Dave Asprey: The Big Business of Dirty Keto

Dave Asprey: The Big Business of Dirty Keto

– I’m Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof, creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and known as the father of biohacking. I’m also one of the guys
who helped to make ketosis as popular as it is today, and I did that because ketosis absolutely
changed my life. One of the problems,
though, is that dirty keto is becoming big business. As more and more companies
have started to learn, oh, ketosis, it’s a trend. They’re saying, “We can do ketosis.” Which simply means, no sugar, no carbs. The problem is that different proteins do different things to you. Different fats do different things to you. So you can really drink diet soda and eat sticks of margarine all day long and you’re in ketosis. But that is dirty ketosis. What you wanna actually
do is you wanna use the proper types of fats, and
guess what, they cost more. But when you do it,
your cells work better. So we’re seeing big brands
say, “Oh, I’m just gonna “slide a little bit of this
milk protein isolate in “because it’s cheap, soy protein.” Or my favorite keto cookies, they’re mostly made out of protein. Guess what kind of protein. They’re made out of wheat
gluten, but they’re still keto. So what’s happening is that dirty keto is becoming mixed in with real keto and in order to get results like I’ve had, you keep 100 pounds off for
10 years without hunger? Well you’re not gonna get that if you’re eating foods
that put you in ketosis because they don’t have carbs, but they have other
negative effects over time. And this is the time for all of us to sit back and say, “Wait a minute.” Ketosis is an amazing state. It’s one you probably don’t
wanna be in all the time. You should go in and you should go out. When you’re in ketosis, though, you must eat the right kinds of protein, things like collagen
protein versus milk protein, isolates, soy protein, gluten protein, or just whatever protein. You gotta know what it’s gonna do. And don’t eat fried stuff. Don’t eat the deep fried cream
cheese and things like that. That’s dirty keto, you will
not like how your brain feels. You will not like what your hormones do. You won’t like your sleep. And eventually you won’t like anything about how your body looks or feels if you go down the dirty keto path. So keep your standards
high when you’re in ketosis and your performance
will remain high as well.

5 thoughts on “Dave Asprey: The Big Business of Dirty Keto

  1. Great video Dave. I learned about keto through you and it has been a game changer for me. Thank you.
    I take the high quality less is more approach to what I eat and avoid restaurants as much as I can.

  2. I would love to see you guys do a video for kids, something that gives them a good foundation for their future health!!

  3. Is omega 3 good or bad? Some people say it's bad with good research that supports it! I'm sure you have heard.
    What's your thoughts??
    Fish oil capsules are bad without doubt since they go rancid easily. And we have to cook fish not to get sick but if we cook it omega 3 is going to oxidize and go rancid and it has bad effect on the body

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