Can You Eat Fruit and Lose Weight? | Code Red Approved Fruit Choices

Can You Eat Fruit and Lose Weight? | Code Red Approved Fruit Choices

– It’s easy to assume
that all types of fruits are healthy on a weight loss program. What some people don’t
realize is that a lot of fruit are carb and sugar heavy. If you’re finding that your
weight loss has stalled, or is slower than you want it to be, the culprit might be the banana, that you eat that day or the
handful of grapes after dinner. Yes, every detail makes a difference. Here are some of my
Code Red approved fruits and ones to stay away from. Before I get into it though, I have a free resource available to you to download in the link below, the three biggest lies you’ve
been told about weight loss. (soft music) The biggest fruits that I want you to avoid are gonna
definitely be your melons. Your melons have the
highest sugar content. The problem with fruit, remember it’s sweetened with fructose. And fructose is metabolized in the liver. And the reason that’s significant is the liver can only
metabolize very small amount. What does it do with the rest? It stores it as fat. That is bad news bears for you, especially in weight-loss mode. So the melons, watermelon,
cantaloupe, honeydew, things like that, those are
gonna be not good for you. Definitely avoid bananas
in weight-loss mode. Bananas in our culture today, we don’t have very many
species of bananas. And, of course, the true American way, we want everything bigger and we have bananas the size of forearm, and it’s just way too much. Bananas are huge, in this country. And they’ve got a lot of
carbs and sugar in them. There are a lot of great
things about bananas, but they’ll absolutely
slowdown your weight loss. Grapes are another thing that you’re gonna wanna stay away from definitely in weight-loss mode. And pretty much every
fruit, except berries. I could go in and list all the fruits, like pineapple and different things, but stay away from them all if you want a quicker weight loss. Code Red approved fruits, however, are gonna be your berries. Blueberries, blackberries strawberries, raspberries, huckleberries. You’re definitely gonna want to keep them to less than one ounce a day though. Don’t go crazy with the berries. They do have some
fructose in ’em for sure. But their glycemic index is very low, and we notice on Code
Red that people can eat one ounce of berries a
day and still be okay. So you might be wondering, well, can I eat fruit in weight-loss mode? Only the approved berries. Only the raspberries,
blueberries, blueberries, huckleberries, strawberries, and only one ounce or less a day. No, you cannot eat the other fruit, sorry. But rest assured, you can introduce fruits back into your diet once
you’re in maintenance mode. And let me tell you something though. Let me just warn you right now, one piece of fruit a day is
all you need, one serving. Remember, you get these
Costco-size apples, they’re the size of baby’s head. They’re this big! I’m not talkin’ about that ’cause that’s got four
to five servings of fruit and you don’t need that much. And you don’t need that giant banana, the size of my forearm. You just need one serving of fruit a day if you choose to introduce. And a lot of people think
that I eat fruit every day. You know I eat fruit very, very rarely, even during the summer months
when they are in season. I might eat fruit four times a year, so it’s just not a staple in my diet. And it doesn’t really need
to be a staple in yours. Remember once you hit maintenance you can introduce one piece a day. If want more Code Red approved items, including where to purchase my cookbook, I have included a link
below to my website store. Get yourself on the right track today and download my free resources below. If you liked this video
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when I release a new video. But I wanna to hear from you! So put in the box below, and tell me what is your favorite
Code Red approved fruit, which is pretty much a berry? So which berry is your favorite berry, and how do you like to eat ’em? Put it in the box below and
I’ll see you on the next video! (soft upbeat music)

6 thoughts on “Can You Eat Fruit and Lose Weight? | Code Red Approved Fruit Choices

  1. Strawberries for me. and I learned something watching this video. Only 1 oz per day! Good to know! I like to eat them with some greek yogurt.

  2. Good thing i love berries what i do is get mix berries and take a little jar that equal up to like 1/4 to 1/2 cup of berries and have it with my breakfast or desert

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