Bulletproof Diet Explained – What You Need To Know

Bulletproof Diet Explained – What You Need To Know

Hey there. This is Braxton, from boldhacks.com, click here to check out that website And what I do on there is just
anything that helps us, ahhh… cut the manacles of mediocrity; Experience our true, best,
divine, transcendent selves. And in this video I’m gonna be sharing one of the
best tools for that the foundation that helps make everything so much easier
which is the bulletproof diet I love this diet. I’ve been doing it for eight
months now and I’ve never felt better I’ve eaten pretty healthy in the past
and then I went to China didn’t eat too healthy it’s a great diet. the benefits, cuz you know, I’ll be going over features which tell, but the benefits sell,
I want to start with those for anyone that’s on the fence about whether or not
to do this diet benefits are more energy and who doesn’t want that and this is at
the mitochondrial level that this is helping but overall good, better, more
stable energy. Less cravings. You converge towards the more optimal body
composition, so that means if you’re too fat you’re going to get skinnier and put on
some more muscle if you’re too skinny you’re going to gain some more muscle and
get some good, healthy weight. You have higher bio-availability this is because
you’re getting lots of healthy fats which is what your cells are made of so
they’re able to have better receptors turned outwards rather than inwards and
whether it’s a salad you’re eating with all those greens or supplements that
you’re taking your body is able to absorb those vitamins and minerals more
efficiently more effectively. There’s lower insulin sensitivity, so I… which as a result, you can increase your salt consumption and it’s still healthy. I eat tons of salt now on all my stuff and then you improve your cholesterol, my dad has been
on the diet for several months he improved his cholesterol, his HDL 15% naturally just through the diet and his “unhealthy” LDL
it stayed the same. another part that I just want, I just want to scream this from the mountaintops! because, especially relevant right now I have an
uncle who has cancer and it struck us as quite a surprise and we hope that he’s
able to surmount it, but I wish he would have been on this diet earlier because this is an anti-cancerous diet it’s weird, right?
I wish every Cancer Foundation would proclaim this but the American diet is a harbor, a safe haven for cancerous cells because it’s high in sugar. Cancerous cells have compromised mitochondria that cannot use ketone bodies which I’ll be going into later they can’t use that for energy so if you
cut out the carbs or restrict them to a very low level you purge the body of
cancerous cells which is awesome! Who doesn’t want that?
Because we all have cancer in us It’s just whether it’s being taken out more
than it’s being divided. The other thing is it’s neuro-protective which was the initial studies for Dom D’Agostino he was getting into the Navy SEALs research
about preventing seizures when they would have an air recycler on their
oxygen tanks or their oxygen masks recycler thing how did I find this diet
you might ask. I’ve been studying in China for 3 years,
the answer is I was pretty over and scared of all the toxins that were in
the food that I was getting whether it’s meat or vegetables and my roommate got
back from a retreat a little Rotary Club team leadership retreat they were doing
meditation everyday vegan diet no drinking and when he got back he was
challenging me to do I don’t think it was a vegan dive a vegetarian and I
tried for I think just over a week maybe two weeks I
thought it would be good I’d feel cleaner and all that which I
kind of did but I was lacking energy and I was really hungry all the time so
my mind like it was hard to do work for school and all that and so as a result
of that I was like I need the best diet I went on Google I’m not sure what the
search query was but it was something like optimal diet or avoiding toxins
diet and I found thank the Lord bulletproof diet and I’ve never looked
back it’s it’s part of the bulletproof brand which I totally get behind because Dave Asprey, the founder, is all about it’s all about how to kick more ass in
life whatever you do and that requires optimal mind, body and that’s done
through nutrition, fitness and psychology so this guy tries to encompass it all in
all of his products and all of his blog posts and all of his everything
it’s podcasts check him out it’s an awesome brand, awesome guy. Dave Asprey, if you’re watching this, I Love You Man! You changed my life. So let me go over the features now
I’m gonna explain the chart which Dave I don’t know if you’ve
explained it in the video so feel free to put your own twist on it I’d love to
see it but let me get in on some pictures here go and start with the
calorie breakdown it’s similar to an Atkins diet it’s a modified Atkins diet
and it’s similar to paleo but this one is placing a special emphasis on toxins
and avoiding those in your diet so stuff like beans is a big distinction between
the Paleo and the bulletproof diet so starting with your calories we’ve got 50
to 70 percent of your calories coming from fats and oils this is stuff like
coconut oil olive oil ghee grass-fed butter grass-fed beef or lamb salmon
sardines avocado I could go on brain octane which is a
