Carbs: A Level-headed Look at the Research

Carbs: A Level-headed Look at the Research

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  1. 2:06 your body doesnt favour turning carbs into fat, this is a misunderstanding, carbs release insulin, which prevents your body from using its fat, and makes you want to eat more, which causes you to gain weight.

  2. 3:35 you show an image here, which has 600 cals of fat, if someone is eating 600cals of fat, they are already extremely obese, research shows that its virtually impossible to get someone to eat 800 cals of fat (yes I know more then 600) in a day, the main point here is though, you're getting 1400 calories from something else, which I just dont imagine would be possible. btw the study also showed that it was really easy to get people to over eat on carbs, but almost impossible on a mostly fat diet

  3. when you compare vegan eaters to meat eaters, it just isnt very reliable or accurate, its like be comparing 10 people who really care about their health and are active etc and avoid lots of junk food, to 100 million people, some care and take care of their health, but most dont. its just not accurate.

  4. "looks at the information" thousands of years of virtually no heart disease, or obesity, with low carb, high fat diets someone goes "hey lets have high carb low fat diets" obesity at an all time high, heart disease one of the biggest killers "fat is the fire, and carbs are like throwing gasoline on that fire" yep, makes perfect sense to blame fats, especially animal fats, I mean, the evidence clearly supports it

  5. "see that guy fill his bowl of creral with sugar" how can anyone eat that much sugar and not puke ? I'm sick just from seeing it ! Jeez how many of those people died of sugar intoxication (yep, being sugar high and sugar overdose is a thing) before the diabete get them ? It is not only unhealthy, but actually dangerous to eat sugar like that !

  6. Hmmmmm. After I dropped carbs and even vegetables – I have never felt better. More energy than ever. And have dropped carbs completely. And before I was eating what is considered very healthy. Something does not fit in.

  7. What do you think about this new meta study on bone mineral density for vegans?

  8. Love this guy! I'd simplify things a bit by stating that all carbs are not created equal. French fries are carbs, but are NOT healthy, nor would any self-respecting vegan or vegetarian consume them (on a regular basis). A doughnut is a carb, but again, is unhealthy, is a refined carb and I wouldn't go near it. But Brussel sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, onions, etc., etc. prepared in stews, soups, salads, quiches, or any combination thereof are the good guys, the good, healthy carbs. It comes down to WHOLE foods, unprocessed, minimally manipulated. If it's made with "flour;" stay away from it; if it comes in a box, stay away from it; if it has an ingredients list, stay away from it.

  9. I was slim on a high carbohydrate diet with unlimited calories before I did any fasting. Unfortunately, I fell for the whole fasting thing and did a whole month long fast, my metabolism was completely changed after it and I piled on so much weight. Even under calorie restriction (eating less than I used to), my body has still maintained at a higher weight set point than prior to any fasting. This to me is proof that metabolic damage can occur. I found out about Weight Set Point Theory about a year or so ago and I believe it makes perfect sense. People can increase their set point for a long time after a famine. You might have already looked into this I wonder? There is a video which talks about the theory and it mentions the Vermont Prison Study where they tried to overfeed prisoners to gain 25% of the weight, any person successful would get early parole. Despite eating over 10,000 kcal per day some of the prisoners could never gain enough weight to achieve an extra 25% body weight for early parole, their bodies would just get very hot and burn all the calories off. I do believe metabolic damage can occur longterm because of fasts. I am not so sure that increasing metabolism would decrease lifespan since it is shown that uncoupling of cytochrome oxidase (uncoupled respiration) can increase lifespan.

  10. Whoever thinks consuming large amounts of maple syrup or other simple sugars will help you loose weight is a idiot.

  11. can you speak to this at all?

  12. 4:43 HOLY SHIT IM NOT CRAZY . I always eat a shit ton of carbs whenever I lose by jacket, Apparently i’m not crazy.
    Sadly, 16-20 my metabolism is going to crash (Source : Family History, everyone young is super skinny, everyone old is obese)

  13. The Okinawa study was done right after the war, when regular food supplies were destroyed/depleted. Right before that and a few years afterwards Okinawans' diet was all about pork. And that contributed to their longevity – certainly not carbs, consumption of carbs and raise of insulin is directly correlated to shortening the lifespan.

  14. And that's not gonna happen with refined sugar or animal fat"
    Wrong. Not with refined sugar, but certainly fat will tell your brain you're full. You're selling BS here.

