Carnivore Diet: What I ate today (Got sick and yes I use a microwave)

Carnivore Diet: What I ate today (Got sick and yes I use a microwave)

Carnivore is super simple super
straightforward but still it’s kind of like really so what do you eat so I just
thought I would record a couple days of what I eat the first time I took
pictures of everything I ate I got sick that day and so this is the day had some
lemon juice and I had some throat coat tea which are both plants and technically
not allowed on the carnivore diet so I start my day with black coffee I like
coffee I have quit coffee before and I just like having it and so I have black
coffee I have I found that my need for coffee has gone way down I think I just
had like that energy boost that I’m not trying to like boost myself up with
caffeine anymore but I still start like starting my day with a couple cups of
black coffee and this is down from a lot of cups of black coffee then for breakfast
I just had leftover London broil with tallow and sea salt and I do use a
microwave and this is something that people are always surprised they’re like you
care about your health and you use a microwave? yes I do what I’ve gone like
probably five ten years without using a microwave I don’t see a difference other
than and how many dishes I make so microwaves are just awesome for
reheating food. I don’t cook in the microwave but for reheating
I think that’s just fine um then because I was getting sick
I had throat coat from traditional medicinals I love traditional medicinals
they’re actually based out of my hometown of Sebastopol, California
and so I got sick and then so while I was sick I was seriously questioning my
lack of vitamin C in the carnivore diet no I’ll just squeeze a couple lemons in
some water and see if that helps and I didn’t it wasn’t real sick it wasn’t
like I was deathly ill or anything but I just thought I would put some lemon and
some water and then I took the kids to go get meat we got this big ol box of meat
which is if you’re gonna do carnivore diet affordably buying your meat either
through a subscription program so it just comes to you or by in bulk
from your local farmer is fantastic after meat it was super cold out it was
probably below zero and then I have broth um which is usually left over from
cooking whatever I cooked in the instant pot I just pour all of the meat juices
and the fat and everything and which are heated that up again microwave
added some salt to that two pieces of cheese because cheese is super
convenient and it’s good and I had other things going on that day and then for
dinner had steak and butter. I just grilled up a steak on a cast
iron skillet and I put some butter on it and that was good so that’s it you can
see it’s super straightforward to eat on the carnivore diet this is very basic I
feel amazing and eating like this but you can see how simple it is click up
over there and check out my results from starting the carnivore diet and how
surprised I was at how great I feel at this way of eating

10 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet: What I ate today (Got sick and yes I use a microwave)

  1. Awesome video, Cara! When I have just protein and fat I always, always I crave carbs badly afterward. I think carnivore is working for fat adapted people. I literally drop milk supply in one day of no carbs and my struggling nursling can't try hard to feed so it's not doable now. However, I plan to do carnivore for my autoimmune and gut issues once I'm able. You're making it look super easy but I know you've put in alot of work avoiding carbs. Biochemically speaking do you feel depressed without carbs or better without them? They are my dopamine so I need something else. Keto folks say leafy greens but that doesn't help my dopamine a bit!

  2. I dont know about microwaves they say they move the molecules around making the food unrecognizable to the body. Who knows? But they are radioactive i wouldnt want to be in the same room when its on. Plus, does it irradiate the food?

  3. How do you eat tallow? I've been carnivore 9 months, but can not stand the taste of it. I've tried grass fed and rendered my own, same. ? I must be doing something wrong because I just don't get how people can eat it.

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