Burn Fat From Your Legs Using Only A Plastic Bottle

Hey, everyone! There are many popular workouts you can do
from squats to lunges to push ups and planks. But have you ever tried one that will burn
fat from your legs. It also helps to strengthen your lower body. We are talking about the bottle workout. From reducing back pain to strengthening the
abdomen, this exercise has plenty of benefits. Let’s begin with … How To Do This Exercise First of all you will need to find a bottle
with a large diameter. It will put more pressure on the muscles. After that, place it between your legs. Make sure that your feet are parallel to each
other. This will ensure you are balanced. You then have to squeeze the bottle with your
inner thighs. Make sure that you are pressurizing your pelvic
area. The pressure in the beginning must come from
your thighs. After a few minutes, try and tighten your
stomach, putting pressure on the pelvic area. This brings us to the tricky part. You will have to move your lower back and
hips. Doing this will cause your back to switch
from an arched to a more rounded position. While this movement requires intensity, I
wouldn’t suggest you go that fast. It could affect your muscles and cause strain. Before we continue with this video, I suggest
you check out, “14 Ways To Soothe Tired Feet and Legs.” Let’s move on… If you have already been doing this for a
while, you may get tired of having the bottle in the same position. You can place it slightly further down the
thighs, but above the knees. This will apply more pressure, helping burn
extra fat. You can also place the bottle between your
knees. Just be careful, as it might be harder for
a beginner to balance with a bottle in between their knees. Not to mention you have to keep your feet
parallel to each other. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way,
let’s talk about the many benefits this exercise has… #1 Good For the Heart One of the most common places for fat to accumulate
is in your thighs. Doing this exercise on a regular basis can
help not only reduce but control fat. Here’s something you don’t know. Burning that extra fat around your thighs
and buttocks is good for your heart. Experts have found that it reduces the risk
of heart attack and diabetes. Speaking of which, you can also check out
our video on “15 Foods That Will Make You Eat Less.” #2 Good For The Pelvic Area These muscles are responsible for urinary
functions, excretion and more. If someone is doing exercises for the pelvic
area, it will be beneficial for them. Women in particular, can gain many benefits
from this. A good session of exercise can help strengthen
the pelvic floor and reduce the risk of vaginal prolapse. If you are fresh from prostate surgery then
doing this exercise could help speed up the recovery. Apart from that, doing pelvic exercises could
improve the functions of your bladder and bowel. #3 Strengthens the Abdomen Your abdomen is an important part of the body. It helps to protect your inner organs. These organs are responsible for our digestion
process. More importantly, the abdominal muscles assist
the respiratory process as well. According to a study, there is a synergy between
the pelvic muscles and abdominal muscles. Relying on that fact, we can conclude that
the exercise will also put pressure on the abdomen. When you are putting the pressure on these
muscles, they react by adapting to it. This is how they become stronger. So if you want stronger abdominal muscles,
the water bottle workout is the way to go. Since we are talking about workouts, we have
also discussed exercises that help you lose arm fat in a separate video. Feel free to check it out. #4 Reduces Back Pain Many of us sit in a single position for a
large portion of the day. For this reason, it is not uncommon to have
issues with our backs. And let me tell you, back pain can be especially
excruciating. Our back plays a vital role in maintaining
our body’s balance. It also contains muscles that protect the
backbone. More importantly, it helps us keep a proper
posture. Back pain can be scary, but have no fear! The water bottle workout is here for you! After pressure has been generated from the
thighs, it reaches your back. This happens like a chain reaction. Along with your thighs, knees and other parts
of the lower body, your back benefits. Exercises for the lower body have also been
found helpful for the lower back. Just remember that these workouts do not serve
as an alternative to medicine. Make sure you are consulting your doctor! Alright, those were the benefits of doing
this exercise regularly. But we aren’t done yet. After explaining the methods and benefits,
it is time to talk about some tips for the exercise. Tip #1 Make sure that you are well-balanced. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform
this exercise properly. Tip #2 No matter which of these bottle workouts fascinate
you, make sure that the bottle is in contact with the skin. This way your muscles will feel the tension. Have you tried the bottle workout yet? Would you consider trying it after watching
this video. Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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