  15. 9:25 Diabetes – low-carb, or no -carb diet REVERSES diabetes. It's just a fact. Where does diabetes come from? It comes from chronic high insulin levels and insulin resistance. What raises insulin levels? Mainly carbohydrate consumption, although protein raises insulin somewhat as well.

  16. So do carbs make you fat? Not exactly. It has to do with how processed they are and the effect on insulin. The insulin makes you fat.

    The less complex the carbs, and the more processing, the more you spike insulin.

    More processed = increased absorption in the upper part of the small intestine which causes a larger insulin spike. Protein and fat spike insulin less than carbs.

    The higher the insulin spike the greater the signal to your body to store energy, from all sources. This could be Carb, Fat, or Protein. Your body selectively uses the glucose as energy in priority over the other sources, because high glucose/fructose are harmful to your body(different discussion on glycation & inflammation)

    This energy storage will start by filling up your glycogen stores but once full, will begin converting glucose into fat.

    If you eat fat when your insulin is high your body will not to burn the fat but store it as fat, selectively burning the carbs first.

    Since fat has lot of calories, eating carbs and fat together makes you fatter than eating carbs without fat.
    Eating carbs alone CAN make you fat if it spikes insulin. Unprocessed sweet potato… doesn't spike insulin much due to slow absorbtion/fiber causing absorption lower in the small intestine.
    Oh, and eating fat(healthy fats) without carbs doesn't make you fat.. in fact makes you lose weight because low insulin.

    Hormone effect > calorie effect. Please stop promoting calories as the primary issue

    (Saturated vs non saturated fats, the electron transport chain and the role in satiety, preventing over eating… is another discussion as well)

  17. Arteries are not clogged by animal fat.. stop lying.

    Arteries are clogged by glycation of the protein maker on cholesterol. Damaging the protein marker prevents the liver from recognizing cholesterol(LDL) and picking it back up for processing and cleanup. This allows it to circulate and oxidize causing inflammation, stress etc,. The only way your body can clean it up once glycated is via macrophages. In the blood. The only macrophages that can see it are in the vessel wall. So they reach out and grab it out of the blood… Poof, you have cholesterol in your arterial wall now.

    Now there's 2 ways to prevent this. You can eat no super low fat to keep your cholesterol low and reduce the frequency of this glycation, Or you can eat low carb/only complex unprocessed carbs to prevent a glucose spikes in your blood.
    The problem with no fat is research shows higher cholesterol is associated with longevity, reduced all cause mortality, especially in the elderly.. you need cholesterol.

    Fyi this is the same process they are measuring when checking HbA1C, just a different molecule.

  18. The fact is processed and refined carbs and processed saturated fat is the problem. Not animal protein or whole food carbs by themselves. Let's get rid of the post industrial crap instead of stuff our ancestors have been eating for thousands of years.

  19. Half of table sugar (sucralose) is fructose… Which gets converted to fat Cx so yea ur gonna gain fat like crazy if u don't do tons of cardio to burn it, still bad for ya, easier to just eat some nuts.
    He should've just done a maltodextrin mountain diet.
    Made me lol seeing him poor sugar on that bowl of stuff. Love that guy so much.

  20. I was told that I have an endomorph body type, so my macro should be 30-40% carbs, 30-40% protein and 30-40% fat. I've been a vegetarian since the age of 3, however, I did switch to vegetable milk and only eat eggs which are processed into the food, barely on their own. But at the end of the day, I am super confused. I should lose around 30-40 kgs of weight, but as a vegetarian who is only supposed to eat 30-40% of carbs, I don't know how. Have you ever heard of endomorph body type and how a vegetarian should deal with it? Thank you

  21. I went on an elimination diet to identify a food that was causing an autoimmune response, and its macros followed about 85% carbs, 5-8% fat and the rest in protein.
    I lost 8kg and my BMI dropped to about 21.
    Granted, I was only eating about 1500-1600 calories a day which, for my size and weight is the level of energy I'd need by doing virtually no exercise, however I was doing exercise so that definitely contributed to.

