Extreme Baking Championship – SNL

Extreme Baking Championship – SNL

100 thoughts on “Extreme Baking Championship – SNL

  1. Cheadle: What went wrong?

    Me: You let a robot hit you with a laser beam projected out of his head from an extremely powerful stone which shorted out the flying suit you were wearing and you crashed to the ground where you paralyzed your legs…


  2. wait why were they running around trying to finish their cake but their cakes were covered like they were already finished

  3. Almost same thing happened with me, different scenario ofcouse, being unappreciated.. How do you cope up with frustration cuz after this? I wonder.

  4. STUPID! SNL is the worst! I didn't laugh once or any other SNL sketches the writers suck! I'm sorry just my opinion IF YOU REALLY WANT TO LAUGH YOUR BUTT OFF TRUST ME watch these videos but you have to type them in exactly the way I write them or other videos might pop up so are you ready to really laugh?!!! So ridiculous that you will be laughing so hard well here you go! Type in this exactly on you tube….the first one is…… Review- the journey goes on. / The second one is…… Mad TV police officer hits on a woman./ The third one is……Director Don Dimello by Comedy fan / The fourth one is…… Door Scene by I think you should leave. So that's just a few funny sketches and if you don't laugh your ass off I don't know what to tell you.

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