EXTREME Street Food in Bangladesh – WOW!!! WHOLE Fish BBQ Seafood + Street Food Tour of Old Dhaka!!!

EXTREME Street Food in Bangladesh – WOW!!! WHOLE Fish BBQ Seafood + Street Food Tour of Old Dhaka!!!

– [Trevor] Look at this guys. We just found the ultimate
Bangladeshi fish paradise. We’ve got these big red snappers covered in a turmeric curry powder paste. And you can get them grilled
over the coals right here. Alright, check it out
guys, it’s Trevor James. We just got into Old
Dhaka, magical, Old Dhaka. And I am so pumped ’cause today we’re going for a full
on street food adventure. Let’s check it out. (bicycle bells chiming) Get ready to go deep into
the core of Old Dhaka for some of the best food in the world, ’cause today, we’re bringing you in for some incredible Bangladeshi
food that you’re gonna love. So make sure to watch all
the way until the end. ‘Cause we’re bringing
you for the most amazing home cooked Bengali meal, true fish heaven and one of the most
insane dessert alleyways you’ll ever witness, let’s eat. And just look at this guys. We are going for food
all day and right here, oh, we found a little roti naan joint. Look at this guys! (speaking Bangladesh) Wow, so this is, roti? – Paratha, paratha! – Paratha, Oh, so we’re
making paratha here right on the grill, fried in oil. And you can just see back
here, it’s packed with locals. This is a local breakfast
joint in Old Dhaka. We’re gonna go see what they got. (speaking Bangladesh) (laughs) It’s naan, naan. Soup. Oh soup, Chicken soup. Oh, chicken soup. This is amazing, (laughing) wow! What pure action this is. And we’re just gonna
sit for some breakfast. Tasty. Oh, thank you. Thank you man. Whoa, this is amazing. Old Dhaka is just full of history. Oh, thank you. Chicken soup. Thank you. Wow! Oh and here’s the dhal. Thank you. Just a local breakfast
here in deep Old Dhaka. Oh! Oh, yeah. Oh, that’s spicy and wholesome. (speaking Bangladesh) That’s one of the most heartiest, spiciest dahls I’ve ever had. Wow, it’s just pure, pure joy. And you can really feel
the energy in there, covering that delicious
bread with your dhal. Spicy, wholesome, vegetarian delight. And this is just one, if
not hundreds, or thousands, of stalls here in Old Dhaka. And we got so much more coming today. There’s so much history and
culture in the streets here. It really would take months,
if not years, to explore and we are just starting out. Oh! Tasty, wow. Bangladesh is absolutely amazing. Super delicious food, friendly people. It doesn’t get any better than that guys. And before heading over to our friend Shamman’s home for a huge Bengali lunch, we kept exploring deeper into Old Dhaka for one more delicious breakfast. Awesome guys, and we are
gonna keep going here. We’re going to the local
bazar, get some more food. (speaking Bangladesh) Okay, let’s go. Bye bye. Bye bye. And we’re going for more. Thank you man, thank you! And there’s just so much food here guys. Right up here, I think there’s more breakfast, deep in Old Dhaka. Here we go. (speaking Bangladesh) Wow, look at this guys. (speaking Bangladesh) Oh, bhaji bhaji, mixed vegetable. So we’ve got a mixed vegetable dhal here. This is the bhaji. Oh wow. Good, good. (speaking Bangladeshi) So this is the mixed vegetable
and then this is the dhal. Wow. (speaking Bangladeshi) This is the halvua, halvua. So it’s a semolina pudding. (laughs) Thank you man. (laughs) And we just got the mixed vegetables and the halvua here guys. Look at this, deep in
the streets of Old Dhaka. This is amazing. We’ve got beautiful dhal
and mixed veg together and then a halvua semolina pudding. And it should be mixed with a bit of cinnamon as well and some paratha. Let’s just take a chunk of that paratha, some of that mixed vegetable. We got dhal, we got lentil,
we got vegetable with potato. And oh, you can see all
the spices in there. There’s cumin seed. – Simple and spicy. – Simple and spicy. Oh, yeah. Tasty, oh wow. It’s just perfectly smooth and you can taste, Is there jeera? Yeah, you can taste the