  22. Came from DR's response, I fail to see how Mic is "fat shaming" or taking DR "Out of Context," or how he is doing this because it's trendy to attack DR… You have a larger active audience than DR and it's not like if he has some massive pewdiepie sized channel, he barely gets any interactions at all on his videos… Of course there's the weak "I'm leaner than you,"
    "Come to Chiang Mai" and "Jumpcut" arguments he always makes. Most marathoners and cyclists that are experienced are as lean as DR and this includes ones that are not vegan, also people want actual science and data, not anecdotes. Those are not good enough responses for people. Just saying, being vile, aggressive, and throwing a tantrum when someone criticizes you which is what he does doesn't make you sound knowledgable and right, it makes you sound deranged and uneducated. Also, Durianrider is THE LAST person in the world who should be getting upset at someone for so called "Fat Shaming" which not only did Mic NOT DO, but DR and his Ex Freelee are two of the most notorious fat shamers the platform has ever seen, hypocrisy at it's finest.

  23. my personal conclusion has been that carbs are not categorically bad, but generally don't have the benefit of the doubt… but… the same is true to the same degree for fats!

  24. Insulin is the fat storage hormone. It is as simple as that. The calories model is dead. Either you lower the glycemic index of foods you take or you eat a plant based ketogenic diet (has 0 cholesterol in it).

  25. I think it's interesting how a lot of carbs don't make people feel full somehow. If I ate more than half of my meal in carb, I'll get extremely full for hours and hours. I must say that in order to keep my plant-based diet and also being financially okay at the same time, I eat a lot of carb when I go out. I feel a bit bad about eating out, for I don't know what they put in the meal, but so far I'm perfectly okay, health-wise. I don't get sick, my energy level is stable, and everything is chill.

  26. Stay away from processed carbs, simply carbs, empty carbs
    (desserts) & alcohol, because if you consistently eat too many Carbs and
    spike your insulin too much, you will end up becoming insulin resistant, aka
    type 2 diabetes. The key is, keep your carb level low, eat moderate protein,
    and healthy fats aka unrefined; coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil.  Also eat Dark green leafy veggies 2-3 times a
    day and you will get the good carbs you need, especially if you have a desk
    job.  Stay away from processed foods,
    including energy bars, limit any type of sugar to tiny amounts, sugar feeds
    cancer cells. I live without sugar, and all cravings for sugary foods have
    ended. If you start thinking of food as fuel, you'll start to understand how
    much the food industry is manipulating your tastes buds and why the grocery
    stores in some markets have become big business, laughing all the way to their
    bank!  Truth

  27. in defense of durian rider and in his offense at the same time the whole pure sugar diet is probably sufficient if you are biking like him for at least 2 hours a day probably he does that immediately after he consumes the sugar rather than just wait throughout the day. This means you burn the immediate energy given via sugar and it doesn't affect your body. Also the fact that he probably burns more on rest and his body is conditioned to such slow development to the unique diet contributes to his ability to just consume straight sugar like that in such high content. In the offense to his diet I would say that he made the mistake to apply this diet which I personally believe is for high performance/performance lifestyle to normal people who do moderate to no physical activity and the time necessary to slowly develop ability to sustain yourself on such diet. Durian rider is interesting because he is the extreme frontier case of how far a human body can go and just where it can go rather than something normal humans should adapt per-se. Also what are the chances these people that consumed lots of sugar didn't stay strictly on that diet and had some fats and etc during their diet? I'm just saying these people went full on with this experiment which is great for us as humans as a litmus test.

  28. I eat so little but never really lose weight. I mainly eat celery, carrots, garlic, shiitake, ginger and lemon juice.

  29. Beyond the extreme helpfulness of this video, I love how you shout out small channels that add value and need a boost! People helping people who are helping people ❤️

  30. I recognized the name Gojiman from when he commented about how hot the "mom" was under the veganism around friends and family video LOL (the mom was Mic in a wig)

  31. Tried to explain this to my diabetic friend whose blood sugar levels went down on Keto. It is only because you aren't in taking any sugar. Doesn't mean she isn't still insulin resistant..

  32. What I don't get is why anyone would want to 'smash in' 4000 or so calories on that sugar mountain nonsense! Surely that sort of thing encourages overeating and, frankly, greed!

  33. Actually high healthy carb, low protein, low fat, has been linked to longevity/ anti aging/ perfect health. See The Okinawa study. Or even the Japanese diet. (Strongly plant based).

  34. Keto is supposedly fantastic for those with diabetes for controlling insulin levels, and was invented for those who suffer epilepses? Any research on keto for Alzheimer’s?

