Dish Alignment | Shaw Direct Support & How To | Shaw Direct

Dish Alignment | Shaw Direct Support & How To | Shaw Direct

In this video we’ll show you how to align a Shaw Direct Satellite Dish. Before starting the installation and alignment, you will need to determine the direction to point the dish and make note of the satellite B numbers for compass azimuth, dish elevation and dish skew for your location. You can find the information for your region at the link included below this video. Step 1, at the installation site use a compass to make sure the dish is pointing to the correct satellite. Hold the compass level in the palm of your hand and wait for the needle to stop moving. Then rotate the body of the compass until the compass needle lines up with the North marking. Now look for the tick mark on the compass that corresponds with the satellite B compass azimuth number that you wrote down for your location. In this case we’ll use 240. This is the direction to point the dish to receive satellite signals. Step 2, verify that the line of sight is clear and mount the Universal mount and mast. In this case we’re using a tripod. Once the mast is installed, ensure that the base and mast are level both horizontally and vertically. If they aren’t, the skew and elevation settings won’t be correct. Step 3, before installing the dish on the mast, make sure you have set the elevation and
skew using the coordinates for your location. Line up the hash marks on the back of the dish to set the dish elevation and tighten the bolts. Then adjust the skew of the dish using a steering wheel like motion according to your location settings and tighten the bolts. Step 4, using the SF 100 sat. locator and earpiece which is available from Shaw Direct. Connect the sat. locator to the dish with two coaxial cables. One end going into the LNB and the other into the receiver. It will emit a tone when you have moved the dish into the right position. Turn the dish from left to right until you have a clear signal tone from your locator, and then tighten the bolts on your dish to keep the dish in this final location. Don’t over tighten the bolts but make sure they’re nice and snug. Now you’re ready to confirm that you’re receiving a signal on the satellite receiver.

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  1. Hi is Andrew my grandmother's (Paulette Lemaigre) Shaw Direct got a Emergency Alert about the Flash Flood Warning the flash flood was far way from my Area while Watching Treehouse

  2. The link provided just takes us to a page that has the same video. I lists nothing about the satellite locator, not very helpful if we are needing to find coordinates for a dish!

  3. this correct link, no thanks to shaw even tech support didn't know what I was talking about when I called.
    just change the province above the chart, to the one where you are setting up the dish.

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