*disturbing music* Day 1 Uhh, Viktor, could you do the dishes? Because i did it 4 times in a row So, it would be nice if you could… Yeah sure, fine OK Nice! VIKTOR! Do you want to come with me and watch Ant Man and The Wasp Absolutely! Come on, let’s go! YES! Day 2 But Viktor you promised you’ll do the dishes yesterday Shit, sorry i forgot, huh I went out to see Ant Man and The Wasp with Joel, i mean i couldn’t refuse him Yeah but Viktor… Was it good? Yeah it was actually better than I thought it would be It was nice to see a more light/easygoing movie after all the other ones that have been so heavy/burdensome like Infinity war with Thanos as the main role Yes, I can imagine that, it can be nice to see variations But yeah, you need to do the dishes right now! Yeah alright then! MOM! Yeah i’ll do the dishes then Oh, the chair is in the way Woops Alright i’ll do the dishes then in 3… 2… VIKTOR! We missed one of credit scenes in Ant Man and The Wasp We need to go back and watch it again! Are you with me?… Viktor…? Day 3 But Viktor you promised that you would do the dishes! But have you seen how much dishes there are here??!! How could it be this much?? Yeah, it’s maybe because you don’t ever do the dishes! No! I will not do the dishes there is too much! It’s not like you have any choice, it’s your turn! I think it’s too boring to do the dishes Yeah but viktor….! YOU CANNOT FORCE ME! VIKTOR! VIKTOR! Viktor…. Where’s Viktor? He ran away… Do you want to see Ant Man and The Wasp with me? No i do not want to… Day 4 *police sirens* Hello and welcome! Chaos are ruling the world here in Stockholm Where the dishes are flooding the whole city! And with me today i have the person responsible for this dish chaos What do you have to say Yeah i tried to get my roommate to… In english please sir I tried to get my roommate to do the dishes But he wouldn’t… no no And why didn’t you do the dishes then? Because i had already done the dish before… In english please! Day 5 Joel? Joel?! Tell me about the time before the dishes Absolutely! Just too amazing! There was green everywhere And you could go outside and… Play in the park Go out for a walk joel… Joel… I do not remember…. No Joel…! Joel! Joel! JOEL! Why Viktor!? Why couldn’t you do the dishes?! Joel! Please wake up Joeal! Because I was too tired/lazy Viktor? Can you please just do the dishes? It’s so boring Emil… BUT VIKTOR JOEL JUST DIED AND YOU ARE GONNA DIE TO IF YOU JUST NOT DO THE DISHES I don’t like the feeling of it, Emil But Viktor! Still, it’s your turn! And if you will not do it for me Or Joel… So can you at least do it for… Ant Man and The Wasp I’ll do it! I’m going to do the dishes! FOR JOEL!!! AND… ANT MAN AND THE WASP He will do it Joel! He will do the dishes Joel! Everything is gonna be great again! You see Viktor…. It wasn’t that hard Heh… No it wasn’t that hard actually I’ve really learned a lesson after this And that is that you should always…. Always… get rid of your problems right away Because… Then everything gets easier as time goes on It’s true it’s true… But ehh.. Could you take the garbage out too?? Because i did it last time…. There…. Outro music Yeah you probably wonder why the new sketches seems a little bit better It’s because Daniel Riley aka Captain Riley has helped us record our sketches Check out his Youtube channel And he has also made a ”Behind the scenes video” for this sketch here too We’d also like to mention that we’ve been nominated for two categories in this year’s Humour Awards. Links are in the description English subtitles by Blarpax Entertainment

100 thoughts on “DISK

  1. Det här är hur världen vår kommer att se ut om några år….
    Vi måste göra nåt åt det!🏔🍃🌍

  2. 2:42
    Emil: I tried to my to get my ’rumskam’raten to do the dish-dish. But he would, no, nej, nej.
    Joel: Och varför didn’t you do the dish-dish?
    Emil: För jag hade redan gjort disken.

    Detta är varför jag kollar på denna kanalen 😂

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