  35. I don't claim to know all of the science, but I do know that when I reduce carbs I have MUCH better apatite control and loose significant amounts of weight very quickly. I regularly keto cycle and it works like magic every time. When on carbs I have to eat every 3-4 hours, then after I eat I get horrid brain fog and very tired, but right now I am in ketosis and have gone 24 hours without consuming a single calorie (part of a scheduled 36 hour fast) and it is a non event to say the least, in fact I feel really good, no way in hell I could do that while riding the carbohydrate/insulin seesaw that forces me to eat every few hours. Keto has some issues too but you certainly do manage weight very easily while in ketosis.

  36. I think the take away message of everything I've read and watched over the last 5 years (since going vegan) is that whole foods are the key. The 'carb fear' out there is insane. I see all these folks at my work doing on these absurd diets limiting or cutting carbs. they just get fatter and more frustrated. Carbs are life (whole food carbs!).

  37. Oh no… I can't believe you quoted the Okinawa study. Those guys have their own breed of heritage pig (and its beautiful! The Agu pig, it almost became extinct after the war). Not really the most vegan island on Earth…. The year those statistics were quoted was from 1950, only a few years after Japan has been ravaged by World War 2. That civilization was in a time of horrible famine, and the reason they had a higher elderly population (by percentage) was because all the young men had died. Please do not quote that study again out of respect to Okinawan culture and history. They are most certainly not a vegan culture, they celebrate the pig and cherish every part of it. They also still have very healthy and active elderly people!

  38. I think I have a sugar addiction, but that much sugar in one sitting or a day would just kill me. Besides, if someone who exercises non stop tells me to eat a ton of refined sugar I'd find it suspect

  39. 2001 Dec;74(6):737-46. (Study Reference)

    You do know more and more studies are coming out weekly right promoting low carb diet. Why are you brain washing these people, who is sponsoring you. I think that would be something interesting to look into, or do you just sell fake courses?

  40. The maths at 1.02 is wrong – 80% fat + 5% carbs + 20% protein = 105% – if they can’t do the maths then I wouldn’t trust them.

  41. Seriously, who would think that adding a boatload of refined sugar on your food is a genius idea? … ugh.

  42. I agree with Mic in a general way, but there is an important subgroup who cannot eat this way, and that is people with Insulin resistance.

    I have been a whole food vegan for years, but recently developed insulin resistance due to carbs being my primary staple for caloric intake in the form of sweet potatoes and brown rice.

    So now I must eat low carb to allow my body to heal from IR.

    Anything over 140 glucose level and you are burning up your arteries.

  43. "Carbs make you fat. Eat a high protein/fat diet." How many people have suffered health problems due to this?

  44. I think what matters is whether those carbs are refined or whole. Obviously fruit & brown rice will affect you differently than processed carbs like pasta or breads.

  45. Interesting info but I would suggest eating a whole-food plant-based diet based on fruits, vegetable, leafy greens, sprouts, seeds and nuts and some starches (like tubers) and legumes (beans, lentils, chick peas, etc.) and leave out the refined stuff including bread, crackers and pastas. If you still need bread go for a sourdough from 100% organic whole-spelt flour and limit yourself.

  46. People eat enough where carbs, even good carbs, are putting weight on them. That is America-fattest country in the world. That happens with most people here because people eat a lot of food, be it good, bad or in-between types of food. However, they'll gain weight slower if they go whole food-plant based. People save at most about 100 calories off the amount of total carb calories that go to fat. That is all. Weight gain savings is a minor issue and only a propaganda talking point when it comes to whole food-plant based advocacy videos.

    But are carbs 'bad'? American style carbs are, but whole food-plant based are totally fine.

  47. We often hear how much protein we need, fiber, but what’s the daily recommendation for carbs and fat necessary for energy and vitamin absorption?

  48. Superb video brother !! I was one of those ho gain 30 pounds for listening to durianrider thank God i just got 10 more to lose .

  49. i love, love, love " Garbanzo Girl"..not sure how many subscribers she has, but her video clips have great recipes and info! Thanks your channel as well..( I'm pretty new at this, made some mistakes, once ate way too much fiber and felt " yuck" but learned lesson and went on.😃)

  50. There are really huge differences between carbs and how our bodies react to them! refined glucose (e.g. white sugar) is NOT the same as fructose in whole fruit! and those are not the same as complex carbs in beans or grains. Very important to distinguish these.

  51. I ate a vegan while watching this. haha Just kidding. Very interesting. That sugar mountain diet is bananas! See what I did there?

