100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Canned Soup Fancy?

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  2. Chicken noodle soup….
    My brain: say it!
    Me: nope I WON'T PLEASE I WON'T—


  3. There is no point in asking *Can this Chef make it fancy*………

    The real question is *Can this chef make this without alcohol*🍾🍾🍺

  4. Rie is a very good chef, the good news = this looks very good, the bad news for tasty & not Rie = it would be just as good without the canned soup.

  5. They should totally rename this to "What can this chef not make fancy?"

    The last time i was this early, Rie only showed her hands in videos. L😂

  6. Love it! Very impressive. I'd also enjoy knowing how she stores many of those ingredients i.e. rice vinegar, etc. after opening them. Looks so delicious!

  7. This looked so delicious 😋 Rie does such a good job and for Andrew to have actually done the dance, the dumplings must have been amazing!
    And thanks Rie for being consistent with the alcohol in the food lol I barely drink but it makes me laugh when she pops out a bottle

  8. "chicken noodle soup"
    are there any armys here? tell me im not the only one who thought of hobi and went "CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH A SODA ON THE SIDE"

  9. The salt downt melt, hot fried foods have some residual oil, which helps the salt adhere. As the food continues to absorb the oil the salt tends to adhere less and less with time…

  10. I've made a far more cheaper, just as tasty dishes with a can of Chicken Noodle soup – canned soup is the best to zhush simple imgredients up, without fuss and expensive ingrediants.

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