Chicago’s Best Pizza: Nonna’s Pizza

Chicago’s Best Pizza: Nonna’s Pizza

you know I wouldn’t really be an
outrageous eats episode without a food challenge and when Nathan sent us a
picture of the world’s largest slice of pizza from known as in Chris Wood I knew
it as a challenge I could get behind CP loves pizza so this is our outrageous episode you
have something here that’s bigger than anywhere else right we have the world
largest slice of pizza the world’s largest pizza place the world’s largest
to be degli it’s 63 square inches which basically is about a pound an ass that’s
like huge I can’t even describe I don’t know how anyone can eat it delicious but
they’re huge on top of that you guys have an outrageous challenge if you eat
two slices of pizza under 30 minutes we give you a free t-shirt I will give it
my best shot in the meantime you and I should get back there and put this baby
together please do so and I hope you finish I’ll pray for you all right John
so we need to grab our dough to make the base for our challenge baking to dog
squish them together there you go the machine will do most of the work get
fortunately cinnamon thing down we let the machine do its work grandpa
grandpa hurry up aerate the dough put some holes there
you go and I hand-cut into a perfect circle that’s whatever takes nights
loader up one big scoop of sauce get that freshest artists you got there and
now you got to put the cheese perfect let’s put it in the oven and it’s time
for me to psych myself up so this fine gentleman or fool depending
on how you look at that it’s taking on this outrageous challenge I’ve only
eaten half a slice right now and I’m struggling I can barely get through one
slice okay so to get through to would be crazy
I tried I’ve only been able to eat half of that so I’ve seen your pain and
you’re making me really nervous because I’m about to say this change myself
tell me I’m a tiger you’re a tiger and I got that oh you’ve got it Joe this is my
third challenge I’ve taken on the show you know many times I’ve been successful
I’m anything big fat zero you know what I got a lot of confidence
in you yeah I think you could do it Jason can I get a 30 minute clock we go
come on smaller slices smaller size your foot
door oh that’s a lot of dough this may take million times re minutes when you
get to work and let me get work I’ll do that
okay very good Eliot my god you’re doing a good job uf
way there John I thought I could do this but I’m done I can’t do it
there’s okay no more you’re not the only one we had a lot of people like you all
lose it right here enough if you guys think you can take down this outrageous
food challenge um I don’t think so Jim I guess I don’t know I just can’t fit any
more in right now

71 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Pizza: Nonna’s Pizza

  1. You americans are so basic😂
    In italy we eat a whole pizza per person and a normal pizza is 5€ per pizza
    An american pizza is 5$ for just 1/4 of a pizza😓

  2. That pizza looks disgusting. If someone from Naples watches this they will probably die immediately. They won't even have time to write up a will.

  3. I don't think I'll ever understand what motivates people to do these challenges. The way I see it, there are only two possible outcomes: A) you don't make it in time, which means you just end up paying money for food you won't eat, or B) you force-feed yourself inside 30 minutes and get the meal for free, but you also don't get to enjoy your meal properly and you'll most likely feel bloated and uncomfortable for the next few hours. I guess it makes sense if you're broke and can eat like a pro…

  4. Honestly I could easily eat those two slices of pizza when I eat pizza I usually eat 1 and half of other one lol… probs why I used to be fat

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