Can This Chef Make Frozen Fries Fancy? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make Frozen Fries Fancy? • Tasty

100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Frozen Fries Fancy? • Tasty

  1. I will never in my life understand the weird trend of putting lots of sauce and other stuff ON TOP OF fries. Just make plain fries with salt. That's it. Nothing else needed. So weird

  2. Rie, I just adore you. I smile the entire time while watching your videos. You make everything seem so “doable”. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. 👍🏽😘 p.s. love the new addition to the Tasty Family-can’t wait til see more from Chris

  3. I don't know if they read comments and takes some ideas, i'll give it a try anyway…

    Hi Tasty producer, can you please recreate the gourmet dishes from anime show "Shokugeki no souma" a.k.a Food Wars… I would really like to see professional chef to recreate their fancy foods.

  4. Omg it is so cool seeing someone from the Caribbean and speaks papiamentu on this channel….. I’m from Bonaire 🇧🇶

  5. I love Rie. But I also love the producer/guy behind the camera who talks to her and has an epic laugh. Really really love the MakeItFancy team. Keep up the work guys. Love you!!!!

  6. Poutine is a cultural dish fromage Québec. Yes this province its in Canada off course but Québec is thé Origine off the Poutine.
    Not Toronto not Bc notamment Calgary lollll FROM QUÉBEC esti de caliss

  7. I love the show and I really want to recreate some of the recipes. But being a Muslim ,it's forbidden for us to consume alchohol in anyway. So I was wondering if Rie would show us a fancy dish with no alcohol. Love you😁

  8. I love Rie and Alvin bonding over good food any day, but I just wanna say that the new Tasty producer Chris is hella cute!

  9. So. Positive notes: Love this recipe. Looked awesome. I do kinda wish for a non-alcohol ingredient version just because its always a pain to try to find these various alcohols. However, it looked super tasty and I really wanna make some.

    However, I do feel like this was a bit redundant. One of the first "Make It Fancy" episodes I watched was Mac/Cheese. To which, Rie made Lobster Mac & Cheese. The drawback here is it feels like the lobster then and now were made the same. Typical boil, remove from shell, dice up, cook up with alcohol, including fancy flambe. I know when working with proteins there are only so many things you can do. I just feel like it would have been good to use something else. Also, kinda wished for a cheese sauce to go with these fries.

    Ultimately, still loved this. Would totally try this at home. Though I do wish there were instructions on a toned down version of this. I feel like the point of "Make It Fancy" is to take the basic common ingredient and cook it up into something awesome. Anyone can slap some fancy truffle butter and throw around flaming alcohol. It would be nice to have seen this using some basic ingredients from the basic big box store and the normal person's pantry (not trying to be mean, but how many people actually have sherry or brandy in their pantry) and turned it into a still fancy dish.

  10. Oh, you're supposed to use a spoon to do the spatula thickness test? I usually use my finger and burn it every time 😐 Will be remembering this

  11. Waw, hopi contento di por wak un Yui di Curacao yega asina leeuw. Pabien desde Aruba 🇦🇼 🇨🇼 #sisterisland #caribbean4thewin

  12. Rie puts me in such a good mood every time I watch one of her videos. She’s so pure and funny. I just love her 🥺

  13. It's not "hacerlo lujoso" it's "hazlo lujoso" but like, who f cares, Lobster poutine sounds yummier that Justin Bieber's video.

  14. I suddenly had the thought that Rie and Eugene Yang can become good friends through their one common favorite thing:


  15. Since we already know Rie can make anything fancy, I vote they change the name from " can this chef make ____ fancy?" To " Rie's MAKE IT FANCY class!"

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