jeera, the jeera, the cumin. Let’s go in for this halvua. This is just the joy of life here guys. Trying out new foods and
meeting friendly people. Oh, wow! The halvua. It’s sweet. That halvua is so sweet. It almost tastes like there’s some rose syrup or some saffron, cinnamon. Real smooth, spicy goodness. And we’re just bringing in a
fresh batch of the mixed veg. Fresh. Fresh. Oh, look at that fresh vegetables. – Take a seat. – Oh, take a seat? – Sit down. – Take a seat. – 118 back at 480. – Oh, for it I get the change! (speaking Bangladesh) Thank you. – Thank you. Thank you. Putting me to work here, awesome. And after that amazing second breakfast, our friend Shamman is
bringing us for an incredible home cooked Bengali meal at his home. Hey, Shamman, how you doing man? – I’m Fine. – Good to see you, thanks for having us. – Yeah, I’m so proud. – Wow, this is gonna be good! – I’m very glad that you came to my house. – Thank you for having us. And here we are. This is exciting, we’re
having a home cooked meal. – Good morning. – Good morning. – Hello! – Hi, thank you, thank you for having us. – [Shamman] My wife. – Nice to meet you. – [Shamman] And my mother. – Nice to meet you,
thank you for having us. And as soon as we stepped in, we were invited into the kitchen to watch the pure magic of
Bengali cuisine being prepared. So we’re gonna make bhorta. – Yeah. – [Trevor] So what are we making here? – [Shamman] Pumpkin bhorta. – [Trevor] Oh, so we’ve
got pumpkin and chili and onion and a bit of
salt, nice, and these are? – [Mother] Mustard seeds. – [Trevor] Mustard, oh wow. – [Wife] Mostly. – [Trevor] Mostly, right. (chuckles) – Mustard oil. – Oh, this is the mustard oil. So this is part of
Bangladeshi cuisine here? – Yes. – Oh wow. So usually you add in onion
and chili and mustard oil. – And salt. – And salt. – Our main ingredient to cook. – And it smells so amazing. And it’s going into all of the bhortas? – Right. – [Trevor] And as
Shamman’s wonderful family prepared a huge spread of
Bengali bhortas for lunch, with a potato bhorta, a dhal bhorta, a bean bhorta, a baby shrimp bhorta with coriander and mustard,
a smoky eggplant bhorta, and an ultimate national
Bengali fish bhorta, the ilish fish bhorta. – [Shamman] That is
the most flavorful fish of this entire world, to us. – [Trevor] I realized not only how incredible Bengali cuisine truly is, but also how amazing the
hospitality is as well. These dishes, combined
with a home made pilau rice and fried pumpkin flower and fried ilish fish in mustard oil. We were set for an
incredibly delicious meal. And here we go! The ilish… (muffled voices) So this is the ilish fish, from the river. – [Shamman] From the river gupta. – [Trevor] Oh, right in the mustard oil! That is so aromatic! Oh, oh, and it’s just
getting so nice and crispy! – The thing with Bangladesh
is, it’s a river based country. there are lots of rivers in Bangladesh and we have 5 big ones and one is Padma. – [Trevor] Padma. – And ilish, we travel from
Padma, is the best one. – Oh okay, so this is the king right here. – King right there. – Oh, and there it is! Oh, and that’s finished! The land of fish, fish
heaven here in Bangladesh. And mustard and spice. And after frying up some
shallots and fresh green chili to garnish the fish, our
huge Bengali feast was ready. Thank you so much! Wow, so I can try this on? – Yeah sure. – Wow, we look awesome right now. (laughs) Oh, look at this amazing meal, thank you. Wow, look at the color here! – The last one, this is the
last item, Mutton Kosha. – Mutton Kosha. This is just amazing. And we are all looking so
handsome now with our kurtas. – Yeah, our colored panjabi. – Panjabi. – Yes, yes. – And what do we have here today? – These are the fish items, ilish fish. – [Trevor] Ilish fish. And it’s in a mustard, mustard sauce. – [Shamaan] Mustard sauce, so we put chili and garlic paste, et cetera. And then this is pabda fish. – [Trevor] Pabda fish. – [Shamaan] Yeah. – [Trevor] River? – [Shamaan] River, river fish. All are from river and
