Egg Fried Rice | Jamie Oliver

Egg Fried Rice | Jamie Oliver

Listen, I’m gonna be here the next couple
of months. Chop it out press down like that. I haven’t got a clue what I’m supposed to be doing.
We need to get our stuff on. That is what I’m talking about.
Twist like that. Give it a ruddy good spanking. Perfect. Just having a moment Egg fried rice, it’s an absolute classic
and I’ve got a recipe for you that is so consistent and delicious, quick and easy.
So it starts with a big pan, on a high heat and I’ve got six beautiful spring
onions here that I’m gonna finely slice I absolutely love making this recipe, yes
you can do this as a side dish, no trouble at all but actually it’s heading
towards being a really beautiful dinner So finely slice this up and as this pan
gets nice and hot, I’m gonna go in with one tablespoon of olive oil and I’m
gonna go straight in with the onions and we’ll get them sizzling straight away
and then I’ve got some packet precooked rice, yes you can cook your own rice,
white rice, 12 minutes but for stir-fried rice, you have to drain it and chill it,
you cannot stir-fry hot rice. This precooked shortcut will stop your egg
fried rice going sticky. So for me that feels like a good cheat, you can hear its
sizzling, you know we’re sort of jiggling it around. So it’s fast, it’s hot, it’s
furious, we’re just gonna toss it around Right, the next ingredient, I have this in
my home all the time now, chilli jam, it’s brilliant for cooking. It’s got heat, but
it’s also got the sweetness and it’s gonna kind of glaze and help you
balance flavours. So two nice teaspoons go in to our pan and then just start
tossing again and immediately that’ll start to coat every single rice grain
and it will shine in the most beautiful way and then just give it a little
splash of water, just to kind of help plump up that lovely rice.
At this stage, just push the rice up the side of the pan, like that and then
straight into the middle, we’re gonna crack in two beautiful, free-range eggs. I just want to have it they’re like a
fried egg and then just break it and have it marbled. So we’re really
celebrating the egg whites and the egg yolks and then it’s time for the last
ingredient, which again to a lot of people is a bit of a new ingredient, tofu,
firm, silken tofu. It’s protein basically it’s made out of soya beans, it’s
extremely healthy. Now let me just show you what’s in here, what you end up with
is like a little slab of tofu, we just need half of that about 150 grams and
what you can do is just break this up and then as that cooks, then we can start
just bringing the rice back in but I want chunks of tofu and I want little
bits and I want chunks of it and I want little bits. So the nice thing about this
stir-fried rice is it’s kind of random Season with a little salt, give it a
little toss to mix it all up and then we’re ready to serve.
Get a bowl, put a little oil around the bowl, give it a rub, we’re gonna make
sandcastles basically but we’re gonna make it with stir-fried rice. Just pour
your rice in here, stir-fried rice dishes and that kind of Street food which is
beautiful, it’s often associate with being unhealthy,
this has been made to be healthy. So push it down and then we’re ready to turn it
out. Let me just get our plate, put it on top, apply a little bit of pressure, turn it
up, I just kind of like it. So there you go,
fantastic stir-fried rice for two people and you could have that as a side, you
could have that as a meal, I think it’s the time to have a little taste up and
like every good sand castle, at some point, someone has to come and destroy
it, in this case me and I love that kind of whole court egg, but then the fluffy
juicy rice on the inside, really beautiful. There’s heat there, the onions
have still got a nice little crunch and the tofu is so silky and delicious, looks
fantastic and it’s really good fun to make

89 thoughts on “Egg Fried Rice | Jamie Oliver

  1. Just one of many ways of making fried rice, but won’t say it’s the best and this is definitely not for more than one person.

  2. AArgh!! 'For own cooked rice you have to drain it' etc NOO! If you cook the rice properly, it doesn't need draining. And where's the sliced chillis & Holy Basil?! A shot of oyster sauce & fish sauce? Do a tour of SE Asia & see how the locals do it properly!

  3. You shouldn't toss the rice right away. You need to let sit on the pan and it will crisp up before tossing. Asian fried Rice isn't soft

  4. Thanks an insult to the egg fried rice these big name chefs are becoming lazy who adds water straight from the faucet into precooked rice eww

  5. Superb Love your cooking 😍😍 Thank you for sharing ❤️❤️ enjoy watching you 😍💞 pls let's be connected my friend 💞 thank you

  6. This is why the world has very little respect for British cuisine.

    Fried rice is so simple! How did you mess it up! Just watch a Chinese YouTube channel or something! This looks bland, soggy, and greasy!

  7. Did you just say that tofu is extremely healthy? Have you ever read anything about tofu and soy and how it is made/grown?

  8. Just cause its egg fried rice doesnt mean it has to be done like all the damn Asian ways!!!!! Mix things up and eat it how u like it! Theres no dang law about how to make food people God……just dont get some folks….. looks great Jamie!

  9. I think it will give more flavour if you use shallot or onion instead of green onion, and give water is kinda unusual. We add more water if we cook fried noodle/kwetiaw. But using tofu is kinda interesting.

  10. I really like tofu and fried rice, but it's my first time to see they can get together. Gotta try this recipe for my breakfast : D thank you

  11. That chilli sauce is the key taste here, without it no taste. Jamie should invest time in frying egg and garlic and some cut chilli. That alone can improve so much.

  12. Use rice cocked and stored over night, and don't use tofu, try some green been and corn and also some shrimp or bacon ,fry white part of spring onion and put the green part before the fried rice ready to serve. That;s Chinese fried rice.

  13. chili jam.. cool! as an Asian i feel.. inspired

    *i don't know any better word to describe. lack of vocabulary. sorry.

    thank you Jamie. this video give me some new idea to try. 👍

  14. No oliver questa non è cucina e una merda. Ti seguo da sempre. Ma no questo proprio no.unica cucina vera al mondo lo sai già quale è.

  15. I always add the green part of the spring onion towards the end just to avoid overcooking and also to keep it nice and crisp, adding it in the beginning will for sure result in overcooking and will give an olive green colour to the greens

  16. Вы-потрясающий!👍 Что может быть лучше, чем увлечённость собственным делом! Обожаю Ваши видео и Ваши блюда!🍝 Удачи Вам, и огромного человеческого счастья! 😊😇

  17. If you are going to use precooked rice you might as well buy Uncle Ben’s egg fried rice. Totally defeats the purpose.

  18. Sorry, I'll exchange the tofu. Cheese! 🤤🤤😘🤭
    Sad I just ate. I'll do it later. Aren't we lucky that our appetite always comes back? 🤣🤪

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