bulletproof product I’ll be talking about and then we’ve got 20% of our
calories coming from veggies and protein with the remaining 5 to 10 percent
coming from fruit and/or starch moving on to the I’ll move on right now to the
diet plan the nutrition plan which is at the top right of the chart top right it
is there’s the simple one which that shows the different categories of the
coffee the the fruit oils bad vegetables but I tend to do the intermittent
fasting one which I personally will do with bulletproof tea you can check out
my video here for how to Bruce and your Belmonte in the morning so all I do is
pour in some brain octane to make it more bulletproof to kickstart and
catalyze myself into ketosis which makes me feel energized no cravings and very
almost wired pretty much the the other times when I’m doing the normal one
I’ll just have a nice breakfast something like eggs arugula avocado with
olive oil tomatoes cucumber carrots just staying on the top part green portion
bulletproof said the food spectrum is awesome please I don’t know how many how
much time you put in something like a year several months going over the
different foods and seeing what was the best general guide to put out there and
there’s some surprising things on the bottom and also some surprising facts to
learn like you should be not not poaching what is the you should be it’s
just al dente you should be lightly cooking stuff like spinach kale brussel
sprouts bok choy because it has certain defense mechanisms that will make you
inflamed and all this stuff that you don’t want so just lightly cook that and
you’ll be good some stuff that surprised me
all soy all cheese all corn except fresh beans lots of things down there that I
would tend to eat beforehand when I was eating a healthy lifestyle but these are
things I’ve since cut out and it goes from bulletproof at the top to suspect
in the middle which it means like you could be eating a good variety of this
but there also can be very toxin filled varieties that you might also have a
high sensitivity to so you’ll feel shitty after the scientific term and
then at the bottom just avoid it all cost toxic foods
there’s also while we’re on the topic of this chart this is lovely amazing try –
thank you Dave Asprey we’ve also got an alcohol one which sadly shows beer and
wine at the bottom of the spectrum and luckily shows vodka with whiskey tequila
and what was it gin at the at the top and avoid adding sugars because that
will that will make it less bulletproof just go for something like soda water in
line so moving on to the finishing up remarks and the thing I love about
bulletproof diet is it’s making you feel better in all these different areas of
energy body composition overall health by addressing the core issues it’s not
like I want more energy so I take an energy shake like redbull of 5-hour
energy which addresses the external problem it’s a short-term fix for
long-term side effects you’re getting a core and it’s sustainable it’s a
long-term solution the finishing remarks I have is expect a around a week long
hangry type of hangover bad feeling because your body is gonna be adjusting
you’ve got new enzyme pathways that it’s gonna be using for this fad metabolic
rate there’s ketosis that you’re gonna be in which ketosis I didn’t go over
that most of us Americans when we eat a diet high in carbs which is sugar
we were burning sugar glucose for energy and when we get into a state of ketosis
which is the other metabolic state we’re burning fat for energy we’re converting
those fat molecules into ketone bodies which are used by the brain and by the
muscles and all this stuff that’s great it’s a great alternative the cleaner
metabolic rate to be in less free radicals which means less inflammation
all this good stuff and it’s no protective which I mentioned earlier
earlier GI be warned when you are experimenting with the levels of brain
octane or other fats like coconut oil and olive oil that you’re adding your GI
your gastrointestinal system has a limit so you’re gonna be perusing that area
and seeing what your limit is just crank it up slowly and you’ll sometimes feel a
little bit bad I would just move around get some water to help mitigate any bad
feelings everyone is a snowflake you’re all special unique snowflake so that
means everyone’s different you’re gonna have different sensitivities you have
different strengths of weaknesses in your nutritional plan so just measure it
be aware of your body listen to it you might eat one thing that’s says it’s
suspect and you feel fine you might eat another thing that’s
suspect and you feel horrible and stuff on the bottom you shouldn’t feel too
good anyways but maybe you can eat cheese with little side effects so good
for you and stuff while we’re on that topic of cheese and all your other
cravings that are your advice and your cheat day stuff if you want to lower
that change your association with it association is a very powerful tool so
for example if you want to eat less cheese research why cheese is bad for
you the bad side effects that you know I don’t know correlation of cheese eaters
with death or you change your Association to say oh I know all this
bad stuff about cheese so when you see it on the cheese platter and that
craving comes up all the bad things in your mind
outweigh the pleasurable short-term benefit of taking a bite and that can be