this is also in mustard. – [Trevor] In mustard,
wow and Bangladesh is, has so much fish here, beautiful. – And this is koi fish. – Koi fish? – [Shamaan] Koi. – [Trevor] Another river fish. – [Shamaan] Another river
fish and this is the peas and the other ingredients
like peeled onion, garlic and, you can see,
this is a (mumbles). – [Trevor] Wow, beautiful. And then chicken over here! – [Shamaan] Chicken (laughs). And this is the Mutton
Puna on Mutton Kosha. – [Trevor] Mutton Kosha, Mutton Puna. – [Shamaan] Mutton Puna, this is a very famous thing in
Bangladesh, that is the ilish fry. – [Trevor] Ilish fry,
and that’s what we saw, in the kitchen there. – [Shamaan] Exactly. – [Trevor] In that mustard
oil, with the onions and the garlic on top. – [Shamaan] And that is katsuki puna. – [Trevor] Katsuki puna, katsuki puna. (laughs) – [Shamaan] It’s a fish with cilantro. – Cilantro. – Green chili. – Green chili. – Red chili. – Green chili, red chili. – Spicy. – Spicy, yeah spicy. And then we’ve also got all
the bhorta’s here right? So these are all the mashed, Bangladeshi dishes, the bhortas. – [Shamaan] Yes, there are
the pickles and archuk, home made archuk. – [Trevor] Both mangled pickles! – [Shamaan] Both mangled pickles. This is the sweet one
and that is the sour one. – This is amazing, so this is the ilish. – Yes. – Ilish fry, in mustard. And onion and chili on top. Try that out, take a bit of that onion. Should I go for the chili too? – [Shamaan] If you want but
have without chili first. – [Trevor] Okay, avoid the chili. oh wow, oh that is really tasty. I love how it’s slightly
crispy and slightly mustardy. And the onions gave it
a real fragrance too. That is really good! We’re gonna try some bhorta next. This is ilish bhorta. – [Shamaan] Yeah. – [Trevor] So this is the
same fish in a, in a bhorta. Let’s try it with onion and chili. There’s so much delicious food here. Oh, oh it’s mustardy! Really mustardy! Your family recipe. – Family recipe. – Oh, what’s this here? – It’s mutton. – Mutton. – With garlic kochi buda. – [Trevor] Kochi buda. Is it spicy? Oh, look at this, this is amazing! We’ve got the Bengali kochi buda here. Wow, you can really smell cinnamon! Lots of cinnamon in there. Oh wow. It’s like, a little spicy and
cinnamony, smooth, tender. This is some of the best food
I’ve ever had right here. Can you tell that to your mum? (Speaks Bangladeshi) thank you! And after eating this meal, I’m convinced that there’s nothing in this world quite like a home cooked Bengali meal. With all the super delicious
mustard and chili and garlic and super smooth spices and, a huge spread of Bengali desserts to
finish like rice pudding, mishti balls with rose syrup,
home made chennai jalebi, sweet curd, malai cream and a barfi cake. Coming to eat as a guest
at a home in Bangladesh, is truly an unforgettable experience. And next up, for an early dinner, we’re bringing you for the
ultimate Bengali fish heaven. Awesome, alright guys, next up we made our way to the outskirts of Dhaka. We are at the Nila Market, it’s
like a local village market and there’s tons of food around here. And look at this right up here, I think we just found fish heaven! (Speaking Bangladesh) Look at this guys, we just
found the full on fish heaven. We’ve got these big red snappers covered in a turmeric curry powder paste. And you can get them grilled
over the coals right here. Look at this, we’ve got
delicious local crabs, we’ve got palm frit, snapper. Look at the size of these snappers! And then you can get it all grilled up right here over the coals. – Chicken tikka. – [Trevor] Chicken tikka? This is just incredible and I think we’re gonna get one of these big ones. (Speaking Bangladesh) And there it is, look at that! Covered in that really bright orange turmeric and curry powder. Fresh, oh it’s fresh! And that’s the local red snapper. Bangladeshi. Wow and look at that,
