Egg Diet Plan | Bad or Good?

Egg Diet Plan | Bad or Good?

In this video, I’ll uncover all the details
you need to know about the egg diet plan. (Intro music plays) Hi ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dr. Zyrowski,
Welcome back to the channel. Now if you’re new to the channel it’s a pleasure to have
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so I can help you help you excel your health and your life. In this video, we’re talking about the egg
diet plan. Now, a lot of people are asking about this
because it’s a lot of hype around it. A lot of people are following this egg diet
plan losing a ton of weight, having more energy, and just feeling great. What we’re gonna do is, first of all, talk
about the egg diet plan, what you eat on the egg diet plan. Also, we’re gonna talk about
some practical thoughts as to how I think this egg diet plan is really working, and
how I think you should proceed. Stick around to the end of the video. Now, when we look at egg nutrition in the
egg diet,, in general,, I don’t think that eggs are bad by any means. Some people are
freaked out by this whole thing because they’re afraid that the eggs are gonna raise their
cholesterol cause them to have a heart attack. So many other terrible things. Now and eggs are completely healthy. I’ve done lots of different content around
this. When we look at egg nutrition they’re loaded with choline, which is good for the
brain. Vitamins A,B, and D. Also, antioxidants which are very important
for overall health. They are high in fat, protein, and they also
contain 77 calories per egg so that’s kind of the basic nutritional profile of the egg
and we look at the egg diet in general. First of all, it’s a diet that is predominately
based on eggs, but it allows for some other things. First of all, lean proteins include
eggs, chicken, fish, and turkey. Now, when we look at the lean proteins here, once again,
we’re sticking towards a very few different ones. Not a huge array. Now when we look at what
you could also eat on the egg diet because there’s other foods involved in the egg
diet, then just eggs I know it’s a little confusing, right? First, there’s veggies and fruit and when
we look at the veggies days were sticking to the low carbohydrate veggies so the broccoli,
the zucchini, spinach, kale. Now, grape fruit is added in there as well. I think grapefruit is in there for a couple
reasons. First of all, it’s a low glycemic index fruit. The other reason is that it helps
boost up your metabolism, a lot of people are doing this to try lose weight. Now another variation of the egg diet is what
I would call the extreme egg diet. Where you are eating just eggs. That’s it. Eggs for
days on end. That is the other variation of that.
Some of the benefits that people are finding, first of all, incredible weight loss which
is great . Also, a lot more energy so they just feel
better every single day, able to get out of bed just have that energy throughout the entire
day. Also, they notice that they’re eating a clean diet. A couple practical thoughts,
I think that one of the reasons that people are saying such good results is that they’re
just cleaning up their diet if you’re eating a standard American diet or just a standard
diet, in general, and you clean up your act. You remove carbohydrates, processed foods,
sugar, and all these things that you shouldn’t be eating in the first place, and you start
the egg diet. Well of course, you’re going to get great results. You’re gonna feel
great. Maybe that’s what some people need. They just need that kind of really strict
diet to help move them to the right place. So they can start achieving their health goals. Now, when we look at the benefits of this
too, if we were to look at someone who is on the ketogenic diet, or a good low carb
diet. I doubt that they would go to the egg diet and go, “Wow, I’m feeling so much
better this is awesome.” What I’m saying is that people are getting
great results just because they’re cleaning up their diet. Okay, now the egg diet, in
general, is that something that you should follow for a long period of time? Absolutely
not. It’s very strict. It’s a little unnecessary
to do for a long period of time. If you need that just to help clean up your act to get
you in the right place. I am all for it and I think that after you do maybe the egg diet
for a week or two you can just go into a good low-carb diet or more keto-based diet. Now when we look at the extreme egg diet I
am not a fan of that at all. That’s just eating plain eggs. There’s a couple reasons
that I’m not a fan of this, first of all, it’s because you’re not gonna get a good
nutrient profile. You’re just going to be getting the nutrients
that come from eggs. Which you know is good, but it’s not great. You’re not gonna get
the same nutrient profile that you’re going to get from eating kale, broccoli, spinach,
good meat. When we look at the egg diet, doing the extreme
one, I would stay away from that. You’re probably going to cause some autoimmunity
issues in your body. What I mean by that is that, clinically, we do this profile where
we look at all the different foods that you’re immune system is very sensitive to. Eggs happens
to be very high in the list for many people. A lot of people also have a leaky gut. They
overconsume a particular food it causes more autoimmune issues as these large particles
of the food are getting into the bloodstream. Eating just eggs day after day, or eating
any food day after day is never a good idea. I’m always a big fan of diet variation.
If you’re going to do the egg diet to kind of get you out of a bad place and move to
a good clean wholesome diet and then continue moving towards achieving your goals. I’m
all for it. But I wouldn’t go towards this route right here. If you have any further questions, go ahead
and put them in the comment section below, give this video a thumbs up, and also be sure
to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so yet, and lastly be sure to check out
my other videos over here on how you could improve your health. I’ll see you in the
next video.

62 thoughts on “Egg Diet Plan | Bad or Good?

  1. its funny because sometimes when im poor i eat bacon and eggs for two weeks and i feel absolutely amazing, pure energy and mental clarity.

