Creamy Tomato Orzo with Spinach ~ Quick & Easy Pantry Side Dish ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Creamy Tomato Orzo with Spinach ~ Quick & Easy Pantry Side Dish ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen today. I’ve got a delicious side dish for you This is a creamy tomato orzo with some spinach thrown in it really is easy and quick to make and it uses shelf Staples out of your pantry. Let’s go see how this all comes together Okay, today we’re gonna be making a creamy tomato orzo with spinach this makes a great side Dish we serve it alongside just about any kind of grilled or pan-seared protein tonight We’re having it with some rib eye steaks along with some roasted asparagus And this is super easy to make so we’re gonna start off with I have 3 cups of water I have 2 cups of orzo pasta. I have a jar of prepared pasta sauce Molly opened went up for her lunch the other day and didn’t eat the whole thing So this is a great opportunity for me to make this dish I may or may not use all of it But we’re gonna use the majority of it. I’m gonna throw in fresh baby spinach This is a quart jar. But I guarantee you that that spinach is gonna cook down into next to nothing It’s just gonna add a little extra nutrition to your side dish and really you’re not even really gonna know it’s there We’re gonna flavor this up with some fresh garlic about two cloves Approximately a quarter of a cup of freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano Four tablespoons of butter you can back off on that if you choose but the butter really is where the flavor is coming from I have a teaspoon each of onion powder and garlic powder and a teaspoon of dried basil a teaspoon of dried Italian seasoning and a half a teaspoon of cracked black pepper and kosher salt You want to bring your water to a boil and then you’re gonna add your orzo. Give it a good stir And I want you to add a tablespoon of butter at this point, it’s gonna add the like instead of adding oil in here So it will prevent it from sticking together. So that’s a little piece of or it’s a little piece of Warsaw that got toasted That’s all That way I will prevent everything from sticking together you’re gonna want to cook this over a medium-high heat until the orzo absorbs the water and it represents rice and is Al dente which means to the tooth is a little bit chewy, then we’ll move on with the rest of the recipe Which is super easy. Our orzo is just about finished and I’m gonna go ahead and start adding all the remaining ingredients So here goes on the rest of the butter Give that a good stir and get it in there You want to make sure that you get that stirred in and melted because you’re gonna add cold sauce in here and you don’t want the butter to Not already be melted. I’m leaving it over medium-high heat there goes our garlic and our sauce I’m gonna add about now. I’m gonna go ahead and all at all of it because My orzo has absorbed all of the water And we want this to be a creamy Saucy side dish and it’s going continue to absorb this delicious tomato sauce So use whatever is your favorite if you use homemade add some of that if you like you can just use 14 ounce or 15 ounce can of prepared tomato sauce that will work as well You can see how it’s not too liquidy and that’s exactly how you want it I’m gonna add all of our seasonings and our parmesan Give this a good stir One thing about wars o is it needs to be babysat? You can’t just walk away from it Especially if you’re cooking it in the method that I’m sharing today like rice because it will stick to the bottom if you’re not careful You can always boil this in a pot of water like regular pasta and drain it but it’s not going to have the same creamy Consistency, it’s just going to be separate like pasta, but you see how when I draw my spoon through it. It doesn’t immediately fill up that Trench it’s just starting to absorb all of those flavors and all that sauce And now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add the spinach in here And just stir it in and that spinach is gonna wilt right on in there and it’s gonna be fantastic I’m just have a nice flavor and another level of nutrition to the dish. It smells incredible There you go. That’s how quick and easy this creamy tomato orzo with spinach is to make now I’m just gonna pop a lid on this until all the rest of my meal is done and then we’ll come back and I’ll Show you what this looks like. I am gonna let this rest for about ten minutes Anyway, just to let that spinach wilt even further. I’ll be back and I’ll show you what this looks like there You have it our creamy tomato. Orzo with spinach is done and ready to serve Like I said earlier, we’re gonna be having this as a side dish to a steak dinner Which is a really lovely option in place of a baked potato or whatever else you like to serve with a steak This is so delicious. It’s creamy It’s light and adding that spinach in there really helps to pack a nutritional punch and it is extra flavorful like I said using your favorite pasta sauce is a really great way to skip a step and make this super easy and I know works ready to taste it you have to It’s creamy and it’s buttery and it’s just the right amount of tomato sauce, you know, there’s no cream in it Oh, it’s so good only a little bit of butter and adding that little bit of Parmesan cheese is What really binds this all together makes it super anxious and delicious? That’s how you make creamy tomato orzo with spinach and I know you’re gonna love it I hope you liked today’s video And if you did, please consider giving me a thumbs up and if you’re new to my kitchen welcome I hope you enjoyed what you saw today. Please consider hitting that subscribe button And if you are I try to ensure member of the Noreen’s kitchen family. Be sure and go down and hit the bell Notification button because we don’t want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you give this creamy tomato orzo with spinach a try sometime soon, and I hope you love it Until next time I’ll see ya

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  1. Ty for teaching us how to make Orzo u made it look so easy . U are right about not leaving it alone n stand right by it constantly stirring it cuz, I burned my yrs ago I left it to simmer came back n it was burnt . Thanks for sharing ur way n info. Tfs ..

  2. Noreen thanks, sometimes I need someone to inspire me to one of my husbands favorite pastina to use in broth or chicken soup. But now thanks for a great dish. You areawesome

  3. Yum, Noreen…it looks awesome! Looks like a delicious use for my home canned passata! Thank you for another wonderful recipe. PS…how is it going with recovery efforts in your town? Keeping all your neighbours affected in my prayers.

  4. Noreen…that looks wonderful and even made my mouth water! I can NEVER get too much pasta! Morning, noon, or night…cold or hot it soothes any level of hunger!!! Thank you!

  5. I made this tonight and it was wonderful. I do want to mention that the written recipe did not state when to add the garlic but being an experienced cook I did just fine but a beginner may get confused. Just letting you know.

  6. Where did you buy the measuring jug. It's beautiful.
    Great recipe.. Thanks for sharing.

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