done with you know working out or any other thing association powerful tool
measure and adjust you can get some keto sticks which are six bucks for like 100
Walmart you can do that to check when you’re in ketosis I remember first time
I checked and it was successful it’s very excited so it’s good to check
so that you can distinguish when you’re inside the feelings the energy levels
all that when you’re actually in ketosis word of caution
you know warning heads up keto sticks measure what’s in the urine which is the
leftover ketone bodies so you could have a negative reading when you’re in
ketosis just because you’re using up all the ketones so it’s it’s cheap
indication but it’s not the most accurate good resources to use are the
foolproof diet which I’ll link to as well as the bowl proof cookbook brain
octane which is a medium truck medium chain triglyceride 8mc t8 fat molecule
and it’s the most readily accessible it’s the most ketogenic fat that your
brain can use your liver doesn’t have to process it
unlike other stuff and it’s just it’s triple distilled coconut oil that’s what
it is so it’s very pure coconut oil the best cream the crop and then we’ve got
the bulletproof bars their collagen bars with coconut oil MCT and brain octane
that reverse hierarchical that loveliness with also some cocoa and
cashews and this is great because it fills you up you know if you need to
you’ll be full and you have energy feels very clean there’s also the protein
which I’ve been taking a soy-based protein which I feel good after but it’s
causes inflammation stuff there’s all these studies that show that it’s not
the best optimal thing so that’s what I’m shooting for I’m switching to and
trying out the collagen protein and then later I’ll be trying out the whey
protein these are both from bulletproof and they’re from grass-fed cattle
lastly to finish off find your wide this is going to be a decision make it a
binary decision of like you’re either gonna not do this room like it sounds
great but I can’t commit to it or you’re gonna go all in with your chips I was
talking to my grandpa about this last night and I made it that kind of
decision I said if you’re gonna do this you gotta put up the poster in your home
so you can see it and have it as a quick reference and you’re gonna partner up
with someone in this case his wife my grandma so that it’s easier you’re
supported there’s interpersonal strength and momentum when you’re shopping and
preparing meals and chase that why visualize it every day whether it’s more
energy or better body cop remember why you’re doing it
and that will pull you towards maintaining this diet so hope you like
that video if you want to check out more stuff there’s my website full tax and
I’ve got a gymnastic strength training that goes well with this I’ve got the
your Belmonte if you missed it in the middle in the video how to prepare that
and yes enjoy how great day becoming experiencing your best self some other
easy getting started notes just start out with eating cleaner by eating things
that you know are alive you know eat less processed stuff stuff that was that
in bags like chips and pastries and all this stuff just eat more fruits and
vegetables fruits you can eat less up but and we eat that at night because the
cravings that you would get from that rush of sugar that will be when you’re
asleep so it’ll have so much less of an effect as if are compared with eating it
in the morning or if you have some berries or something in the morning
later 12 o’clock 1030 you’ll get that craving that this kick started so eat
more nuts more meat a lot of those just I like dumb the eggs do you know think
of vegetables as a fat delivery system so recently it’s been
riced like minced cauliflower that I just drizzle with ghee and butter and
olive oil it’s a good way to to think of it and I want us to do eat less sweets
eat less sugar no soda no no candy change that Association and I mean I’ll
include the top 10 things that were listed in the bulletproof cookbook for
starters but that’s a little bit there so enjoy

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  1. Thank you. Brackston (spelling?) Yes started Keto eating thanks to your video. Mornings I load up on good fat 70% of my calorie intake just in the morning. Seem to go long periods of time with energy. Struggling on what to do for snacking. Also trying to replace meat with Sardines and Salmon, but still in need of some ideas for meals and snacks. Thanks laird

  2. Another question. Is there a way to do this diet without eating meat or too much meat. thank you. Laird

  3. Great video. At 1:53 you stated there is lower insulin sensitivity. I believe that should be HIGHER insulin sensitivity. Lower insulin RESISTANCE would also be correct. Also, this particular benefit would not have much to do with salt as you followed with. The diet is great and everyone should follow it if they wish to have optimum health. Thanks for trying to make understanding it easier. Might help some figure out how to actually follow the diet and get the great results it offers…

  4. Hey! I'm actually living in China and I have no idea how to follow the bulletproof here – lack of grass-fed organic meats, quality dairy, wild fish.. I became vegan for that reason, but if you have any solution (given you were here), please do share!

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