DIET, easy to understand. by Dr. Kamal

DIET, easy to understand. by Dr. Kamal

In the classification of food, food can divided into proteins,carbohydrates,fats etc. So what should be the major constituent of our daily diet? Protein. Diet for the common man. What and when should a common man eat? Does everyone know? The most important thing for good health is Diet. Health is built 90% in the kitchen and only 10% on the football field or on the cricket field or in the gym. What we eat is more important than how much we exercise. It’s impossible for a common man to calculate how many calories to take daily. We should have a rough knowledge of an approximate value. Please remember we also have to consider the type of calories that we are taking in. Are we taking in more of carb-calories? Or protein-calories? Or vitamin-calories? That is very important. Alongwith this, we have to remember how much we are taking in and what is our calorie-output. The biggest MANTRA is — Start your day with protein, end your day with protein. What most people do is take tea and biscuit in the morning but remember biscuits are carbohydrates. Start your day with protein. Why don’t you do this – take a boiled egg first in the morning, after that take what you take for breakfast, or start your day with some green peas, or with some green pulses, where the carbohydrate content is low and protein content is high. Throughout the day, eat smart and mix carbs,proteins,fats,vitamins in your intake, and the second MANTRA is — do not take carbohydrates after 8 pm. Some people might think if we don’t take carbs like rice/roti at dinner, then what will we take? To feel full, it’s not that only rice or roti are effective, if you eat the other things well then also you will feel full. Take all the other items on your regular dinner-plate a little more than usual, just no carbohydrates. What happens with carbs after 8 pm is that the body releases the hormone INSULIN and Insulin is a fat-accumulator. When Insulin is released, fat starts accumulating in the body. I do not want to confuse anyone with a detailed diet-list. Just remember two things. Begin your day with protein, end your day with protein. What you take last should also have protein in it. Now, should we take fats? Yes, absolutely, but healthy fats. Red meat fats are not that very healthy. Healthy fats are Almonds, Ghee(clarified butter), butter, cheese, and all nuts. Take as much of nuts as you can. Another merit of fats is that you do not feel hungry for a long time after that, and calorie-intake goes down Now for the Director’s Cut. Water, the world’s safest and only zero-calorie food Whenever you feel hungry but it isn’t time yet for your food, take water. It is hygienic and a strong supplement for your body Remember not to over-eat when you are hungry. Eat SMART, eat HEALTHY and IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT. SUBSCRIBE to my channel. LIKE it, comment on it even if you dislike it, and advise me what to do and what not to do. Also tell me if you want to know anything in particular, and I’ll make a video on detailed diet-list very soon. THANK YOU

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  1. বহুত ভাল লাগিল ছাৰ কিছুমান নজনা কথা জানিব পাৰিলো, আগলৈ আৰু পাম বুলি আশা থাকিল॥

  2. Good morning sir,sir weight loose korar upai dibo neki?jihetu mur weight 100 up hoise…thank you

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