Farmers’ Market Tips: Ideas for Cooking and Storing Cauliflower

I love shopping the farmers’ market. All the
most amazing, gorgeous, in-season fruits and veggies are here. Today I’m going to talk
with the growers to get their tips on how to pick the best produce and what to do with
it. I like a tight curd; we call it curd in cauliflower because it’s sort of like cheese.
But a very tight curd like that, it’s part of the beauty of cauliflower. It’s why people
buy cauliflower, because it’s so astonishingly white. I like to put it in a plastic bag that’s
not sealed. Just an open plastic bag. It’ll keep the moisture in but it’ll let it breathe
as well. To prepare it, I go in with a knife right back here and you cut it there, and
that whole leafy thing falls right off. And then you flip it over and you break apart
the curds, cut them up however you want them. I like to roast it and, in a school that I
work at, this last week we roasted a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower, and the kids
would go through the line, and I would say, do you want some, and they would say no, and
I’d say, let me put a little piece on your tray and you taste, and so many of them took
it after that. Going, Wow! That’s really good. If you use it raw, it’s beautiful for like,
a platter of crudités with a really nice sauce. Or, my kids love it with hummus, just
because it’s sort of novel and purple. And toss it with a little bit of olive oil, and
then put it on a baking sheet that’s been lined with parchment paper, and sprinkle spices,
spice blend or just salt and pepper on it, and throw it in the oven at a high heat, maybe
400 or 425, and roast it until it starts to get golden brown. Absolutely delicious. Oh,
I like it with cheese sauce. Oh, yum.

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