100 thoughts on “Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

  1. I just watched Blind French Fry Taste Test and I don't know if it's just because of the hair but Link looks a lot older. It's from 3 years go.

  2. "Chips and a haircut". Lol those are my boys. My son feels so special. Thank Good Mythical Morning for making me sons year!

  3. I was called pippy longstocking when I was little! I was a strange girl with red hair and an affinity for crazy socks. I still am, but not as many people get the reference now.

  4. I love how you guys were talking about how many potato things exist, and then only the final chip was made of potato!

  5. The Frito toenail clipping comment literally made me gag, especially by the time I got the visual they were crunching… 🤢

  6. i feel like rhett and link are more of a big brother- little brother situation than best friend vibe by the way they act 😂

  7. Recommended brought me here, and i have to say, i would never guess i'll find two grown men eating to be enjoyable

  8. Rhett slid that "ass" in there and I legit was shocked for a second. Had to rewind and make sure I wasn't imagining things.

  9. Wow I’ve never seen them do anything like this ever before it’s such original content far better than anything they ever did back in the era of chia Lincoln

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