Can This Baker Guess People’s Ages Based On Their Favorite Desserts? • Tasty

Can This Baker Guess People’s Ages Based On Their Favorite Desserts? • Tasty

100 thoughts on “Can This Baker Guess People’s Ages Based On Their Favorite Desserts? • Tasty

  1. People like carrot cake because when the US was at war we didn’t have much to make deserts with! People had carrots tho! The original recipe was much less sweet of course !

  2. It's amazing! I would love to see other episodes like this! This girl is very fun and nice 😀
    Hope you have a good day/night :))

  3. I love carrot cake, I don't have a problem with oatmeal raisin cookies, and I don't really like chocolate ice cream. I'm only 15.

  4. What do you mean younger people don't like chocolate ice cream… ? Guess I'm the magical unicorn 22 year old that likes carrot cake too.

  5. Oatmeal raisin cookies
    Carrot cake or German chocolate
    Vanilla, butter pecan, anything with caramel and strawberry ice cream ?.

    Guess my age…

  6. She seemed rude and disrespectful. How she criticizes people choice, like everybody around her age is gonna like the same thing as her, she was using the stereotypical desert for each age and how she didn´t stand up and hug the woman but hugged the man, like where's the respect for older citizens? Sorry, but I just don't like her vibe.

  7. I dunno. O always liked oatmeal raisin cookies (not the oatmeal raisin cookie sandwiches), strawberry ice cream is my fave and I love a good brownie. This thing about age is nonsense. People like what they like.

  8. My favourite cookies: are chocolate cookies with white chocolate on top
    salted caramel ice cream
    I prefer chocolate as mousse au chocolat
    my least preferred desserts are jelly desserts and barberry cake
    My favourite cake is with Sharon fruits and low-fat curd cream like this one :

  9. I’m definitely a pie person. Cake is always too sweet, and has too much frosting. The only frosting I will eat is whipped cream. Also I’m 15

  10. IIRC, Rie is considered one of the oldest on Tasty (39, 1980) while Alvin is most likely one of the youngest dudes there (24, 1995). Age counts lol.

    Brownies seems to be my favorite bakery but Vanessa is 27 (1992) and so lucky! This should be its own series along with Jasmine’s weird taste series.

  11. What do mean, nobody likes oatmeal? What do mean that oatmeal raisin cookies are the worst cookies? That's going to come as a big surprise to Quaker Oats. Oatmeal raisin cookies have always been my favorite, tying with soft chocolate chip cookies. Obviously I won't like anything this fat dufus cooks.

  12. For those saying" the video just proves she doesnt know what she is talking about", it's just an EXPERIMENT, its FUN to watch, and CALM DOWNNNNN!
    This isnt her job, she is just guessing based on whats common!

  13. Cookie > Double Chocolate Chip
    Ice Cream > Mint Chocolate Chip
    Form of Chocolate > Brownie
    Least Favorite > Fruit Cake
    Cake or Pie > Pie

    How old am I?

  14. I'm 28 and love all of those! lol except fruit cake.I'm one though that has 'older' tastebuds.I love oatmeal raisin it's one of my favorites.My grandfather's too I remember eating them with him and made them for him before he passed.He loved Cheetos and Oatmeal raisin cookies. <3

  15. I don’t mind oatmeal raisin to be honest, though it’s not my first choice in cookie.
    I like cake and pie so it would be hard to pick.

  16. I like oatmeal raisin and fruit cake and I’m 30. ???? this video, was a waste. I think they are really hurting for content.

  17. No hate, only my opinion. Your age or generation shouldn’t be the deciding factor of what your favourite desserts are. Anyone and everyone can like whatever they like and there’s nothing wrong with a younger person liking oatmeal raisin or pie. It’s all about personal preference so I honestly found this extremely confusing?. Again, only here to share my opinion because overall, I found this extremely entertaining?

  18. -Samoa Girl scout cookies
    -Mocha Java almond chip icecream
    -Godiva chocolates
    -least favorite dessert – jello
    -favorite cake-cheese cake

  19. I wish this vid had taken a little more time to go into how desserts changed over the last 40-odd years, and maybe had a wider range of ages in the subjects.

  20. Remember the con-artists who used "fishing" techniques on their victims to prove that they were psychic, or could talk with ghosts? That's what this girl reminded me of.

  21. My favorite dessert is tapioca pudding. Does that mean that I am really old? It's kind of an old person dessert haha

  22. Who doesn't love every dessert ? Different size, different shape, different taste, who cares ?!
    I want to eat all of them ! Lol

  23. Who doesn't love every dessert ? Different size, different shape, different taste, who cares ?!
    I want to eat all of them ! Lol

  24. I'm Asian and I like fruit cake and I'm 20. Maybe you guys don't like fruit cake because it's dry af. But I like fruit cake that's moist.

  25. Most people like chocolate truffles also Chocolate ice cream is something a lot of little kids love. I know it’s just for fun but I don’t understand her logic lmao

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