100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Chocolate Pudding Fancy? • Tasty

  1. I kinda like rie but I don't get this concept if it's making it fancy then it should be like vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or butterscotch ice – cream to butterscotch milkshake you can't make it like nutella to chocolate cake it shouldn't become the insignificant part of the receipe it should be something that can't be replaced in receipe. Like in this part I think you could just skip pudding and white chocolate or something it really isn't making the dish, fancy

  2. She used the pudding as just an ingredient, that's like saying, "can this pastry chef make puff pastry or pie crust fancy, like stfu

  3. Lol I always do the “make it fancy” with her when she says it. I even do the bloody hand action ???‍♀️

  4. I too prefer my dark chocolate diluted with chocolate pudding

    I second the Petition to change "this chef" to Rie

  5. This is my most favorite segment on Tasty! I genuinely enjoy the recipes and Rie’s jokes. Can’t wait for the next one.

  6. I love her but honestly I kinda felt she simply added the pudding to a chocolate Crêpe cake recipe wich overpowered the puddings taste and probably would have tasted the same without adding it.

  7. Ok so I'm definitely just making a bowl of chocolate pudding for myself now because I'm hungry and regret watching this on an empty stomach.

  8. 10:40 i'm french and i'm assuming he said "mille feuille" (but said it like mille flume) … And no, it's absolutly not a mille feuille xD it's a "crèpe cake" in french too. (we also call it "Gateau de crèpe," who's the full translation en french)
    A mile feuille is a
    pastry, like croissants or chocolate-filled pastry ! ?

  9. I'm starting to realize the running theme of these videos are more "mask the unfancy ingredient" instead of "make the unfancy ingredient the main ingredient and fancy"
    plus, I've noticed she doesn't make anything without alcohol. hmmm
    still great videos though… even though

  10. I would want Rie as my mom. She would make all my food fancy af so I can show off to my friends " lOoK aT mY fOoD" lmao

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