörkölt). The word "goulash" confuses Hungarians since the Hungarian word "gulyás" is a similar soup (also means herdsman). He said he wasn't sure, but it seems like the soup's name stuck with the stew by mistake (or because "pörkölt" is too difficult :)). So gulyás is a soup, and pörkölt is a stew. What you had could be accurately called Hungarian beef goulash (and gulyás will probably need to be called something like goulash soup or gulyás soup to avoid confusion). Both the stew and soup can be made from all sorts of meats and poultry. These Hungarian foods have been so popular, that now there are actually many nations with their own goulash versions (probably a result of trying to make the same thing), so the category "goulash" contains foods of several nations for generations and renaming doesn't seem likely. There is also paprikas (adopted outside of Hungary as paprikash), which is similar, but I really lost him at that point. 🙂

    Gulyás (the soup) is actually closer to what's typically a stew on the west (except it contains a little more liquid).

    So "goulash" is more of a category, sort of like "curry", and in the west world you could walk into a restaurant and find it on the menu. It happened to me. Oh boy it was a disappointment. I was expecting that hearty, rich, goodness and got something different (it looked similar though). I'm told not every goulash is made equally in Hungary either. It's kind of like steak here: you could get an otherworldly amazing steak in one restaurant and get a really mediocre one in the other. Also heard, if you get to go to a traditional Hungarian wedding, there is a good chance you will eat amazing goulash and whatnot.

    (My expat friend is an engineer but cooks really well. He made these for us and OMG! He also makes amazing steaks and whatnot, but his pork hocks roast melts you in your chair)

  33. Loved your video! As a transilvanian-hungarian I can say that we have the goulash stew with sousage slices and the chilly goulash soup mainly with potato&vegetables&small dumplings. What I would really sugest for you guys to try if you revisit Hungary or Transilvania in Romania, try out soups! It is a must! Tops are the chicken noodle soups with fresh parsley (húsleves) ,cumin soup with giant dumplings (köménymag- leves) cherry soup (meggy-leves), the meatball sour soup (húsgomboc leves). These are just a few, but we have soups for every season and endless combinations…For desert it's also a must the :VARGABÉLES, SZILVÁSGOMBOC. If you travel to Cluj-Napoca (Romania) some day I'd be happy to give you few exemples for the best traditional restaurants in the city! Keep up the tasting guys! Cheers!

  34. So let's clear this up. Gulyásleves (aka goulash) is a soup (leves = soup) What you had was pörkölt which is a stew. Hungarian goulash is definietly a soup.
    Thing is that our soups are usually so rich that you can get your spoon stuck in it.

  35. Finally a youtuber who not only checking the fancy places (or even worse the tourist traps) and having some cool adventures with places what we, the locals visiting more often. Good one!

  36. I had the "Hussar's Sword" one night for dinner when I was there in 2000. It's a giant Steak Shis-ka-bob served on a Sword. And yes, I ate the whole damned thing.

  37. I love watching people go to other countries and restaurants eating food. I'm not adventurous with food no brains food looked delicious though.

  38. Nice vid. Even as a Hungarian I got some tips for places to recommend to my foreign friends. 🙂 The basics of Gulyásleves and Pörkölt (what the world knows as Goulash) are the same (we have something called pörkölt alap – stew base – on what we base a part of our cuisine). The difference starts once the meat is done. For the soup you fill it up with water and add vegetables, noodles, potatoes, salt and cook it ready but for the stew you cook it with some dry red wine (Vörösboros marhapörkölt, the plate you had on the menu is a red wine added beef stew with paprika).
    The best flavor comes when they are cooked outdoors on live fire in a Hungarian type of cauldron called "bogrács". Cheers!

  39. Hi Im from Sopron (west hungary), my mother always said and made the gulash soup this way. First she made a basic pörkölt, then she diluted with water then added some veggies, and made the soup. These two dishes gets confused probably because of this. You can baisacly make a gulash soup from gulash with noodles, just the water proportion is different.

  40. Gulash is 100% a soup. We say “Gulyás leves”-leves is soup translated to english. You can find canned goulash “stew” labeled products abroad in the stores but it’s nothing like the original hungarian recipe. Foreign people often think goulash is a stew because it’s pretty thick sometimes but it depends on the cooks. What you ate in the video is called “pörkölt”. It has nothing to do with goulash but it doesn’t really has an exact translation so we translated it as“(beef,pork or chicken) stew with sweet paprika and (just like you) we eat it with galuska/nokedli (dumpling) and some pickled cabbage or pickles.

  41. Pig's brain? Since when is it a traditional hungarian food? I mean I have never heard of it in my life as I have never heard of that "hot dog like" food, called töltő either. These are not hungarian and definitely not traditional hungarian foods.

    In the description you haven't mentioned where are you two from.

  42. WHY do you think that Ross acts like an idiot whenever he is on camera? with the ridiculous face contortions and the stupid jumps he does. cute if you are a moron. and what is the matter with beck if she is staying with thisguy?

  43. within a half of a second after biting into the how dog ross is reacting to how great it is. there is no way you can have any plausible idea how the thing tastes you moron after a 1/2 second. ross now you can change all future videos and take some time and thank me every time in the future for not looking like an idiot even more than you normally do.

  44. Well, Ross and Bek, about the gulyas, it's not soup and it's not stew. They think about it as it's a mixed raced child with a parents of soup and stew.

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