  2. If you eat broccoli and kale every day in this diet (particularly raw), your thyroid is going to go bananas. There's no reason to stick to just these low carb veggies. Also, let's not forget that many people react to eggs, NOT because they actually react to the eggs themselves, but to soy and wheat that these chickens are fed on. It's almost impossible to find wheat/soy-free eggs anywhere, even if pastured (supplemental food) — unless you start your own coop.

  3. Some news stories were just released saying eating a lot of eggs are bad for you! It's so frustrating all the lies being spread around about diet.

    I have no idea how should we believe these test? Please explain to us

  5. This is exactly what I wanted to see… How about 6 eggs on OMAD and chicken on weekend???. Also can you please shed some more light on auto immune which you say might get triggered if following the eggs and chicken only diet.

  6. Hi there I just heard on the news a us study on eggs just came out today saying that after 17 years of study people had a greater chance of high cholesterol and heart disease have you heard about this and what do you think

  7. Eggs contain every nutrient on the planet in their raw state. You can eat 36 eggs a day with ease (given you eat them raw). Losing out on lots of nutrients by cooking them Dr. Nick. I think it's a waste! You should also mention that eggs have a much more bioavailable profile of nutrients (even in their cooked state) than any vegetable. Especially compared to kale, broccoli, spinach, etc. because they contain large amounts of anti-nutrients.

  8. I am shocked that this is a real diet. Now I know. I am curious as to how many eggs are eaten on average per day.

  9. I love eggs , could eat every morning but Could get bored easily – in fact I feel great after this type of meal.

  10. I'm alergic to Nickel, most vegetables are nickel rich, a keto diet looks like to be helping me a lot, but i've noticed it to be a strange allergy. Do you have any information about the subject? Apple cider helped, vitamin C/Lemon Juice also.

  11. Eggcelent video Dr.

    you know what would be interesting? if you could do a video about carotonoids like lutein, zexanthin etc. and what amount we should get of them and what amount is in foods (for example in eggs if you already do a video about them) i think they are pretty important, at least they are worth to talk about

  12. How should chickens be raised for the best Omega-3: Omega-6 ratio? Is it possible to raise chickens to have them 1:4 ratio or better? That eggs do you recommend?

  13. Is it true that when an omlet is prepared, the yolk shouldn't be broken as it gets oxidated which is unhealthy?

  14. I’m curious why vegetables are always given a pass despite their anti-nutrients, oxalates and lack of bioavailability of their listed nutrients plus the glyphosate sprays they’ve endured?

  15. I'm sorry this is confusing if you look at all the studies and did they not pass the law that they cannot state that the egg is healthy they cannot use the word healthy in any commercial about the only word they can use for it is filling the egg is filling so what are all those studies? If they're not even allowed to advertise that an egg is healthy there must be something to it. I don't think the egg was designed for human consumption.

  16. Hi Dr Nick did you know that bodybuilders from Arnolds era use to build up to 36 eggs a day for a month , it has the same effect or better than a cycle of Deca Durabolin , I have done the 36 egg a day diet many times to break through size ,strength , barriers .

  17. You're easily becoming one of my favorite experts! Thanks Dr. Nick!! What an eggsellent variation that abides by keto eating rules!

  18. People must also realize that traditionally (before domesticated birds) eggs were a "seasonal food". From April to June, after that no more eggs.

  19. Thanks doc!! I asked u to do a video about this last video and what do I see once I logged in this so THANK YOU

    I did 3 days and lost 4.6lbs and while I feel happy It was hard and now I hattttteeee eggs lol

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  21. Hi doctor…superb guidance…God bless…just wanted to know how many eggs are allowed on an egg diet…???not the extreme…just moderate egg diet…

  22. Wow this is a plan that I’ve heard of but wasn’t sure about it. Thanks for making this informative video!

  23. eggs are 1% omega 3 and more than 14% in omega 6 (inflammation) and people with sulfur issues are going to have stinky farts ,Eggs are one of the super foods on earth but in moderation. I do 5 whole a eggs (organic free range).

  24. How can an egg diet be healthy if the eggs are fed grains(which many do even if the chickens are free-range) which are Omega-6 rich? Wouldn't this diet raise inflammation in the body because of the big Omega-3: Omega-6 inbalance in those eggs?

  25. Just recently their have been articles stating that having 3 eggs a week will lead to heart disease. I’m confused.

  26. Dr Nick, great video. Today was published an American study saying that 3 or more eggs per week could increase the risk for heart attacks. What do you think about that?

  27. Vince Gironda was advocating high egg consumption in the 50s with his steak and eggs diet which was successful for people like Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Throw in some beef and water and you're all set.💪🏻🥩👍🏻

  28. … again eggs have choline, which’s breaks down to TMAO, a health hazard implicated in oxidative stress. comment, would you do a video on how to address this concern.

  29. Currently doing the Keto egg fast/diet which includes mozzarella/cream cheese, butter, sour cream, sugar free jello, and broccoli. Works great with my struggle bus college student budget/schedule. I actually like the rigidity because I don’t have to think much about what I’m eating. Only downside is that my farts are now chemical weapons.

  30. Boiled eggs diet was the first diet I did. I didn't know it existed at that time though, but it was my most successful weight loss. Although I ate up to 8 eggs a day

  31. Boiled egg , a few cucumbers and boiled cabbage 🥬 and broccoli that the whole diet there try that for a month. Thank me later . Drink a lot water and green tea and exercise 🙌🏽 ..

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