we’re just gonna cover it in more of that dark, orange sauce guys. Turmeric, curry powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, it’s all in there. That’s red snapper! Local, Bangladeshi ocean fish. Tasty. Very tasty! Wow, look at that we’re just covering it. Look at that! Wow, it really smells potent. Wow, there it is. Look at the size of that red snapper. Right on the grill with tandoori chicken in the background, and that is gonna smoke and grill and we’re gonna have a delicious, delicious
Bangladeshi fish meal. Oh, and we’re just drizzling
it in mustard oil guys. Mustard oil, the soul of Bangladesh. Look at that, we’re just covering it in super aromatic mustard oil. You can smell that! That is so beautiful,
that is just so beautiful. Number one, number one. We are so happy to be
here in Bangladesh guys. Beautiful country, amazing
people and delicious food. And we’re also gonna get some rumali roti. – Yes. – Rumali roti, look at this guys. So we’ve got dough and we’re
gonna flip it, look at that. Whoa, that hit my nose. And then look at this
guys, it goes right on here and that’s gonna pop up a
bit and it’s gonna be served. Oh, and look at that, oh and there it is! We got the beautiful coral fish. And they gave us a little bit
of extra decoration on there. I think that’s a little bit of bonus, extra special treatment. We got limes and onions and tomatoes. And then we’ve got the rumali roti. Thank you, beautiful. You can just break that flesh. And look at how steamy, look
at how steamy and good that is. Oh, oh wow. That curry sauce, oh, it’s
a little tangy and citrusy. Slightly spicy and the flesh itself has light spring to it, it’s juicy! Wow, oh and look at that! There’s this huge chunks
of flesh in there. No bones, tangy curry sauce,
Bangladeshi curry from heaven. Thank you so much. And to finish off the day,
we’re going just down the street to the most amazing dessert
market you’ll ever experience. Full of local Bengali
desserts, served super hot and super sweet and satisfying. This is so cool guys,
village style market. And right up ahead, you can
just see this place is so busy. And up here, there is a big sweet section. We’re going for Bangladeshi
dessert delight. (Speaking Bangladesh) Wow, look at this guys,
we got dessert heaven! Wow, look at these unbelievable desserts. Oh, and look at this guys,
these are like super long gulab jamun, made from
milk solids and syrup. Oh, and it’s all super sweet here. (Speaking Bangladesh) So we’re gonna get one of
these, these are the langcha. And you can see there’s a huge
selection here of desserts. Look at that beautiful selection. This is razz gula, milk solids, syrup. A lot of this has saffron,
parademon, rose syrup. And this is just packed! And it’s all in super sweet syrup. Hot, steaming goodness. Is it good? – Good. – Tasty? – Yeah tasty. – Tasty? Bengali desserts. – Yeah. – Awesome, oh, thank you! So this is the… – Suz bonzi. Suz bonzi. – Suz bonzi! (mumbles) oh just blow it! – No, no, no, no do it lightly. – Okay let’s try it out. oh it just melts! And milky, it’s very milky and sweet. It’s like a milky, soft pillow with a rose, almost like
a, a sweet syrup on there. That is amazing. And I think, maybe… (Speaking Bangladesh) that’s gonna be good! Look at those langcha, oh wow. This is amazing, you can just sample so many of these desserts! That is good, that is really good. Oh, it just melts in your mouth! That is the ultimate syrup
dessert, amazing guys. And this is just a huge
row of Bengali desserts, deep in the outskirts of Dhaka. I hope you guys love this video. Please leave me a comment down below and click that little bell
notification button as well so you don’t miss any of these videos. Thanks a lot for watching guys.

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