Devonshire Premium Banana Chocolate Swirl Cake | Spring Scoop 2018

Consumers out there today ,they want to
know where their food came from. And now it’s not a question of do you have
something sustainable, it’s like, well which kinds of sustainable items do you
have in one item. Fair Trade is about improving people’s lives. We empower
people to solve their own problems by providing resources and tools to the
farmers and workers. And in cooperation with a project development team of US
Foods, we are proud to present you the Devonshire Premium Banana Chocolate
Swirl Cake. I love all desserts but this one is really a winner. We use premium
quality ingredients. We have the banana cake batter, made with the Rainforest
Alliance banana puree and fair trade sugar. And the chocolate cake batter made with a fair trade cocoa powder. And swirl both of the batter together to create
this very unique texture, marbled effect. To finish it off we topped it with the
brown butter icing and a swirl of chocolate on the top and shortbread
crunch on the side. Every single one’s gonna have a little bit of a different
swirl, because they’re done one at a time, by hand. It’s not a cookie cutter cake.
This product comes ready to use. It’s already pre-cut, it’s got papers between
each slice, just plate it up and it’s ready to go. One of the great things
about this product, is you know that you’re helping support families and
communities. By purchasing this Fair Trade Certified product, you can rest assured
that farmers and workers are protected and that they’re given a premium to
invest in projects to help themselves and their communities. It is a big plus
for us to be able to tell a story behind a chocolate cake and that’s important
because you’re gonna be able to go to the table like, oh my god you’re gonna
believe this. We’ve got this like banana chocolate
swirl cake made from Fair Trade Callebaut chocolate and Rainforest Alliance
Bananas and it is unbelievable. You’ve got to try one.
Premium ingredients, excellent presentation, helping make the world a
better place one dessert at a time.

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