  52. What I worry about is not what you adressed, but that I end up eating too much on a low fat vegan diet centered around grains. I cant say if a low fat vegan diet based around vegetables and tubers with a lot of beans and tofu and nuts would be a different experience, but I tried going vegan low fat for a year a while ago and I gained a significant amount of weight at that time, felt extremely lethargic and had to eat a lot of volume of food to feel satisfied. A typical meal was brown rice, red beans with salsa and steamed broccolli. That WAS NOT filling. I ate bowls and bowls of the stuff and still found space to eat bananas, wholegrain bread. wheat crackers etc, afterwards because I kept getting "the munchies". This satiety issue is what I wanted to see addressed here.

  53. After experimenting with diet since 2014, too many nuts, too many dried fruits make me gain fat. Steel cut oats, lentils, veggies, potatoes, corn. some fresh fruits and limited nuts and dried fruit paired up with working out make me have visible abs after many months.

    This video seems to be spot on.

  54. so if u eat 20 bananas/day or any other equivalent in calorie veg matter u get ur 2000 calories and you avoid health danger of excess fat and animal products. that's what's being promoted. what this ignores is how stuffing oneself to the gills every day to get calories makes one feel, how it affects one's performance and, guessing the long term negative effect of constant overeating on digestive tractt as well as ingestion of huge amts. of plant toxins. Seems to me more work needed on optimal diet.

  55. i cant believe you talked about sugar without talking about insulin,plus if you over eat sugar,you will gain fat.Also that resarch is wack lol, feeding refine sugar to female for more than 3k calories?that is 1000g of sugar.It should ring youy some bell.

  56. Tried keto, I was on it for nearly 9 months, worst mistake iv EVER made.
    Caused me to go into a cascade of immune responses, damaged my digestion, have me psoriasis (which I'm predisposed too) made me hypoallergic to foods I was previously fine too.
    Iv now been on a pure whole foods plants based diet for nearly a year.
    It's been a long healing process, but my health is a thousand times better, I'm extremely lean, my psoriasis is nearly non existent, my digestion is now much better, my hairs grown dramatically, and I have no more brain fog and extreme fatigue.
    Thank God I seen through the lies!
    WFPB for life!!!

  57. This is a goog watch,

    I'm not a vegan but the plant based diet along with the conference on, the truth about health, and the china study is pretty much blown every thing I thought I knew about food, 48 years I've stuffed my face with shit food, at 6 foot and 17.6 stone, 4 years ago started working out and got to 12.2 stone with shaun t insanity work out, I'm now 15.8 stone gained over the last year coz of stopped working out, I love food, steak, chicke and junk so 3 weeks ago after look at many videos from the truth about health here on YouTube I cut out all meat and dairy, I'm now 14.7 stone after 3 weeks, this plant based life style I've never ever been so excited to buy fruit and veg it is truly remarkable the study have done on reversal of plant foods, hope this makes sense,,,,,,

  58. Mic, the whole notion of "fat storage" is highly misleading. First thing our body does with the dietary fat is to store it. Virtually all of it.

  59. Then why did u get a post meal glucose of 204mg/dl with just 5 bananas.its healthy fat a for diabetes carbs raise insulin like no other high levels of insulin for long periods will cause insulin resistance the insulin receptors will not respond to insulin they become damaged then blood glucose raises end result diabetes.first get an idea on hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance then get a HOMAIR test which shows insulin levels get tested after eating starch and get tested after eating healthy fats then u'll clearly find the difference.just becoz u can process carbs effectively doesnt mean everyone thing is for sure carbs raise blood sugar be it whole or processed like no other high blood sugar high insulin thus insulin resistance and type2diabetes.nobody says don't eat carbs just wat they say is eat them in moderation (whole some carbs)

  60. Maybe the problem is that once you are insulin resistant – you can no longer handle carbs which normally would be healthy

    That;s why so many people are going low carb

  61. Why would anyone want to do the sugar mountain diet?? That much sugar must have made the food incredibly sickening. Like I would not at all feel good on a diet like that.

  62. I'm gonna eat 500 g of whole wheat pasta and 250 g of peas everyday for a while now, since I am so low on cash, and this is cheap. It will be under 2000 calories, so I'm guessing I won't be gaining any weight from that, or? There is a surprising amount of protein in that 73 g actually. 355 g carbohydrates, 12 g of fat, and 49 g of dietary fiber. Does this sound okay to do for maybe a month? I do have supplements on the side.

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