Cobblepot kidnaps Max Shreck | Batman Returns

Cobblepot kidnaps Max Shreck | Batman Returns

Hi I believe the word you’re looking for is… AHHHHHHH!!! [echo] Actually, this is all just a bad dream You’re at home in bed heavily sedated resting comfortably dying from the carcinogens you personally spewed in a lifetime of profiteering tragic irony or poetic justice? You tell me My God, it’s true Penguin, the man of the sewer Hard as it may seem, Max, you and I have something in common We’re both perceived as monsters But somehow You’re a well-respected monster And I am, to date, not. Frankly, I feel that’s a bum rap I’m a businessman. Tough, yes. Shrewd, okay…but that does not make me a monster Don’t embarrass yourself, Max. I know all about you What you hide, I discover What you put in your toilet, I place on my mantle. Get the picture?! What is that supposed to, hypnotize me? No, just give you a splitting headache It’s not working Ah, you big baby! Just blanks. Would I go through all this trouble tonight just to kill ya? No, Max, I have an entirely other purpose I’m ready, Max I’ve been down here too long It’s time for me to ascend, to re-emerge With your help Your know-how Your savvy I wasn’t born in the sewer, you know? I come from [pointing to the surface] like you. And like you I want some respect. A recognition of my basic humanity but most of all I want to find out who I am, by finding my parents, learning my human name Simple stuff that the good people of Gotham take for granted And Exactly why am I gonna help you? Well Let’s start Oh, ooo, what have we here? Let’s see… Ohhh A batch of toxic waste from your “clean” textile plant There’s a whole lagoon of this crud in the back That could have come from anywhere What about the documents that prove you own half the fire traps in Gotham City? If there were such documents, that’s not an admission. I would have seen to it they were shredded Argh, ah, good idea A lot of tape and a little patience make all the difference By the way How’s Fred Atkins, your old partner, huh? Fred? Fred’s actually… I believe he’s on extended vacation He’s…he’s good Heeheeheehee, good Hehehe Hiya, Max! Remember me?! I’m Fred’s hand! You wanna greet any other body parts?! Remember, Max You flush it, I flaunt it You know what? Mr. Penguin Sir I think perhaps I can help orchestrate a little welcome-home scenario for you. Once we’re both back home perhaps… we can help each other out, then. Hey, you won’t regret this, Mr. Shreck

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  1. Danny Devito did a good job as Penguin he did a good job doing the late Burgess Meredith's Penguin's in the 1960s tv show Batman

  2. One similarity between Christopher walken and Heath Ledger is that they both were villains in a Batman movie and they also sang "can't take my eyes off of you" in prior movies ( deer hunter and ten things I hate about you)

  3. Anyone thinks Penguin on Batman TAS was modeled after Devito? afterall the animated show had Burton ties to it even Selina who looks like Michelle

  4. Danny didn’t get enough credit for this role, absolutely nailed it down to a T. Fell in love with his whole character…

  5. When I watch this, it's not a movie, it's a film, a motion picture and at the same time it feels like i'm watching a play i can't stop watching

  6. people really don't realize how close to the comics Tim Burtons Batman movies were, they were great for their time, Joel Schumacher can still go fuck himself!

  7. Danny DeVito – 11/17/44 – age: 47
    Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
    5' (1.52 m)

    Christopher Walken – 03/31/43 – age: 49
    Maximillian "Max" Schrek
    6' (1.83 m)

    Vincent Schiavelli
    11/18/48 – 12/26/05 – age: 43
    Organ Grinder
    6' 5½" (1.97 m)

    Rick Zumwalt
    09/24/51 – 03/19/04 – age: 40
    Tattooed Strongman
    6' 4" (1.93 m)

  8. Danny Devito nailed the role as Penguin. He is awesome. Also the look of the Penguin originally came from a drawing that Tim Burton drew from his mind in an drawing book before the sequel was written and went into production.

  9. Who’d have ever thought Danny DeVito and Christopher Walker would be huge contributors to the best Batman film ever made? Classic.

  10. Does anyone get the feeling that Max Shreck became a powerful conglomerate because of the power vacuum left by Grissom and The Joker?
    In fact, Max may have been an associate of th former.

  11. the stockings with all the incriminating evidence gets me all the time basically telling him your gonna do this whether you like it or not

  12. This may be the finest bit of blackmail I've seen portrayed in a movie. Throughout his career, Schreck sent the evidence of his sins to the sewer, whether it be merely flushing some incriminating documents down the commode, disposing of the corpse of poor Fred, or dumping untold gallons of lethal toxic waste. It all went away; for him the Gotham sewers were Oblivion itself…or so he thought. Now Schreck is a soulless opportunist, so he isn't too rattled by this revelation and quickly moves to cut a deal. But the idea presented here is scary as hell. Imagine how terrifying it would be to have somebody in the shadows, someone you've never even met, patiently keeping a record of your dirty deeds, building leverage until he has absolute power over your life and reputation. I hear Cobblepot's working for the NSA these days. The government knows talent when it sees it.

  13. The thing that creeped me out about this Penguin wasn't his pale skin paired with his dark eyeliner, or his puking, or his creepy behaviors, no. It was his hands. Those god damn hands.

  14. I love that line about patience. It's true. When I play BOTW or other rpg game it's all about patience

  15. To this day, no one dared to play the Penguin. Danny set the bar high. Talented actors are hard to come by these days.

  16. I feel like Max could have called Shreck's bluff with the firetrap documents. Also, as long as Shreck wasn't using those firetrap, he could have said that he intends on having them torn down to build better more livable buildings

  17. Unpopular opinion: Robin Lord Taylor's version of the Penguin in Gotham felt much more realistic and made you feel like that he could actually be real. Still a great performance by Danny Devito, but aesthetically I personally prefer Taylor's version.

  18. If you don't cooperate i've got enough shit on you to have you locked in the cooler till ya die. -Penguin

  19. As a child, I found this movie fascinating, but also very dark and extremely dramatic. Only now can I appreciate the grandiose twisted humor in there. De Vito really performs in a spectacular fashion. He completely disappears behind The Penguin.

  20. Tim Burton features a lot of the theme of the "weird outsider." Beautifully acted, written, and directed here with Penguin.

  21. I was kidnapped, it was for my own protection. 1979..1980. drug dealers…don't know if it was a intervention or someone protecting both parties…at the time. Knocked me out with a needle last thing I rember. R/r tail lamp white ford van. Then my mom went to blank…then I went to Pittsburgh…unreal? Then still trouble…tryied to kill me and or my sister's, basement stairs case, collapsed…I was there to pull up my older sister.

  22. Never noticed before but the Poodle Lady shields the dogs eyes with her dress when Penguin breaks out the Flamethrower

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