63 thoughts on “Classic Trifle recipe by Eat It

  1. Wow that will take so much time to make :O I guess you could just throw it all together and let it cool at the same time but that wouldn't get the layered effect. Nice desert

  2. First of the Food Tube videos that I did not like, I found it difficult to watch (hard on the eyes), and I felt it lacked the personal touch/contact that you get with a real presenter/person.

  3. This was a strange video with the music and the creepy editing but there are definetley some great ideas in there! using the swiss roll was clever!

  4. He did the recipe according the book, also it is clearly seen that there is a lot of work put into this video. Dont you dear to dislike it. I like it:)

  5. Editing was so bad, lol. But I especially liked it when the words, 'whisk', spun around in circles to demonstrate said whisking motion. 

  6. The video editing and song are so bad it's like a 12 year old who just discovered Windows video maker. 

  7. Ah, so this is the traditional English Trifle! Came here from a Friends video where Rachel accidentally adds beef, peas and sauteed onions to her trifle! A bit fast the upload but the end product looks way better than Rachel's Trifle! XD

  8. So glad you keep things simple – just right for people like me.
    But – hahaa! – you didn't show us how to make the custard.
    Your very best fan.

  9. Pathetic video!! Who on earth would have the camera at birds eye view?? You can barely see what the twats doing as the writing is getting in the way!!

  10. I love trifle! I think it's so important that a trifle tastes like a traditional trifle as we know it but I think it's even better if it can look a little fresher and more modern! I hope you might like my version of a traditional trifle 👩🏻‍🍳🎂✨✨

  11. Nah. To me, a trifle is jelly with fruit and sponge set in it, then custard on top (allow it to set), then cream on top of that. Simple and classic.

  12. It's good to see a trifle with a layer of blancmange but otherwise there's too much in this to be a classic trifle.

  13. Jamie you're letting us down! … instant pudding mixes? … blahhhh 😜😝😜😝
    Just told the Americans off for insulting English trifle recipes … you've gone to the dark side love … come on – I usually adore all your lovely, wholesome recipes!!! 💖

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