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dark chocolate bark, two ways. (rock music) Hi I’m Peggy and welcome
back to A Real Kitchen. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make my dark
chocolate bark, two ways. Well actually two toppings
are gonna go on it. And dark chocolate has
been around since 2000 BC and from what I could find it was discovered by the Mayans. Well whoever found it
I wanna say thank you because I love dark chocolate. And it’s good for you. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get make some bark. Okay so what I have here
is dark chocolate chunks, a bag or them. I could use dark chocolate chips or dark chocolate bars. For me, I happen to have the
dark chocolate chucks on hand so that’s why I’m using those. In our first version, what
we’re going to be doing is mixing the dark chocolate chunks with some toasted almonds. So I’ve got some toasted almonds here and this where you can really decide how many nuts or almonds
you want in your recipe. I have probably here,
about, I’m gonna say, close to a quarter cup of almonds. And I’m also going to put in some coconut. Last, I’m going to add in
some dried cranberries. It’s going to be so delicious. And what I’m going to do is I’m gonna pop this into the microwave. Everybody’s microwave is different, so it can go anywhere
from two to three minutes but I’m gonna check it after 30 seconds. And keep going until it’s
nice and melted together. Okay so now it has been
about one and a half minutes and this is almost ready. Continue to stir it up. Alright, and now what I’m doing
to do with my first version is I’m going to get this out onto a parchment lined baking sheet. You wanna try and have this be like about a quarter inch thick, does not have to be perfect, try to have it be in a square, cause it makes it easier to cut. Okay, that is looking good. So I wanna be able to see what’s in here. So what I’m gonna do
is, I’m just gonna take some of these toasted almonds and just kind of sprinkle those on top. I know they’re already in there but it just makes it really pretty. Same thing with the coconut flakes. And the last thing is
some of the cranberries. So this makes it a little bit prettier. I’m gonna pop this into
the refrigerator to harden for about, oh anywhere from
about 10 to 20 minutes. And then we’ll cut it up. Next, we’re gonna be
taking another version of our chocolate bark. Take a bag of dark chocolate chucks and I always use organic. The dark chocolate chucks, all I’m gonna be doing
is melting these down. And you’ll see why, what I’m
going to be sprinkling on top. So once again into the
microwave until these melt. Check it after every 30 seconds. Okay so we have the
next one that’s in there and all this one is is the
melted dark chocolate chunks. So they have been in my microwave for a total of one and a half minutes. Stirring them around because
just the stirring of them will kind of temper the chocolate. I’m gonna pour this onto a
parchment lined baking sheet and you will see what we
are going to put on top. This is very basic but is
one my husband’s favorites. Okay, I’m just gonna
spread this chocolate out. Once again, trying to get
it as square as possible. Alright, and then sprinkle on top of it from some fleur de sel’s. Fleur de sel is a like a very
flaky salt, it’s so delicious. And basically not only does the salt amplify the chocolate flavor but it’s just getting that salty and sweet combination together. And it is really, really pretty. Now obviously you don’t want a ton. But you definitely want enough so no matter what kind of a bite you get, you get a little bit of that salt. And this one does the same thing, we’re gonna put this one
into the refrigerator for 15 or 20 minutes. And take it out when it’s nice and hard. Thank you so much for watching. And if you like this video please give it a thumbs
up, subscribe or share it. And I will see you next time. Bye. (upbeat music)

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